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I'm A Modeler.. I'd Like To Help

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sorry i just got my new computer so i dont have anything to show... but i spose you could set me a trail task and you can see if you think im good enough.. i cant skin or export n that by the way so i dunt know if thats a problem. I've worked on a fair amount of battlefild 2 and Call of duty mods though.

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This is ridiculous. show some objects you've made.

If you're telling us there isn't a single picture in existence showing a model you've made, then you can't be much of a modeler.

We require high quality modelers, and any high quality modeler will have made a large number of models already, becasue that's the only way to become a high quality modeler.

You just got a new computer? Is that supposed to mean you deleted every model and and every picture of every model you've ever made from your old hard drive?

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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We don't really have any great need for modellers who can't skin their own models. Our biggest problem is we have too many models and not enough skinners. If someone is awesomely talented, then we're happy to have them, but frankly, we can afford to be discriminating.

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Application session is now opened.


Shado, we will need to see samples of your past work. In your email, you said that you worked on several other mods in the past. If you can locate pictures of those assets and post them here, that would help us in the decision making process. We also need to see if you can texture models at a professional level.


Perhaps for a test you could model two or three items? Try, a wooden bucket, a tree and a light fixture of some sort. Anything that will give us an idea of your work.

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okay I'll try and get links to models from mods i've been on but theyre not really relevant to your mod as theyr of modern weapons and such... ill save some pics off the net and email them


Relevance isn't so much the issue. We just need to see samples. If we like what we see, then you will given contributor status for a trial period. That's when we will find out if you're style fits within the mod. :)

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