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Favourite Thief Missions

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Just curious about people's favourite missions from T1/2. I think you can tell a lot about what somone's vision of Thief is by their favourite moments from those games.


Personally, I loved the Bonehoard and the first Underground citadel maps. I liked the idea of exploring ancient ruins, with old traps and zombies running around.


I loved the Ramirez mission where you had to follow the assassins through the city. Stalking someone through the shadows was a great feeling. And I loved the Thieves' Highway in T2. The idea of being able to go where other people couldn't was very appealing.


I also loved the idea of the quarrantined section of town (can't think of the name). That was a beautiful concept, and I hope we can work something similar into our own campaign.


I generally did NOT like the mechanist stuff from T2, particularly the grenade launchers and surveillance cameras. Too high-tech for my taste. The boiler bots were not quite as bad, but still far from my favourite.

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Bascially I loved all those mission where you wre running around in mansions. Favourite one is Life of the party. The view of anglewatch, when I first saw it, was really absolutely astounding. :)


Never cared much for the Zombie or underground levels, except Return To Cathedral. But I'm a little torn there because the Zombie maps are all very exciting.


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samething with me. I love mansions - it's just an incredible feeling to sneak through a highly guarded palace and grab all you can. But I also like zombie-missions like in T1 - I remember the first time I ever played thief, walked into Cragsleft and saw this rotten body on the floor. I didn't care about it, cauze I was looking for the way up to the prison, but suddenly there was a noise right behind me, I turned around and it scared the hell out of me ! I think everyone made similar experiences, while playing thief - it's just the best game ever and I appreciate EVERY mission - OMs and FMs.


another thing was this undercover mission in T1 (don't know, how it's called in the english version). I really loved it.

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Yay! Another woo Vs the Mechs debate!

I'm a T2 guy myself, I played it first and it's still in my top three favourite games. THe amount of woo and other nonsense in T1 really put me off the game.

I have to say though, the Cradle mission from T3 was excellent, so woo can be done well.

My favoutie mission types are generally the normal mansion/bank/warehouse/museum jobs, the sort of thing a thief would actually do, not those silly save-the-world-superhero or ghostbuster missions <_<

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