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Hi, I already gave you my old port-folio, but there's update! So you can find it there : www.shaze88.com


I could make maps, or make some modelisation. But I would prefer modelisation because I need more practices and this is the domain I want to reach.


I also did ShaZe's Arena 3 ( Level only, no custom model) In Quake 4 :




My current projects in schools doesnt eat too much my time, so I should have enough time to help you ;D


I am moslty self-thought, with or without tutorials. I can UVW Unwrap, modelise, make some texture but I am really more bad on that side. I can level design/map, that's moslty what I can do. It would be my first experiance in a modding team, so I can't know how well I will take the order, but I hope I will be enough good for you.


Thanks a lots if you give me a chance! :)




Edit : You can contact me with the email as show on the website, thanks!

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I would suggest we assign "Applicant" status and a small warmup task to you. That's usually the best method (for you and for us) to see how well things work out. :)


Ok fine, it would be perfect, send me emails or keep posting on this thread if you wanna try me :)


I just hope the test won't be a fully textured, rigged and animated, character to be made within 1 day ahah :P

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Hi Shaze,


If you're interested in a modeling applicant task, you can choose from the following:


oil wall lamp





leg of lamb



Format should be .lwo (preferred) or .ase, approx 250 polys or less. Photo-referenced textures are preferred but not absolutely necessary.

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And voila!





There's a twosided texture to save a lots of poly on the metal spiral. The model has been manually optimised to save polys. There's maybe one bug that I should verify, I thinks the engine can't cast the shadow of polygons / form that are not closed. So the spiral doesn't seem to appear. I could always give it some volume, but the polycount would reach maybe 220 polygons max. I thinks I will work it out, and show you the final version and the polycount.


You will be able to choose between the low poly, "high" poly version.

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Yeah, I would go ahead and give those spirals some depth. Anything below 250 polys or so is not a big deal.


I actually think that looks quite good. The texture could use some touching up, as you said, but it's pretty spot on given the concept.


I'll talk to NH about setting you up. :)

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Thanks a lots :)


and everything is complete :


http://www.shaze88.com/downloads/autres/lamp.rar (same link as before)


Now at 258 Polys (Kinda high just for put some volume to the spirals)


Yeah, I found out that the twosided property can't cast shadow. That's damn because we would have saved a nice 60-70 polys easily. But a least, it look a little better because we can actually see the volume.

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