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Real Life Treasures that could inspire Loot in The Dark Mod


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Do you know of any legendary or famous treasures that could be used to make a homage treasure in The Dark Mod? My example here is "The Hope Diamond", a cursed jewel that seemed to kill whoever was the sole owner of it. Another treasure would be the pieces of art known as "Monaco Lisa", "Starry Night", and "The Scream".

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Ulrberht swords:




(Behind Closed Doors has something like this.)


Orichalcum Ingots:




Faberge Egg:




(Rake Off has egg treasures.)


Minoan Seal Stones






(just put a details normal map on a jewel etc)


Holy Chalice:




Basically anything someone from the 16th century would find valuable.

Examples: Spice or Fruit that's from a far away land, Book with Greek engineering knowledge lost during the fall of Rome (whatever the equivalent is in TDM lore),

Pagan artifacts, etc.

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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Hand of Glory

It had own little time to shine in TDP/TG on expert, in Cragscleft Prison mission, you need to take it back from one of prisoners.


Hand of glory have ability, when lit to make thief invisible, or to make everybody in a house fall asleep, so you can burglar the place in peace. It was made from left hand of hanged man, preserved, and wax candles on each finger are made from body fat of same person. Its not treasure as painting or bracelet full of gems, but I'm sure depends of main character personality would find it precious, or good occasion to sell it overpriced on black market.


Pearl Necklace from Affair in Versailles long time ago

As story goes it was sold in pieces, but why not keeping it untouched in fiction. Or recreate the story in campaign where we are going to big ass fancy palace where ppl poop on the corners and there is larp area in garden, to steal this necklace, and of course got some extra for ourselves.



Infamous Icelandic witchcraft item, according to instructions you must skin off lower part of body of your male friend - who agrees to do that, and put coin in wiener. After some magic rituals, the coins will start to generate in crotch, making you forever wealthy.

Is it really worthy? Probably not, but funny item, which can be looted from someone who have interest in dark arts.



In middle ages, if a church had a relic, the church became a place for pilgrims, pilgrims means money, the inns and towns have clients, everybody loves relics. That's why catholic church allows rituals, to copy paste magic ability of saint bone, to regular bone, the regular bone became magical as well. What that means, much more relics, much more places to go and touristic business goes well. Of course one relic isn't enough, and sometimes its hard to make more relics, when there are other ways to get more relics, and for sure these things can be pricey on black market.


Tacky, but imported Chinese porcelain, drapery, materials, Japanese woodprints etc. Richie riches and nobles love exotic stuff.


Vyne ring

Inspiration for Tolkien, according to some texts if you wear the ring on skin, you will slowly die from sickness.

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