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Black screen after loading map?

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Something I've changed in my map today caused it to show nothing but a black screen after it loads. I can see my lightgem and hear sound speakers that are near the starting position, but no music, no equipment, no movement, no crouching. Things I've changed:


- Reworked the script file

- Added a few nodrawsolid brushes and trigger entities, moved some items around

- Deleted some patches



My guess is the script is to blame, but even if I delete the script it loads black.



I've seen this happen before in my test map that I used to test my scripts, there it got solved by dmapping again, but I've dmapped twice now for no gain. There's no leak. Has this happened to someone before maybe?




[solved] Figured out the dmap wasn't updating the .cm file, only the .proc file. I've deleted the outdated .cm and ran dmap again, now it works.

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