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The Resource Dumpsite (Post some textures!)

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Well, I was searching for some textures for my FM, And I couldn't find any, In honesty I couldn't find any textures <_<, So I figured If you're going to post textures, you might as well link them here (Of course unless its included in the Dark mod, Then it's pointless)

Hopefully this will simplify most of the problems with custom textures. ^_^


Here's the format if you don't know what to use:



ExampleTextures - ExampleDescription

URL to download here!

(Doesn't need to be 18, Take your pick!)

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We've gotten a number of good textures from Nobiax:



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There appear to be quite a number of places providing texture images; it's ones that include ready-made normal and specular maps (like in Springheel's link) that seem less common.

Some things I'm repeatedly thinking about...


- louder scream when you're dying

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