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I was looking at this video about creating a gui in Godot and thought:

OMG whould it be nice if TDM whould have something like this for GUI's...

Although since this creates GUI's, I wonder if you could build a visual GUI editor for TDM GUI files in Godot..

People have already made other editors, like a pixel art sprite editor for example.

It's a nice motivation point to get back to learning Godot at least.

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Yes a gui editor would be cool but IMO is very easy to just have the game running the gui in real time, edit the code, press a key bound to reloadGuis and see the gui update ingame, in almost real time, that is the main reason idSoftware never did a gui editor.

And the one the Quake 4 dev's (Raven software) made is unfinished (the above may explain why...), very bare bones and I don't recommend using it, specially in TDM.


Btw personally I have done a basic gui in Godot, a bare bones developer main menu, with just a colored background and a few buttons with text and let me tell you, it was not all roses, to me making such basic gui in idTech 4, felt way easier than in Godot!  Just scaling and placing gui nodes, toke me a ton of trail and error, was very frustrating (specially as I didn't follow any tutorial) and was also used to idTech 4 way of making gui's.

Not sure if this is how all gui making in Godot is like, but the gui node I used (grid container) uses a very restrict, parent child system that makes it so, you can't move, rotate and scale child nodes at will, everything needs to be done through the main parent node, I add to use a bunch of hidden extra child nodes, just to place the visible nodes exactly where I wanted them.

Now to be fair this is also because the gui system of Godot, is way more powerful and complex, all to support totally arbitrary shaped screens, like cellphone screens for example, while idTech 4 gui system, was made for a single screen shape, horizontal 4:3 screen. 


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imgui ?.

crazy eddies might also be worth a look since it has elements that would fit in well with a thief styled game, was untill recently used in the planeshift mmo before they ported to unreal.

both are C++ based though imgui would probably be easier to integrate. crazy eddies gui depends on a whole lot of img and render related libraries that might not be all to easy to handle unless included as a prebuilt library with all dependencies compiled in, it does have a lot more options though.

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5 hours ago, revelator said:

both are C++ based though imgui would probably be easier to integrate.

Btw. I wasn't suggesting a new gui for TDM. I meant a gui to create TDM gui-code without having to write code. But those could still be used for that I guess.

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ah yes my bad misunderstood the question 😊,

imgui does have a gui editor https://github.com/Raais/ImStudio there is a prebuilt editor here https://github.com/Raais/ImStudio/releases

crazy eddies does not as such have one though there are some nice tutorials for creating one with it on its site.

since it is scriptable you can make gui's pretty much on the fly with it though. downside as said it has a lot of dependencies so expect a good deal of extra dll's and dependant on what you want to achieve it might be overkill.

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hmm come to think of it fast light toolkit or FLTK for short could also be used, it does have an editor and the gui part is created as a single .C++ file which can be interfaced with in the engine, still needs to link to the FLTK libraries but besides that it is pretty simple to use. The editor does take some getting used to though.

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