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[feature request] source vmf support in DR

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Dark Radiant is an open source project so if anyone wanted to tackle such support, it should be possible...barring any major differences in how source handles maps I suppose. Highly unlikely to find anyone with time to write such support on the TDM team though.

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not actually sure it could be done anyway, the way the brushes and entities are defined in source is a lot different to doom3, doom3 map scripts are in a separate file and source script is in the vmf map file, and there are 3 versions of source so you would have to create 3 versions of a darkradiant game file, you would be better sticking to the source editor as it gets regular updates by someone at valve, and as source has had regular changes over the last 18 months, to make it compatible with the xbox and that the maps it produces, work the same way on a pc as they would work on a xbox. cos originally source could use 2200 entities and its been cut down to about 1700 entities for everyone so that maps made on a pc also work on a xbox.

So there could be xbox related things in source map files now, so then you could be heading into the dark water's surrounding microsofts intellectual property.

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I am on linux and it does not seem that anytime in the future that hammer will be ported to linux. The map compiling toolset is already working on linux with some minor hookups in the vrad but the posix ports are getting pushed up stream some time so they will be fixed eventually. The only real major hookup I see is getting all the map data that hammer uses, like the types of items and entities from what it is named/called in DR. all .vmf is is a text file with a bunch of { } sections.

is .map a binary format? and what ever anyone thinks they all have the same root family to quake map format in there some where. Unless valve drastically changed it, it should be close to the map format.

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is .map a binary format.

If this is suppossed to be a question, the answer is no. You can open up map files in a text editor to see how their format is like.

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