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Fan Mission: In the Black

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So...good mission overall, but I've searched as many places as I can and now I'm left with the dreaded key search, which for me is like the big Monty Python Boot squelching down on the mission. I hate key searches.  I have opened every door I can.  What's left is unpickable.  Tiring of going in circles, I have three places where a key is needed:



Locked cupboard

Blue door.


And sorry for the lack of spoiler tags, but I can't seem to locate the appropriate icon.



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This is my first mission I liked so much that I tried to get all out of it - all loot, all possibilities.

Two questions for missing options:

1) Missing water arrow: Where do I get a water arrow for "healing" well ?

  - I can buy it at mission start, but I want to get it out of the game.

2) Possibilities with doll: I have the doll from the upper woman bedroom and

the reading of Nathan. What can I do with the doll and this reading ?

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I loved this one, a must play for everyone who likes exploration and free-play as opposed to being tightly guided by objectives. Worth playing just to see the architecture and design ideas, which are stunning in most places. Played this more like an assassin, having epic sword fights with the guards in those amazing looking places.

Things I would never have found on my own:


Blue key

Safe key (even with instructions I had some trouble)

Nathan´s key (just a tad too far in the fire place imo)

Some questions that stayed open:


Is the "D" from the sinister note in N.s closet the same guy who is in the Red Room? Also, what is going on in the Red Room?

What´s up with the doll on the bed in the servant room? Same doll that is talked about in the sinister note?

Some screens I took:


Could have taken 50 more, the mansion is so beautiful you are hard-pressed not to press F12 every 30 seconds!

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