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  1. How hard would it be to implement something that autogenerates material files? For example a UI where we select the source TGA/DDS files for the normal map/specular/bumpmap and then DR auto generates the material file for it based on whats selected there. Maybe even an option to copy those files into their respective FM folders? Just something to automate the process a bit more would be handy. One problem with this though is the lack of a dark mode in DR would make staring at black text on a white background very uncomfortable as we look through the material files (unless i'm misunderstanding what you're proposing here). Currently I use notepad++ to edit my MTR files, because it's a lot easier to look at.
  2. I've probably asked this before, but is it safe to build a current FM using one of the pre-release builds? I typically hold off testing as i'm worried work on my map might get lost of some aspect of it be corrupted. However that natural texture bug is driving me nuts so it's tempting to jump in
  3. I wanted to bring this up for discussion before filing a bug report as i'm unsure if this is just my setup or not. I will try to keep this concise for easier readability. The bug basically involves the "Natural" button in "Surface Inspector" Here is how you replicate the bug: 1) Create a brush of any size in DR 2) Apply any texture 3) Open up surface inspector 4) With the brush highlighted, press the Natural button 5) Keep pressing and watch the texture change on the brush So for example here is a brush with a texture applied Business as usual, but if I keep pressing the natural button, eventually the texture will turn into this I have tried this with different brush sizes and different textures, all with the same result. If I keep pressing the Natural button again in Surface Inspector the texture will flick back to normal eventually. And just to include everything, here is the exact brush when it's broken: And the brush when it's normal:
  4. Oozing with atmosphere and incredible visual work as always Dragofer. You're a master of your craft!
  5. Congrats on the release! These are some fantastic quality of life improvements
  6. I do plan to do updates for all of my missions, real life has been very hectic of late, so I haven't had a chance to even open TDM/DR in a couple of months now. I'm hoping 2021 will be easier to manage so I can peel away for some older mission updates and to finish off my new missions.
  7. Sounds like an easy fix at least. I'll have to add that to the list of updates going out for my missions.
  8. Yes, that was a purposeful decision I made. My reasoning for that is that a lot of folks complained about the high loot goal in Act 1, so for Act 2 I made it so the player could finish the mission without reaching the loot goal if they so choose. Typically I add in an "optional" tag to signify that but I wanted to see how people reacted to the system as it was. Turns out most people just think it's a bug, so in Act 3 i'll have to change up my method by either lowering the loot goal by a large margin, or just removing it and putting more focus on other objectives.
  9. I'm going to repost what I wrote in our private DM's Just to add to that, when the update that has this bugfix in it rolls out, i'll gladly remove the offending gui files and update my missions to whatever the new format/setup is.
  10. Secrets in missions started in Thief: The Dark Project which came out in 1998. So that’s definitely not a new gameplay thing.
  11. That is an Epifire asset, I’ll ping him and get him to check it out. If we need to make a change on the map level then I can release an update to address this.
  12. Maybe we should have a second list for all of the MIA projects that have not had updates within the last 12 months. While it's likely they wont be finalized, especially seeing as some haven't had updates in nearly 10 years, it would be nice to see an archive/reference point for previous projects. I went through and was reading some of the older threads which was an interesting look into the different projects that have popped up here over the years.
  13. No worries I’m glad that it helped in such a big way!
  14. I've found better performance when using Nvidia's vsync instead of TDM's built in one. It's a setting found in the Nvidia Control Panel. Firstly make sure vsync is turned off in the dark mod and then just open up the nvidia control panel and then go to: 3D Settings - > Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> [select your TDM exe] It's the second last option from the bottom. Just turn that to "on" and you should notice a smooth and screen-tear-free version of TDM.
  15. The new rain in 2.08 is so fucking awesome!
  16. I just tried the same myself (on a fresh 2.08 install) and there's no mission completed tick there for me. edit: I thought mission completed info was stored in a text file in the dark mod base directory, but after looking through my old installation I couldn't find it in there. Was it moved to the registry or my documents folder or somewhere else?
  17. Sure thing! I'll ping you back on the relevant dev forum thread about it.
  18. I'm really confused. So why is the rain going through that body of water in the screenshots I first posted? It's being blocked by other entities and brushes in the map, it appears to only be the water entity that fails to block it. Edit: If you change (in the testmap) that surface on the water to the texture "textures/water_source/water_dark" and then do the dmap/runparticles console commands. The rain will go straight through it as seen here
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