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  1. Breathing Corpses: another astounding T2 mission - vast, complex and imaginative. Wow!

  2. This is pretty important, and should be documented on the wiki.
  3. The problem with the readme is that it is one page only. If it could be multiple pages, you could fit all the contributors there.
  4. Nope. I typically post images privately to my Tumblr account and link them. (And used to use Photobucket, but it has turned into a slow, dysfunctional pile of crap.)
  5. The real tragedy is that anyone would perceive it as two separate communities, and unfortunately, many do.
  6. This is damn good. Classic Thief 1-style thievery in an ominous mine/tomb complex. Crank down the gamma, close the curtains and get taffing!
  7. Unexpected Detour by DarkMax is another must play for Thief 2. Play it at night with low gamma!

  8. Nice use of light to lend a special mood to an already excellent scene.
  9. They are part of the mod's look. Could be altered for specific missions, though (as some people have already done).
  10. Actually, Talbot 1 is Prowler of the Dark (Thief 1), 2 is Return to the City, 3 is Fauchard Street, 4 is Bad Debts (Thief 2) and 5 is Disorientation. 6 and 7 were planned but never built.
  11. 5. is Goldchocobo, Mortem Desino & Bikerdude 11. is Fidcal I don't mind if my missions are renamed to be part of a series, although it is kinda confusing/self-defeating in the case of the "Talbot" missions, which span three games, are only loosely connected, and have been left unfinished.
  12. Good! Bikerdude, can you create a ready-made template that works with the readable editor? (using the Stone font and the GUI we have on SVN)
  13. No - in fact, I tested the map on a different machine. But I see the problem now. This should probably be documented on the wiki because people will be using the function a lot.
  14. Very good job, Spooks! That second shot has a very strong Dishonored feel to it.
  15. I have been playing with the Model Scaler, but there seems to be a problem. When I load the map in the game, the rescaled objects appear as black cubes (denoting missing objects). Any way to fix this?
  16. Yeah, you have to move the prefab close to (but not exactly to) 0,0,0 before you save it.
  17. I would be up for a contest - actually, I am planning a small map that's using 2.05 assets, although that doesn't necessarily mean the modules - but it'd have to be 2 weeks minimum, like the 2015 Halloween mini-contest. You can build, polish up and release a mission under 2 weeks without cutting corners or delivering an untested mess.
  18. Easier? Going the no-KO route, the mission was quite on the hard side with three patrolling AI in a limited amount of space, and them relighting the lanterns I put out.
  19. Warning: Mission four (three is just a long cutscene) starts out pretty tough, but becomes downright amazing after those initial few minutes.
  20. The first three are from the Kelenföld Power Plant in Budapest. The control room is an iconic piece of art deco industrial design; unfortunately, while this part of the plant is decommissioned, it is not open to the public
  21. Or just record some lovely static and package it as a video?
  22. Browsing the Mapcore community boards, a major online hub for level designers, there seems to be a lot of game-independent portfolio-building out there - at least that's the impression I got. After that, lots of TF2, lots of Hammer work, some Unreal and some modern military FPS stuff I am not familiar with. What makes that board curious is that single player is almost completely underrepresented, and Thief / TDM seem to be completely missing (skacky used to be a member, but hasn't been active for years). There is practically no cross-pollination between them and the TTLG-centred design community. Judith: I remember that Hourences quote. It was already written from hindsight, since the mid-2000s were the time level design tasks massively grew in complexity. Hourences himself started in the UT design community, and was part of the Operation: Na Pali team. ONP had over 40 large to massive SP levels (the original Unreal had 38). This would be inconceivable in modern commercial projects, let alone fanmade mods. Now it is eight years later, and the same trends have mostly continued. (I say mostly because Minecraft building is apparently a huge thing.)
  23. Our standards are generally for 512*512 or 1024*1024 textures, but I am starting to wonder if that's still an absolute yardstick. The guidelines were written with 2009 PCs in mind, and there has been an increase in computing power since then. I have used 2024*1024 and 2024*2024 textures in a few areas without apparent ill effects on performance. I suppose as long as you don't use several of them, you ought to be fine. (JohnP's Thief 3 texture upgrade was already using 2024x2024 textures a few years ago.)
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