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I think we should create a thread where you can put requests and suggestions for Orbweaver. This thread should be NOT a discussion thread. If you want to discuss a proposal, create a specific thread for it. I want it to be only for collecting proposals, so we have an overview of what people might want to have. I guess this might also help Orb to decide what he should focus on once he gets productive.


BTW: I really appreciate your effort, because we can really use this. :)


So my personal wishlist proposal is that I would like to see a group handler. Similar like in Blender, where you can select several objects and put it in a group. When you select one or more of these groups, the objects are visible. If the group is not selected, it's invisible.


In Blender and other 3D apps this is called layers (forgot the name before so I had to look it up).


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My personal wishlist proposal is to be able to have vertex coloring on the control points of patch meshes, so I don't need to use external modelers to use vertex coloring. I'm not expecting this to happen, but as long as we're placing all of our wishes on this thread...

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Proper grouping behaviour - accepted, although this raises an issue that I will discuss in another thread.


Vertex cols on map geometry - on the back burner unless I can think of a simpler way to implement this. There may be alternatives, such as limited in-editor texture modification.


Light inspector - accepted. We want as much functionality in here as possible.


Model viewer - accepted, although I will need more details on what is required here.


Entity browser - already a top priority, the flat menu sucks.

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Not to froget: A good objective editor (has to be designed first anyway) and dialogs to easily setup stim/responses.


Aye, indeed. :) Is it possible for us to separate Stim/ Response from the entity inspector? I'm not sure if that would be the best way to do it...just a suggestion though. I'll really have to dig into Dromed and T3Ed this week to see what we can do to make this familiar to the Thief community, yet more intuitive.

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Objective editor - accepted.


Stim/response - already on the list.


Skin picker - @SneaksieDave, what exactly do you mean here? There is already a skin browser, are you talking about improvements to this?


Model scaling - should be possible to implement, however I am slightly uneasy about adding this functionality because models are not "meant" to be scaled. If we can be sure that there are no ill-effects caused by scaling models then I don't have a problem.

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Honestly didn't even know there was a skin browser. :blush: I thought people were manipulating skins manually to change them.


I figure the scaling, while limited, (the bounding boxes don't scale too, right?) still has some valuable use. In T3Ed, I made a whole unfinished level with scaled up stuff, and used invisible clip models to make simple collision boxes and it worked great (lots of collapsed corridors, oversized columns, etc).

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When things are scaled up, does the renderer properly take that into account when culling them? (e.g. does it cull them according to the bounding box of their original size, or their scaled size?)


(the renderer doesn't render objects in PVS if their bounding box don't intersect the neccessary portals in screenspace)

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I would quite like to "Blender-ise" the rotation mechanism, so that rotation could be performed around an object's centre, the centre of a group of objects or an arbitrary point specified by the user.


Imagine being able to arrange pillars in a circle by duplicating one and rotating around the centre of the room.

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I don't know if this is in GTK already, but it would be nice to have a "reverb editor" or sound environment editor that could generate the text entries to the sound information file (I think it's called ASX but not sure) based on where the cursor is in the map, either the location it's in or the area number. I'm told the Quake4 editor has a feature like this. We talked about this before, and are not sure it's possible to predict what portal area number a given area will have since those seem to be assigned during the D3 map compile.


Also, it would be nice to be able to choose from some reverb presets like "stone hall", etc.

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Currently there is a problem with implementing items like torches as prefabs because names are preserved, thus messing up triggering.


See: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?s=&sh...indpost&p=70114


Even if the torch problem is fixed in a programmatic way (*crosses fingers*), it would still be useful for other, non standard items, if DarkRadiant had logic built in to preserve assocations/relations, instead of names.


E.g., a prefab made up of:





would be "intelligently" duplicated as:





Where I suppose n could be consecutive numbers within the map (perhaps the first lowest instance among all items within the prefab could be determined), or failing that, perhaps just a random number or string.


For instance, "torch_trigger_356a" would rarely collide with another entity of the same name. If it did, the user would only need to generate another.


Disclaimer: I don't know for sure this isn't already in GTKRadiant, as I don't currently have it installed.

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If you import a prefab with name "object_1" and you already have an "object_1" in your map, then the imported object becomes "object_2". I tested this by importing a prefab with a single model several times, and each time the number was incremented.


I don't think any target translation happens, as this is just a key/val on the entity which will be imported as-is (just like color or classname).

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Btw, I'm pretty sure this has been suggested already, but some kind of GUI plugin to set stim/response stuff up would be nice. It's basically setting spawnArgs on the entity, but it's a bit of a pain to do by hand and remember which integers are which for different stim types. Some stim/response vars will probably be added, but the ones we have now will probably stay the way they are.


Something like a toggle between stim or response, then a pulldown menu for response type (that automatically converts to the corresponding int so we don't have to manually check that table), then a menu for state (active/inactive/etc), then a box for the name of the script to call (and the code would automatically put all this stuff in correctly named spawnArgs).


Ents can have multiple stims and responses on them, so maybe something to display them and address each one as well. (In the spawnArgs they're indexed numerically, "sr_class_1" sr_class_2" etc.)

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