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Window layout?

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Just installed DarkRadiant 3.8.0.x64 (on W10/64) and tried to follow Springheel's excellent New Mappers Workshop.

Sadly, I couldn't change the window layout since the command isn't there. It should be in View > Window Layout > Floating or View > Window Layout > Dockable (as the userguide says). But the View menu is much smaller and doesn't contain a layout command. 

Any help? Thanks in advance.



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You are looking for docking/undocking windows?  I think just click the title bar of the window you wish to undock and drag out.  To re-dock, click the window title and drag to the spot where you wish to dock it.

Try that?



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  • 2 months later...

Thanks for all your help, but I still don't get it.


I'd like to have my workspace set up like Springheel in his mapper's workshop, but it doesn't work. I can't move the windows the way I like. The XY window isn't even scalable and it doesn't have a title bar.


Fortunately I have a setup with 3 monitors, so now I have the ortho windows on the middle one, the camera window on the left and the properties window on the right one. But this is cumbersome, it involves turning my head constantly and moving the mouse around for long distances. 


How can I make the Springheel layout work?


Thanks in advance.

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3 hours ago, AxelB said:

How can I make the Springheel layout work?

What is the @Springheel layout? If you would have posted a screenshot in the first place, more people would be able to help you.


In the Window menu, you can select what is visible. In the View menu, you can make extra xy and camera views.

You can place tabs in the Properties Window and you can move them elsewhere by doing right-click on a tab and click on Undock. Then move it in an other place.

Video of how to do it


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That layout is possible. You need to:

  1. Drag the camera view and dock it at the bottom right.
  2. Drag the properties panel and dock it at the bottom left. This will leave a vertically split window, with the properties panel and camera view at the bottom, and a single wide XY window at the top.
  3. Choose View -> New XY View to create a new XY window, and drag this window to dock at the top right, leaving the default XY window at the left.


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  • 2 months later...

I haven't used DR in a while, and saw that my old layout was gone. Trying to muck about and re-establish some half-assed approximation of that took a while. Problems I had:

"View -> New XY View" . OK, I need an YZ view, does that cover it? Took a while to determine, yes it does, you have to use Ctl-Tab to get to alternatives. (Never used that much in the past, once I had my 3 orthogonal views). HOWEVER, with this new system, sometimes I would create the 2D view, but couldn't then direct Ctl-Tab to it. Bug?

It became clear after a while that there were some places you could dock, and some not, and that the blue haze would indicate that. And that those locations might change depending on what you did before. One problem for me was I had a 2D view that I wanted to dock in the right lower corner, but it would only do a full-height docking. And after a full-height dock, there was no way to grab a corner handle to make it less than full height.

I'm not asking for that feature... I just wish I had a reasonable understanding of the best way to sequence and manage the horizontal and vertical splits.

So: Do update the now-obsolete section of the user manual, and ideally provide a thorough video to illustrate the new system. (Sorry, datiswous, your vid above is not it.) Hint: That unrushed video, with audio, should demonstrate how to approximate each of the old layout styles.

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21 hours ago, Geep said:

Sorry, datiswous, your vid above is not it

No it's just a video showing how to setup that specific config that was asked for.


I personally have 2 monitors. On the first monitor I have the 3d view + one of the 2d views and I can cycle through the 3 2d-views with a keypress. On the second window I have all the special windows, like entity, ai, etc. Which are tabbed into one window.

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On 2/9/2024 at 7:19 PM, Geep said:

So: Do update the now-obsolete section of the user manual,

I actually committed the relevant changes in source several months ago, but for some reason it looks like the generated HTML on the public user guide page hasn't update. I'll have to see if there is some problem with the CI script which is supposed to generate the web page from source control. I think the problem may be that the CI system is expecting the .html file to be included in source control directly (which it no longer is) rather than running AsciiDoctor itself.

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