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  1. I have got three questions: - Is it possible to change the player model? - Is it possible to change a model's skin on the fly by a trigger without reloading? Does it has to be a gui? - Does anyone know how I can edit the wooden wall behind a painting? The material file just shows: Edit: Hm... I'm one step further. I created a new tga file with an alpha channel but the alpha channel doesn't get recognized. The alpha channel looks correct: Do I have to blend it in a special way? It somehow works in a weird way when I add translucent:
  2. I see a brilliant fan mission with new barbecue gameplay mechanics just ahead!
  3. I would say overall slightly quiter. Maybe less bright for player footsteps and less reverb for NPCs is the answer. If you compare tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\stone_walk01.ogg to tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\stone_walk03.ogg tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\stone_walk04.ogg you can hear that 01 (and 05) are brighter and I would say bright sounds are more present to people. So replace 01 and 05? I wouldn't give these sound that much reverb: tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\wood_run01.ogg ...to 04 and tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\wood_jump_land01.ogg ... to 04 Two knocks are hearable in tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\wood_crouch_creep01.ogg and tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\wood_crouch_creep02.ogg but not in tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\wood_crouch_creep03.ogg tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4\sound\sfx\movement\footsteps\player\wood_crouch_creep04.ogg I would say, as a masterthief you try to avoid putting your foot down with two sounds while chrouching. The "tile" footsteps for human (not player) are "overdone" and I think this one is the sound that bothers me most. The others for human sound ok. Less reverb here again? (01 is the brightest.) Or we could experiment with just heavier footsteps for this one. I know it's hard to create good sounds and make the player aware of the fact that his caused sounds are really important so don't take it amiss.
  4. Where was this "Things TDM could steal from Thief 4" thread?

    1. Springheel


      I was going to start one but I can't play it yet due to the shadow glitch.

    2. Radiant


      Oh, thats sad. I'm looking forward to it to share my impressions.

  5. Yes, sadly, I tried to follow the disable shroud link because mbForceHideCloakEffect=1; isn't working for me. Do I have to begin a new game for this too? @Bikerdude: Thanks for posting. The switch to 32Bit really helped me. You might want to have a look into SweetFX as well to sharpen textures and get rid of the grey filter? sharpen textures: http://sfx.thelazy.n...es/preset/1305/ no filter: http://sfx.thelazy.n...es/preset/1309/ Edit: Ah, it worked for me when I switched the level.
  6. Last words at EM: Hurry, hurry, nuAudience can't wait to get this game they don't even know into their hands.

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    2. Xarg


      Seems like a waste of energy. Why not let the game come out and judge it as unbiased as possible on its actual merits? I trust we aren't past that point yet.

    3. jtr7


      Well, here's the thing: Some people really do *know* certain vitals bits that, for them, and not out of attitude or choice, harm or break chances to enjoy the title. From buying, installation, issues with movement that aren't customizable (modders might be able to fix some things), and a slew of other subjective things, AS WELL AS matters of principle. The question is, how does anyone on the optimist side *know* that the people they don't understand don't truly *know* exactl...

    4. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      Psst... it's basically a cult.

  7. A shared modular building collection could also bring some value if we could agree on one grid size. Just saying... I know it's hard to offer beloved tiles with some hours spent on. The thing is: How would you handle the database? It would take some time to develop a whole plugin for this forum software to make use of the user session, etc. How many people would contribute to the database so is it worth the effort? Maybe a poll would be useful. I mean: When it is a good resource which is helpful for any mapper then just try to get it into TDM at the next version. If it is really specific like a script then maybe just open a thread and showcase your stuff.
  8. I kept my german translations for 1.08 missions here: translations
  9. This house in the middle reminds me of Patrick Süskind's Perfume (it's a novel).
  10. Seems like a broken videoram. Can you change the graphicscard of your Laptop?
  11. @Tels: Kein Problem. Es ist immer schwierig abzuschätzen, ob es sowas schon gibt. Solche Aufgaben könntet ihr ruhig an die Community geben. Vielleicht sogar das Fontpatchen? (Das ist ja eh so ne Scheißaufgabe. - Wenn alle deutschen Übersetzungen fertig sind, helf ich dir damit, wenn du willst.) Mir ist noch etwas eingefallen: Wenn wir jetzt anfangen, die konvertierten Missionen zu testen und die aber noch nicht Standalone-ready sind, fangen wir danach nochmal an, alles zu testen. Deswegen sollten wir vielleicht doch noch warten, bis die Standalone-Versionen der Missionen raus sind, sowie die Umlaute unterstützt werden. (Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass auch die konvertierten Versionen für die Standalone-Version benutzt werden.)
  12. Yes, but it fills the oversized space with black.
  13. Yes, please outsource more tasks to the community. :-) Is there a minimum (1920x1080) resolution required? I can only offer 1680x1050.
  14. Ok, danke für die ausführliche Erklärung. Wie wäre es mit einem "sanften Übergang"? - Man könnte z.B. in der Community fragen, ob sich ca. 5 Leute bereit erklären, übersetzte Missionen noch einmal durchzuspielen, um nach Bugs ausschau zu halten. (Muss ja nicht das Team sein, will ich damit sagen. ) - Die ersten Maps, die diesen Schritt durchlaufen, sind bereits in französisch, deutsch und italienisch übersetzt. (Dort gibt es bisher den größten Fortschritt laut Statusliste und manche sind schon bereit.) - Ist der Test abgeschlossen, wird diese Mission auf dem Server ersetzt. Das werden wohl danna uch nicht mehr als 5 Missionen pro Monat sein, wodurch der Traffic gegenüber der Hauruck-Aktion niedrig bleibt.
  15. Hm, das klingt ja alles nicht so erfreulich. Da muss ich jetzt mal doof fragen: Aber Springheel hat doch Adminzugriff auf das CMS? Dann könnte man wenigstens auf der Webseite die Links anpassen und sowohl die Ursprungs-, als auch die internationale Version anbieten.
  16. Ahoy there... I have made a small testmap for fonts. It might is usefull for: an overview font creators mappers to see fonts ingame translators to see supported chars Download http://youtu.be/8Wy3y760kjU
  17. Damn, they have read my mind to get the idea of my planned fanmission.
  18. No problem, tell us some. ^^ (PsymH mentioned, that the translation was cut in some of the readables in Flakebridge Monastery which could have been caused by the 1.08 update. Obsttorte as the translator will have a look at this.)
  19. Examples: In Awaiting the Storm: guis/readables/sheets/sheet_paper_hand_popsies.gui In Let Sleeping Thieves Lie: guis/readables/marble_grey.gui And some others.
  20. @Bikerdude: About moving a shortcut with 10 questions asked, if you really like to move it: Have you set the UAC to a minimum? Maybe the SSD speeds will get to their old values, when Samsung optimizes them. Thank you very much for your tests. I now know, that this system will never get installed on my Desktop PC. I have also read that the metro screen needs 1-2 watts more than an idle Win 7 desktop screen. - What a shame for tablets. So... if I want to buy a new Win 8 x86 tablet as replacement for a laptop, perhaps I should just go with Win 7 and search for a nice metro like application? - Any suggestions?
  21. Thanks, that worked. I played it for 6 h (-30min for keyboard setup, etc.) now and I'm still in mission 1 like it seems. The tests I've read, talked about 12 h in total. So... does the testers just run through, alarming everything or am I just slow? (I really looked into every corner so far, because I don't wanna miss anything.)
  22. I think you should test Win 8 in a virtual machine first... Referring to this: Is a x86 CPU strongly needed for DarkRadiant or does it work with ARM CPUs too?
  23. The difficulty was good for me in overall, eventhough the A.I. really could have needed some improvement. The DLC weapons pack is waaaaay unbalanced btw.
  24. Thank you very much for all of your advices. Well, I have bought it yesterday and I have to say: It's really nice! I found some nice tweaks in the official forum to get a nicer visual appereance: Open: X:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Dishonored\DishonoredGame\Config\DishonoredEngine.ini Search for [systemSettings] and set the following values: AmbientOcclusion=True DetailMode=4 MaxAnisotropy=16 MaxMultisamples=2 //Anti-Ailiasing mode 2,4,8, depending on your graphics card One thing I wanna ask again: I've read a hint, that you can move faster when you havent equipped a weapon. But with which key can I put them away? The game seems to sell good: http://www.gamesthirst.com/2012/10/22/dishonored-continues-to-sell-well-says-pete-hines/ Great news for Thief 4 and a sequel...
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