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Lethal door handles

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I don't know if this is properly thought of as a bug in DR or TDM itself but, since the fix is probably easiest to implement in DR, I will put it here.

Can the door prefabs be made so that their door handle component inherits the spawnarg "is_mantleable 0"?

When trying to mantle on top of certain open doors, particularly the 56x128 one, sometimes you catch the door handle instead of the top of the door. When this happens you get stuck for a few seconds and then take millions of points of falling damage.

This should only apply to the knobs, not to the door itself; I know of one or two missions where perching on top of an open door lets you get to hard-to-reach places.



edit: I should also add that it's still possible to kill yourself with a door, sometimes you still catch the handle, but after jumping around at it from all angles for hours I'm confident it happens far less frequently after I turned off the mantleable for the handles

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