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  1. Just stumbled over something. Disabling Vsync and entering "com_fixedTic 1" (without quotation marks) in the console removes the frame cap. The game will run faster if the framereate increases, so it's not suitable for playing, but a good start for performance teests while playing.

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    2. Obsttorte


      It is especially nice on high end computers, where framedrops will hardly occour and are not that noticeable. Makes things more compareable even before the mission gets tested on a low end rig.

    3. AluminumHaste


      Also that makes no sense. The fixed tic is what limited the game to 60 fps.

      Setting that option to 1 turns it on.

      Also afaik,iD removed that option after the second patch in Doom 3's base code, so I don't think it works now.

      Gonna have to check it out though.

    4. AluminumHaste


      Okay I had it backwards. Setting it to 0 caps at 60 fps.

      Setting it to 1 uncaps up but Physics will also go haywire.


      The option we all want is -1, which uncapped FPS but kept physics running properly. That was removed in a patch.

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