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  1. It's a portable drive that wasn't plugged in, and that folder already exists and doesn't need creating. I think this is too much of a rare case to worry about. It just shocked me. I feel embarrassed but now all is well.
  2. I deleted the 3.6 settings folder and tried again. The first run from the portable archive freezes on the splash screen. Initialising Module: GameManager I PM'd you the .DMP file, there is no DarkRadiant.log ever created. I am willing to accept it's Windows 7 or my custom themes or whatever. Hopefully nobody else is having problems with this and I'll be happy. At the end of the day, it ends up working and I am relieved about that!
  3. I tried it, the splash screen greyed out and seized up. http://www.violae.net/temp/DR_360.jpg i5, GTX660, Win7 I clicked End Process, the splash screen still frozen. Task Manager - End Process, End Process Tree. There are 2 DarkRadiant.exe. Splash screen still frozen, even as I type this. I don't know what else I could say. First time that ever happened. edit: I had to reboot. Now it seems to work fine. I tried to reproduce it but couldn't. Somehow the game setup window got stuck under the splash screen or something.
  4. This might be useful for you?:- https://github.com/kam3k/euler I'm trying to figure out something similar, but opposite of what I assume you're trying. For me, I want to make an exporter for DarkRadiant that handles lights:- https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6118
  5. https://www.violationentertainment.com/temp/threedeescanseisbarosab1_prev.jpg I'm back again with another statue, as a thanks to the entire TDM team and community. Originally from here:- https://threedscans.com/vienna/eisbaer_und_seehund/ This involved putting into practice some new methods using primarily Blender and MeshLab, remeshing and getting an actual neat and curated UV unwrap (a lost art), useable geometry and even some new methods for getting decent LOD stages. Amazingly, I managed to get the LOD spanning from 22K down to under 500 triangles, which is a crazy threshold for this kind of process. It's all thanks to the UV map, I think, being able to keep UV islands in relative comfort while lowering the polycount. The geometry is still very "matrixy", in my opinion, but it's 1000X better than older remeshing methods I'd tried before. Just almost good enough for game development. Almost. Anyway, it is still a much nicer result than in my previous bake and I learned a lot. I spent about 7 hours cleaning out all of the little fleas (geometric artifacts from the original 3D scanning) from the normalmap, followed by some loving texture-painting and other manual adjustments. All textures are 4K but I expect those to be mostly downsampled, and I apologise for not making this engine-compatible out-of-box, but I doubt many of you will struggle. It already contains ASE and DDS files. All it really needs is MTR file, as far as I remember. Once again, all textures (mixed with the bake from the original 3-million triangle source) come from:- www.goodtextures.com License remains CC0 and hoping some of you find it useful:- https://www.violationentertainment.com/temp/threedeescanseisbarosab1.zip Cheers!
  6. DarkRadiant.apk??? I'd love to see that, but I fear the biggest issue is going to be UX, and require a much cleverness. I'm sure this community will give a lot of feedback about that, if that's the idea.
  7. This is happening all over the place to many homebrew software. If people say "just ignore it, it's a false-positive" as true as that may be, it doesn't solve the problem. The "heuristics" have become tuned to "whatever tries to save a highscore table to an INI file", else "has the Microsoft blessings so let the ransomware fly free". That sounds like a contradiction, but it isn't. This is business, after all. There are a couple of solutions. - An army of us send out reports of false-positive claims to all of these AV vendors and/or Microsoft themselves, and hope they accidentally see it. - TDM team scrapes their pockets and PAYS them to be flagged as safe, potentially acquiring certification from Microsoft, which is essentially the same as the first option, requiring less people but should be (in theory) streamlined. - Refactoring the installer and going around and around in circles trying to make all the major AV vendors happy, which is likely not possible. What can't be done is:- - Floating in through the window like Wrinkly Kong's ghost and whisper to each user how the installer is safe and it's just a false-positive, just a false-positive... What is likely to happen:- - We all say it's a false-positive, and we'd be correct, but nothing ever gets fixed and the problem never goes away. We say it's the AV's fault and hope all future users will stumble across this forum thread.
  8. I found that I can maximise the 3D view, set the resolution to a ridiculous value my display can't deal with, it will say "out of range", but during that time I can win+up to maximise, take a screenshot, and revert the resolution. Tactic not just for Radiant. Utility I use:- https://funk.eu/hrc/ I think this might be better than expecting Radiant to be an all-out rendering solution. Seems like a neverending rabbithole to me. Just my opinion.
  9. I recommend to still use Compressonator because many other softwares and their plugins won't always give you the mipmaps, and many other useful options like balancing channels. Without mipmaps, most the benefits of DDS will be lost.
  10. Best practice is to CTRL+G when making primitives that are likely to not have vertices snapped to a the grid.
  11. I didn't encounter this bug yet, but I have serious doubts it's because of precision. I've already proven Radiant can handle ridiculously small sizes. Saved, loaded and exported (to OBJ). I wouldn't try to compile something this small, but making a mapobject is the correct way to go.
  12. Been getting into this stuff lately and thought I'd chime in. Blender can bake any animations and attach bones automatically. It can even assign bones to each vertex for very complex and detailed morphing that uses rigged armatures (MD5) instead of embedded vertex animations. It's all possible, but the problem is that it's very expensive, so you need to manually optimise everything and think carefully about the actual end use-case. For example, you might get away with having 1 object doing a very complex morph in a cutscene, alone in a room with a fully curated environment, but not a warehouse full of hundreds of them all dynamically animating and interacting with the player. I believe the MD5 format can probably handle a lot, but still have some hard limits in terms of number of joints and vertex assignments per bone, so that needs to be determined. Ogre has a limit of 256 bones per object and 4 bones per vertex, which is normally more than enough but quickly gets challenged doing this kind of baking. A very low-tech solution is to decrease the "resolution" of the keys along the timeline. Default is 24 fps so baking will add a key to each one of those frames. Simply scaling everything in the Graph Editor 0.25, then again at 4, then optimise ("Clean Keyframes/Interpolation Mode") can quickly lower the density of the keyframing and save a lot of memory. When baking physics to animation, you want to keep a higher density at the moments of impact and lower density when the objects are falling/flying and coming to a rest at the end of its timeline. Different optimisations with different properties (even axes) can be done to minimise the keyframes without sacrificing the finer details of animation too much, with a little more effort. You can easily reach a point where it becomes quite useable by today's standards, if you're willing to put in the effort. I didn't even get into addons and scripts yet. In terms of having a character, like a werewolf, that would do a full morph in a particular sequence - it sounds like you want 2 entirely discrete characters with a 3rd morph-sequence-entity that only occurs during a self-contained scripted transition, basically so that the character itself isn't lugging around 100s of bones and MBs of keyframes. Anything more complicated would require a more robust animation system engine-side, like ability to blend animations of specified bones while allowing the influence of others - animation-blending. IdTech4 doesn't have it. Doesn't mean you can't be clever and invent some workarounds, though. (500+ bones, already too much for my comfort. Working on ideas to solve that...) https://www.blendersecrets.org/secrets/copy-animation-from-one-object-to-another https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/68907/add-a-bone-at-each-vertex-location https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/168241/setup-bones-on-cloth-sim-so-that-you-can-transfer-it-to-unity-via-fbx-export
  13. Great news, it's not crashing on me now! I can also confirm the material stages aren't z-fighting themselves anymore. Detail-mapping and additives now work properly. Reflections, alpha-blends, GUIs, flares and some other things are still broken. Reflections show blue/black checkerboard missing texture, despite that not being the case. Alpha-blends are showing up as white, sometimes harsh black/white, fullbright and opaque. And there's still some "rogue geometry", see the shot below. Some things are showing up as black and I'm not sure why. Some things are working only on certain viewpoints and appear/disappear depending on the view angle, see the shot below. I can't tell if this is the shadows or the lights, such as in the shot of the intro, the light is affected but I don't know if that's because there is some alphatest material blocking it outside somewhere. Anyhow, despite all of this it's a impressive progress and keep up the great work!
  14. Just an indie project and not even settled on an engine yet. Not TDM but definitely sticking with Radiant for environments, so thought it was fine to post some shots in here.
  15. Pillows and pillows of fun.
  16. qer_editorimage? This is ignored by the renderer and only affects how Radiant displays it. Another workaround is to have different MTR files, one that is activated for mapping and then swapped out again for playtesting, which could be done with simple BAT files. There are a few options I can think, for the sake of better editor visibility.
  17. Yeah, this build does fix the "dark maps" I was talking about. I tested again, it took ages to swap the view, but I said "wooooow... aaaand it crashed." But for those few moments, it looked like Doom3 in Radiant. There were these infinitely stretched pieces of geometry flying through everything, that only appear on certain view-angles, I only ever saw that stuff with GPU glitches, like heat-death. Something is very wrong.
  18. Projected lights seem to work fine and cast shadows. I also noticed that the 'common/shadow' materials don't cast shadows. This doesn't explain why maps loaded wholesale seem darker, as if every second light is missing. If anything they should be brighter with more light. I also noticed that alphatested materials cast shadows of their alphas. This is really cool, despite not being engine-accurate? At least, I don't remember vanilla Doom3 being able to do this. Again, it would explain brighter results, not darker. 'No_diffuse' flag on lights doesn't seem to work, nor does 'no_specular' or 'parallel', but I don't recall ever using those anyway. It's possible that parallel lights were used a lot and they are now just rendering as projected lights and not "filling-out" as much as they otherwise would? Just a guess. I think someone who is very intimate with TDM is going to need to do A-B comparison tests with this. I used Doom3 and by now I'm even a bit fuzzy on how that's supposed to look, given that it came out nearly 20 years ago now.
  19. This is really exciting. I gave it a decent whirl and noticed that only some lights seem to work, or lights aren't as big as in-game. I tested this on Doom3 marscity1 and it's not as bright as it should be. I also noticed that any material with a filter stage or additive stage will z-fight with itself, although filters and adds seem to render well on their own. Cubemap reflections seem completely absent. Alphatest works fine but alphablend seems always broken. I did try it with latest TDM to be sure, and while I'm not as familiar,. it did seem to display the same behaviour. This was on a GTX660.
  20. Shhh, don't tell anyone I found this here:- https://www.moddb.com/games/chasm-the-rift/downloads/chasm-portable
  21. I remember ~10+ years ago when everyone was saying everything would be made out of voxels by now. By and large, realtime 3D "local" graphics are still done the same way, with triangles and textures. For the AAA latest big titles, they all are. I can see how this might be a thing for streaming, one day, if and when that even becomes mainstream enough - I don't see it ever keeping up with what a local system is capable of, those hardware bottlenecks never quite seem to become a dealbreaker. When streaming finally hits a stable clean 1080p, everyone will be well beyond 4K locally, and so on. Having literally millions and millions of triangles (half a billion?) for one piece of scenery, and 32/65K+ textures on everything, even if it were possible to magically render all of that at decent framerates, where is all of this data stored? How much data would that be? 100TB? It's funny how gamers whine even now with games easily hitting the 100GB install size and current-gen consoles launching with 500GB storage as standard. Those sizes are an order of magnitude higher than previous gen, but not exactly providing the jaw-dropping visuals everyone has come to expect from a leap forward on paper. I still see sloppy texels in modern games. Even if you could heavily compress all of that (source) data and uncompress on-the-fly by requiring a thorough thrashing of the latest (huge and fast) SSDs, that seems to me to equate to just replacing one set of overheads with another. Still, it's really interesting and I look forward to learning more about it and seeing it in action, with something more dynamic and destructible.
  22. Great, that works fine now. Thanks for still supporting Win7. A shame about Python falling off already but eh, times they are a changin'. Anyway, I've played with the build for about an hour, mostly with the texturing stuff and I can't say I've found any issues yet. Great work! Your efforts are really appreciated.
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