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TDM Updater won’t update to 2.06


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When I run the updater it goes to an error telling me to check if the file is set to read only. Can someone step me through how to change it from read only? Or is there another way? Whenever I uncheck the read only box it just goes back to read only. I never had a problem updating before on my previous computer, but I now have a new computer where I have to run TDM and other applications as the administrator. (Dell Alienware running Windows 10) Thanks!

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How about giving your user account administrative rights? Press the Windows key on your keyboard, type in "control panel", then click on it in the results popping up. Go to "Account", or "User account" settings, and change your user account to have administrative rights there.

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create a folder outside the "program files" and "program files(x86)" folders, move current version of tdm install into new folder, (thats all the files and folders), put updater in that folder and run updater.


windows 10 auto lock both of the "program files" folders to stop virusus writing to them, which also lock you out of writing into those folder as well, even if you have administrator read/writes permissions.


tdm doesn't use the windows 10 registry so moving it wont break the registry


basically windows 10 expects programs to be in the program files and any files you need to write to in the user/username/ folder.

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That’s true Atomica, but I’ve been running the game okay as administrator all along easily enough. I just didn’t see the option to run the updater that way as well until now. All in all, I’m happy to be playing version 2.06. So now I’m playing Braeden Church.

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Yes,I meant full path of the folder, where did you placed the dark mod folder, when problems started to happen,Hotlyx?


For setting the folder permissions:

rightclick on the dark mod folder > properties > tab security > edit > select "users" > tick checkbox full control > ok > ok.


For years, people and the tdm installer, put the updater in "c:\games\darkmod" and sets the folderpermissions.

(yes, i know its not standard to C:\Program Files)

More info see download page and tdmwikipages installation and tdm updater.

(yes i know, the download page sucks a bit)


for the next time, please advice new users to run the installer.

I specially made this packages to avoid these problems.

Edited by freyk

Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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If have checked the sourcecode and tested the tdm-installer uploaded to moddb.

I found out that it doesnt set any folder permissions.

So if people use the tdm-installer, they have to set the folder permissions manually.

(added this info also to the wiki)


I am working on a update of the tdm-installer, where you can select the folder where you want install tdm to.

And the folder permissions will be set automatically.

Edited by freyk
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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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