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How to set axis of rotation for DR exported model turned into an atdm:mover_door?


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To assign the rotation point of a func_static made into an atdm:mover_door I go into vertex mode, select the axis of rotation (the only selectable vertex) and move it to the right spot.  

When I export that same func_static as .ase, import the .ase and make it an atdm:mover_door everything works, except the axis of rotation isn't selectable.

When exporting as .ase I check the option 'Center objects at 0,0,0 origin', and the axis of rotation is now centered at exact center of the model.  If I leave this option unchecked (default) the axis of rotation is centered at 0,0,0 of the DR grid - so when I put the cursor at a point of the grid and 'create model', that's where the axis of rotation is created while the model itself is offset accordingly.  In neither case is this center, or axis of rotation, selectable or moveable independently of the model.

eta:  A kludge is to extend the door to be exported as .ase with a nodraw brush so the center of the combo is at the axis location desired.  This works but is an abominable kludge which only gets worse since for double doors kludged versions of both L and R are required.  Likewise for every other axis adjustment that needs to be made.


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Unless the Doors wiki article says otherwise, I don't think you can change the center of rotation on an .lwo/.ase model. It'd be advisable to export the brushes (or re-export the model) by placing them near the DR grid origin such that DR's 0,0,0 is where you want the model origin to be and unchecking 'Center objects at 0,0,0 origin'.

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19 minutes ago, Dragofer said:

export the brushes (or re-export the model) by placing them near the DR grid origin such that DR's 0,0,0 is where you want the model origin to be and unchecking 'Center objects at 0,0,0 origin'.

I thought that might be the case.  I'll use your method and make R and L pairs.  Thanks for the quick answer!  


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