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  1. Obviously I'd have to read it to consider it to be anything. I can dig Moonbo's FMs so I trust it's a good read. He's the one to say whether it has anything to say about our universe though.
  2. It's possible that only a forum admin can change thread names? Maybe one can do it at some point. Or if you can use full editor to do it all the better. But I don't think it's such a big deal and there's no big rush anyway. As for writing an entire story, while it's possible someone might be inspired to make the story into an FM or put elements into their FM (generally a lot of people want to make their own ideas because they're putting so much work into it; but you never know, it's worth asking if anyone's interested). But I was also thinking that the story even just by itself also counts as a fan contribution. This is just my thinking, but our world still seems a bit small and there are lots of corners of it that just don't have any backstory at all, and anybody can add to that just by writing stories. The more stories we have, it makes our world feel bigger and more interesting. I was thinking about writing a Dark Mod bible at some point, or somebody should, with a lot of history of Bridgeport and empire & of the different factions and beliefs. But even that's hard to think about because we need more stories to build off of.
  3. You can edit in links to your past ideas in older threads so they can be part of this thread too. Edit: The title was my idea because Kurshock has ideas he posts about not only on FMs but having a megathread for FM ideas for everybody isn't a bad idea either. Edit2: You know you don't have to build an entire FM with your ideas either. Just writing fan fic in our universe is a legit way to contribute to the community. I'd actually encourage it. New material is the lifeblood of a creative community like ours and fan fic is relatively easy to kick out compared to an FM.
  4. Kurshock, you ought to just make one mega-thread, call it Kurshock's Thoughts or something like that, and then you can pile all of your thoughts into it as they come to you. I think you'll get a better response. The thing is there's not much discussion you can have with this -- just a comment or two admitting, yeah, that would be something -- which is a bit much for a whole thread but okay for a post or a few in a mega-thread. That said, that is an intriguing set up. Just in terms of map design, it'd be interesting to have the snowy landscape, more supernatural & monster elements than usual, and the way I'd envision it, you could map the "end of the world" as basically starry sky box all the way down & under the edge of a cliff, with maybe a few hovering meteriods. That could be a cool sight.
  5. You can do that. Another thing you can do is just choose an existing collision mesh, since often you'll find an object close enough in size and shape that its collision mesh works well enough. In this case, there's already a bottle collision mesh. But if it's the wrong size then a simple tall & skinny rectangular prism brush converted to a model is probably fine.
  6. I recall dying the first night a few times and putting it aside. I just haven't gotten back to it yet. Performance was low for my laptop at the time too. I like the idea of exploring an authentic wilderness. I remember trying to get mods to make Skyrim's wilderness a bit more realistic just to make the exploration more immersive, also loved Firewatch & Kona was pretty good & even the survival part of Minecraft I liked, so this is in my interests in theory. Edit: There's also a digital card game called Frost that reminded me of this game; survivalist deck management in a similar kind of harsh environment.
  7. IIRC they also host Thief 2 New Dark and everybody is happy to be mum about the obvious licensing issue. But again IIRC they just weren't responding to our inquiries. It wasn't us that was hesitating. There's a thread or posts on it somewhere if someone wants to look it up, although possibly in the admin forum.
  8. The advice from the original dromed tutorial (and LGS's method) is step-wise refinement, which can be boiled down to a simpler method. The way I use it is to build the entire space of your FM first, in a very rudimentary form, just blocky empty rooms for the most part, and then you basically start at one end and walk through it refining it room by room until you're done. Even if you have to move big parts around, even that's easier when it's in that block form, and you know how it should relate to the other parts. What I especially like about it is that it's easy to track your progress, just visually looking down at the whole map, and know how much you have left and how much you should do in a session to stay on some kind of schedule, which is good for motivation.
  9. As an aside, I tried to make something just like this early in my dromed experimentation days, and that was my first experience with a map completely exploding when I tried to portalize it (dromed's version of dmap). And I think that was only for 3 or 4 arch sets! Now just looking at something like that rustles my BSP jimmies. Well, first off, I imagine you'd want to do this with patches or models overlaying a brushwork ceiling above it to begin with.
  10. A necromanced head on a spike serving as a sentry sounds like a hilarious idea, especially if he has good banter, and we can do it & have him animated with existing assets (I think).
  11. Just speaking of these online story archives, I think it might be funny if someone created a medieval version of SCP stories, where there's some supernatural thing some institution like the Inventors are trying to contain and protect and your job is to infiltrate it and deal with the thing to get its secrets, and it has some horrific properties. Something like that.
  12. I scripted a map (as part of the campaign I wrote) that included a necromancer's mansion. But interestingly I didn't think to include necromanced guard animals... He was a noble and trying to keep his practice secret, so he kept it all in a dungeon part. But now that you mention it, it's an obvious thing that he'd have necromanced monsters down there and would be good for gameplay.The catch of course is that we don't have the models for them. But at the very least he should have zombies down there. My first idea if I spread out from there would be zombie dogs and maybe one zombified werebeast as a boss-type of monster. Beyond that you're getting beyond what's added value for gameplay. With all of your ideas, you ought to write some TDM fan fic and make some stories with them... It's a lot easier to imagine scenarios and write them out than model and animate them!
  13. @Judith, the aesthetic for those objects is wonderful. I hope you can keep making assets like them.
  14. I'd prefer making a cyberpunk TDM level just because I like sneaking gameplay, or a hybrid of sneaking & FPS, better than vanilla FPS. I also don't sympathize with your characterization of TDM mapping as intimidating. The gameplay may be simpler and the layout or planning marginally simpler (really the only tricky part is you have to be thoughtful about the placement of AI routes & lighting), but just in terms of mapping, making TDM maps in DR is pretty great in comparison to other options out there, oldschool Unreal very much included.
  15. We've had a big hubbub about the anniversary on TTLG, so it's not like it passed unnoticed among the people that really care about it. The fans are really carrying the torch for this game. It's not even such a unique thing. There's plenty of other games in the same situation. Of course Thief is higher quality than the average game, so I like to think we have a higher calling carrying its torch than fans would have for just any old game.
  16. I'm of the opinion that art is a healthy outlet for personal issues. I was just reading some articles that often people in distress can express their feelings better through art than through talking therapy, and that's beneficial for them. Of course obsessing over anything can be unhealthy if it takes over one's life, but 4-6 hours a day... I mean it's not unheard of. I was putting in those kinds of hours when I was in the height of building my FM just because I was driven and wanted to get it out. And better mapping than losing that time to TV or drinking or something actually unhealthy. There are a lot of worse things one can do oneself than mapping in DR! Incidentally, I also chatted a little with Biker. He'll be okay and understood the situation and acknowledged proposing this a few months ago as a way to resolve things. Mostly he said he'll be good when the drama of the whole thing dies down, and I think that's good for us to keep in mind.
  17. It's such a distant memory now. I'd need to go back and play around with it to remember, since I remember it being funny in places but struggle to remember the details now. It was indeed called Mount Bafford. I recall I made a miniature version of the whole scene that made me laugh, like the kind of model of projects people put in lobbies. It was this little village and mountain with this ridiculous massive head at the top of it. And there were these letters back and forth and laying around as the head engineer was of split opinion. On the one hand, they recognized his demands were physically impossible and he needed to greatly modify his expectations to something more modest, but on the other hand they wanted to keep the money coming in so tried to make it seem like everything was on track and hiding the limits as long as they could... while Bafford kept throwing more money and more ridiculous demands at them and also wanted to make a site visit to see that things were on track, and how they were going to deal with that with a Potemkin head. The whole situation was kind of funny. And I vaguely recall something about a threat to detonate explosives over his face to blemish it as part of a blackmail scheme, and Bafford getting hysterical about it. I think if I were to come back to it now, I might play him as a Trump kind of character with unending narcissism, with similar kinds of speech patterns and hubris. Like, "Listen, I want the head to be visible for 200 leagues in all directions. And I want beautiful golden hair flowing down the north side. I'm talking about covering the entire slope, okay? It will be a beautiful head and beautiful hair that will look down on the villages and inspire fear and awe among the peasants, okay? If you can't do it, I'll find an engineer that can."
  18. Just on the crazy conspiracy theory angle, it might be funny if somebody made a spoof of Deus Ex in TDM with medieval versions of the conspiracies and played like DX. I could see it. The funniest thing I planned for an FM was for T2, I had Bafford having his face carved into the side of a mountain, and the mission was set in the construction site. I got a lot of it built, but the only part of it that saw the light of day was a bit of it copy/pasted into my part of The Chain Project.
  19. Happy New Year!! We're entering into scifi-level-future years now, so live it up.
  20. Putting a new physics engine in would be great but that's a massive task and we're underhanded as it is. Re: the key. I was going by memory, so for what you saw, I was maybe not remembering what the issue was correctly, or maybe he just bind'd the key to the book. I recall it had something to do with transitivity (A links to B links to C but A doesn't link to C), but I can't remember the particulars exactly. But just play with it and you get the idea pretty quickly what you can and can't do. I should have said from the start this is my guess, but don't take my word; It might work! I know you can set up weight traps/puzzles really easily, like when you put a weight on a little platform, or two weights on two separate platforms, to open a door. Find one of these and you'll see the basic set up, and your puzzle is that theme but with multiple weights on the one platform. I suspect there might be an issue, but you never really know what you can do unless you experiment.
  21. Our physics engine is pretty rusty & wonky. If I recall, for "holding objects" it only recognizes objects holding objects, but not any further degrees (objects holding objects holding objects), so e.g., you can have a key in a drawer move with the drawer, but you can't have a book in a drawer with the key on the book. The book will move with the drawer but not the key. So I personally wouldn't trust it with additive weight, and would instead do this kind of puzzle by something like a "move object here" hidden objective & a script for moving the beam the same percent as the relative weight. Or something along those lines.
  22. Just popping in to say Subnautica is one of my favorite games from the last year. I'd definitely recommend it, even at full price, and can't fault them for picking that game to release for free as bait for their platform. It looks great. Of all the "alien planet survival" games out there, most of which fall far short of the potential, this is the one that lives up to the hype. Exploration is great. Story is great. Pacing is great. Sandbox is great. You can just noodle around and build a cool undersea base if you like. Gameplay is pretty good for what it is if you dig swimming, submarining, and fighting off rabid sea creatures. It was buggy in the early days, and still has a few issues, but it's getting more stable every release, and it was still great fun even in the buggy days.
  23. If it's a nurb loop then that sounds like an issue with physically aligning the start and end, and the fact it's not a native loop (in the sourcecode) but something you're creating artificially by script. I wouldn't know where to begin. It's different from a speaker loop, which inherently doesn't stutter when it restarts at its sourcecode. Edit: I'd experiment with overlapping two on top of each other with different ends so that one hides the skip of the other, or something like that.
  24. I know how you can make the grammaphone resume instead of cutting off as it's essentially the same logic as the ambient sound code. You'd just need more pieces. The first frob would trigger a script starting the speaker (which will stay on in a loop until the end of the game) and setting some global "triggered" variable, then second and later frobs, seeing the triggered conditional, would then toggle the volume between zero and full (using a second global volume variable "up"/"down" or some trick) as the speaker continues in a loop. But that takes more moving pieces & more places it could break and need fixing compared to the simple set up you have now.
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