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Christmas Mission?

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Hi there - I could use your help in finding a Christmas-time mission of sorts. I played it in The Dark Mod years ago. From what I vaguely remember (and I could be wrong), at the end of the mission:

You are in a living room type of area, with a Christmas tree, and probably a crackling fireplace. It felt warm and cozy. And outside, you could see through the windows i'm pretty sure, snow was falling. I believe there was some sort of indication (implied or blatant) that Santa Claus had just visited... maybe there was audio suggesting this (jingling bells?), a note, a package, or something. This room was the climax of the pretty short mission, as I recall.



I've scrubbed through gameplay videos of a few missions, including The Parcel and Business As Usual, but I don't think either of those is it.

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Ahaa, awesome! Thank you :) Now to figure out how to play it, or if it still works after new TDM versions over the years.

TDM didn't recognize it in my mission list, so I will try the DarkRadiant run command method later on

Thanks again


PS: Good memory!

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Thanks BikerDude! I'm pretty sure I've played that before, but will try to do so again. It's nice to play your missions :)

That part worked fine for me, but I couldn't alter difficulty or by items. Mission crashed on me, after that present was placed. Sad.

I got it working, too! I remembered I should just place the .pk4 into the "fms" directory rather than manually extract it there, and voila! Hmm, that's as far as it went for me, as well (the present being placed)... is that a crash, or is that maybe where it's supposed to end? You're probably right; I can check the logs next time. I seem to recall being able to move myself around when I first played it, so I'm thinking...

after he places the package, you're supposed to be able to go open it(?)


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