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Alarm: If and how?


Evidence -> Alarm  

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  1. 1. How should AI react to minor evidences in respect to raising an alarm?

    • Count them and raise alarm if enough.
    • Use weights.
    • Choose randomly depending on specific evidence.
    • Never raise an alarm because of minor evidences.
    • I have another idea.

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Hmm, well, I guess it would depend on where the arrow hit and how much blood there was, could be a thing where a lot of the injury is internal. =P As to the duties, hmm... maybe opening a crate, the servant decides to use a big knife and it slips, giving himself a nice cut on his arm? =)


Hey, I didn't say something like that was likely to happen. That's why it tends to make the guard more suspicious than the missing plate. =P

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An aside - while playing about with killing a guard on NHAT2 to see what difference the damage setting made I noticed that even when another guard is walking just after the arrow hits the first one he doesn't usually take any notice.

I would have thought that a guard going on alert after being hit with an arrow should immediately alert all guards in the vicinity

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Yes, grayman discovered that there were bugs keeping AI from communicating with each other. They'll be fixed in the next release and it makes a HUGE difference!


I was playing Chalice, and the cook in the kitchen saw me briefly before I KO'd him in the face (He got out half a "Hey, who are--!"). Five seconds later, two guards came wandering into the kitchen and stood looking around. "Huh, guess it was nothing," they said before turning around and leaving.


In earlier versions, you could sword fight a guard and have him screaming bloody murder, and as long as you were behind a door you didn't have to worry about it. Not after 1.09. :)

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