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Idear for treasures Inspired by other Games


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Hmm, this thread was at least a post longer last time i checked...


Skyrim was rather disappointing regarding loot (and its placement). But you could add some glass or ebony stuff to the display of some armour shop.

But i would like to see more diverse loot in general. More different gems, rings, pendants, coins, necklaces, staves, books, paintings (although we already got a lot of that), trinkets, representative weapons and armour.

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You've got two, mate..: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19202-idear-for-treasures-inspired-by-other-games/ <--- previous thread, a moment before you created this duplicate.

One needs a clean-up.

You're talking about new models or classes for loot, rather than anything else?

In one map that's half-baked somewhere... one part of the mission cast the player in an investigative role, as well as that of opportunist thief.

A guy who was obviously wealthy would visit the bank in town, just before it closed up and then head to the pub.

Player would be led by objective to tail the guy and determine which was his safety deposit box (infiltrate bank, root through ledgers, discover location, avoid guards - didn't know how to rig up alarms and cameras and stuff back then or set up conversation triggers - etc...). Maybe player would have found a note in the manager's office about how they buy the gold from the guy for coin, if they had found 2nd lockpick location discovered after bank, unless curious and observant.

Player would discover that the safe deposit box was empty except for a tiny gold nugget (dodgy brush set as low value custom loot), causing prompt to do a bit of reccie at the pub, where he'd get his booze and birds, before a bit of B&E investigation at the guy's house.

Learning nothing at the pub, other than the guy is there for the night and that the key to his place was hidden under a plant pot for home visits by whores (barred windows and locked doors - need key unless side-tracked to find 2nd lockpick (only snake required for most doors - triangle for key doors / manager's office that contained no loot), by taking a thieves' highway route that led to a section in which a room had a note regarding a thieves' stash (in tree opposite guy's manor - glowing slightly, cos it had fire arrows the guy didn't want to keep in his house - rope arrow acquired near well at cross roads to the four locations, cos the well was knackered).

Not necessary to find thief's house note, as stash of tools (important one lockpick) was kinda visible because of strange glow in tree and means of access was a little further on (rope arrow).

Not necessary to visit pub to discover spare house key location, if player were to move a few boxes and climb into the back garden over the locked gate - rather than pickpocket the gate key from the guy (or unlock the gate, but why need to when can go in front door..? Because patrolling guards - house 100% safe to investigate, except near windows that might cause sighting by patrol).

The idea was that the player could follow the objectives and finish that way, gathering all the information and keeping to the story... Or, mostly follow them and explore and find an alternative... Or totally disregard the run-around, find the lockpick cos of investigating weird glow in tree (level with top floor windows of guy's place (to make it double obvious), that could be accessed by rope arrow and snake pick, but door downstairs requires housekey or triangle also) and get straight into the guy's place to rob it.

However, depsite the luxury of the building there is only a small amount of loot.

The source of such great wealth remains a mystery until the player discovers a secret basement in which there are cutting tools and a long, thin golden rod and an accounting journal on how clever the guy is that he is hiding his wealth as innocent looking carpet rails up to the main bedroom (with a really annoying frob distance to prevent accidental discovery since I didn't know any other way).

The player has found a lot of gold, solved the mystery of how the guy can have so little loot around but be so wealthy, could've sorta robbed a bank and visited a pub and some houses and shops on the way.


The "special loot" in that map was the carpet rods, hidden beneath a layer of plot that meant the loot WAS the mission - not merely an object to collect.

What's more exciting (for me)? A mission that uncovers a mystery through a few plot twists and can be completed in a few different ways, with a simple piece of custom loot that was easily modelled in DR cos they were nothing more than single brushes - or a shiny prized object that's on display in yet another mansion filled with guards?

The mission. I've already stolen crowns and gems and eyeballs and religious symbols - More fun are the missions where the loot is secondary to the main objective (eg, the mission where you gotta smash the massive hammer statue).

Loot - I know what I'm looking for - rings, necklaces, coins, gems, purses, paintings (not enough paintings are loot...), bottles of expensive booze, goblets, gold stuff, etc... It's all standard fayre. Recognisable and snatched as soon as seen most of the time...

For me - it is far more fun if the loot is like in the mission I described - well hidden and with a whole story behind it, with a twist or two and multiple approaches that allow for replay with meta-knowledge more than "run this routine". Discovery. Exploration. Intrigue. Probably violence and implied venereal diseases.

The reason I didn't finish that mission was because I got pissed off trying to run the fucking carpet up the stairs and keep the texture aligned so it looked decent.
Got distracted by building something else and never went back to it. Can't remember the name. There's some screenshots somewhere...



Couldn't find the one of the carpet mess... it was so annoying.
But - did find one of the ex doing a turning kick in high heels.

Wow, that was 3 years ago already..?

Anyway - hope you understand how missions are more important than models.
James Bond might get laid by some one-night-stunner, but he always puts the mission and re-occouring characters / stuff first, cos it's more important than the eye-candy that gets to be in that one movie for a few scenes...).


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In one map that's half-baked somewhere... one part of the mission cast the player in an investigative role, as well as that of opportunist thief.

That sounded really interesting! Why don't you try to finish it? Screw bad aligned carpet textures, finish the map, release it and fix the carpet later...

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(removed my stupid insensitive comment)


It's a rather cynical thought to think that the only way toward the heart of a lass, for boffins like me, is to offer up a fat resume with a fat income, to prove worthiness.


Pray tell, why is it an awkward geek is not good enough by himself minus the materialist trappings?

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This plus every other terrible act in my life is why I provoke users on the internet (such as here) to dislike me.

So the plan for your expeiation is to increase the grief in forums on the internet? As a TDM forum user i obviously strongly dislike that idea.

Please search for a method to manage your grief that does not add more of it to the world.


As an example for a good start, you could complete your missions for 2.06 ;)

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So the plan for your expeiation is to increase the grief in forums on the internet? As a TDM forum user i obviously strongly dislike that idea.

Please search for a method to manage your grief that does not add more of it to the world.


As an example for a good start, you could complete your missions for 2.06 ;)

Yeah, uh, telling a guy to get over his grief for his dead wife and child and get to work on a video game for you is a but of a cuntish move there. Putting up a smiley face just makes it worse.
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Yikes, that quite makes me speechless. And makes my comment look all the more stupid, petty, etc. My apologies, it's a "foot in the mouth" moment... a good example of how envy and insecurity distorts the mind.


I don't think Abusimplea is being a selfish fool with his suggestion, necessarily... I think the idea being it might be a good way to get his mind off some terrible circumstances.

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