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Getting started with the EFX room reverb system (wip)

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With TDM 2.06 mappers and players can use OpenAL EFX system, which is basically an open-source software replacement for systems like EAX, which, at the time, was available only for dedicated hardware

Some kind of simplified instructions are desperately needed, so thanks for taking this on.   As a mapper, what I'd love to have are a set of values for typical TDM environments. For example, what val

Since from time to time I'm getting questions (and complaints ) about EFX system, I should probably address some of the most common misconceptions about its functionality.   First of all, it's not a m

IIRC, in last update EFX values were updated to use the actual EFX standard. Before 2.07, they used TDM or Doom3 specific values which had different ranges.

The update takes effect only if you set Version 2 in the preamble.

If you use Version 1, then old (original) rules are used.


UPDATE: Maybe add a note about Version 2 and new presets in the original post?

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