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  1. No problem, is in the past already.
  2. I agree that it could be divided into a basic and advanced section, if is not hard to do the seperation, in the basic section you cant do much, just apply diffuse, bump and specular textures and say what surface it is, wood, metal, etc, just a way to create fast basic materials and on the advanced tab, you have the real deeper material editor options, where a advanced user will work on stage effects and apply ARB/GLSL programs etc.
  3. I like it, seems to be very complete even at this early stage, it doesn't look hard to use but is obviously geared to people that already know the TDM/idtech4 material system and not for those just starting but with a good help system I'm sure anyone will pick it up fast. I know is still WIP so perhaps this is already in the TODO, but if it is not, I also agree about configuring the lighting, on the doom 3 material editor for example, you can create any amount of lights you want and give them the color/material you want, you can also move them around. Also besides the flat plane, cube and sphere models you can also import a custom model to preview the material on it, imo seems to be a nice feature. Btw greebo the Doom 3 material editor, writes a comment saying that the material was made by it, so if is not already, I think yours should do the same, personally, I think is a good way to detect what was written by hand or by the editor, good for detecting when the editor bugs out when writing the materials.
  4. totallytubular do you know a Doom 3 mod called Sikkmod? Is a mod that implemented a bunch of modern advanced shaders, in Doom3 but unfortunately written in ARB assembly, I'm asking because if you don't know the mod, you could look at it and see what you could transplant into TDM GLSL. I know the shaders are in ARB but I'm almost certain that a good shader guy like you, even only used to GLSL lang can very easily decipher the ARB code. One shader that I would love to see in TDM is the parallax occlusion mapping or the relief mapping ones, TDM coble stones roads IMO would gain much with it.
  5. I really don't know for sure but maybe, because every text in a GUI, including the gui keywords, are seen by the c++ gui parser has strings and making them enclosed in quotes, perhaps helps the gui parser? For example I've seen in Doom 3 gui's floats defined has: float somefloat 0 float "somefloat" "0" both versions work but the bellow one could be "safer" to parse? I really don't know, this does shows that the gui scripting language is not very strict.
  6. That happened to me once at lest, something similar happens when a entity lacks a material defined has well, but in this case they also get translucent. Btw not that is any useful today, with shaders and such but that could be a "poor mans way" to create a highlight effect, just hide the duplicate and unhide it when you frob the item, that is exactly how idSoftware created the (not used) item highlight but they do the duplicate dynamically in the c++ code.
  7. Like I suspected that is way more complicated than I thought but I will try it none the less but to tell the truth, I don't think I will ever need such large amounts of entities.
  8. stgatilov I'm right to assume that to increase the entity limit to 65536 is just the case of setting the GENTITYNUM_BITS to 16? There's no need to change anything else in the engine to support that amount of entities? I want to do it on my version of the dewm3 engine if is not too complicated for me.
  9. Afaik by using the global material keyword "blendLight" in the light material and disabling specular and diffuse you turn the light into a very cheap light, this lights have no real interaction with surfaces this is what iddevnet said about them:
  10. I saw this in the Doom 3 main menu. onTime 0 { if ( "SGC1Title::text" "!=" "" ) { ... } else { ... } } so perhaps if("string" "==" "string") may work, try it.
  11. Yes that would be awesome, specially for foliage, grass and such, I still don't know why alpha blending is such a problematic thing but i'm not a graphics coder. Curious how they solved that on Quake Wars, I think it uses more than alpha testing.
  12. Update 2 found why my sprites were not getting surfaces, I was using a nodraw material because I wanted the main sprite to be invisible but its geometry still accessible, (long story) but the code that creates surfaces, skips those mapped with invisible materials.
  13. Update on this, second question is solved and it was very basic, was expecting something more complicated but it was not, just set the sprite "weaponDepthHack" (despite the name works in any model) bool value to true and it works... :Z Still didn't solved the first question but based on the second, perhaps I most be failing to see something basic again.
  14. When I made conversions like that this is what's sometimes happened to me, one the uvmap was missing, meaning the model was white after conversion, two, in my case, I use Modo and sometimes, depending on the format coming in, it would create a extra uvmap for the model, next to the default one and because the game engine, doesn't support more than one uvmap the model would get all messed up ingame. Other times, I would just forget to triangulate the model, .lwo supports exporting quad's not only triangles, so if is the case, you need to remember to triangulate the models at export time, in my case Modo doesn't do that automatically when exporting .lwo, don't know if blender does it, so I just have a macro/button that does the final export, it cleans the model of any extra useless layers and it triangulates the model for me.
  15. Do you know c++? IMO you would gain much by looking at the engine source, to see how the render backend does the shader stuff, even if you have no intention of messing with the c++ code but if there's some docs better.
  16. I use .lwo exclusively and there's nothing more simple than that, just give the model surfaces materials, in the 3D editor, the name of the engine materials they need and that's that, example textures/somefolder/materialname. textures/folder/materialname <----- this is the full material name "path" you want to use { blend blend map textures/somefolder/someTEXTUREname } If you can export .lwo IMO it is a better format, because is a binary format and not a text based format, in theory, making .lwo faster to load than ASE files, plus you need to always edit the bitmap option, in the ASE file by hand, before being able to use it, while .lwo is a "export and forget" format, but that's my opinion.
  17. On that Doom 3 shots that nbohr1more posted, can someone explain to me how PBR can do such a stark diference in light levels?! Is that really pure material PBR alone or there's some extra fake shader based ambient being done there? Is almost like with PBR on the scene gets radiosity bouces. About PBR in TDM I know is just a "what if" but imo that would be fantastic. And btw this is my idea how it could work, sorry if is stupid don't know much about this stuff. OK TDM would have two render paths, one with PBR support and the other vanilla, the PBR one is off by default and not used, unless, mission makers explicitly turn it on, somehow, perhaps by setting something on a config file. They would be the ones responsible to make sure their missions assets, really support PBR, perhaps using a few converted default materials or making their own. Why I recommend this, because IMO this way the engine team can, create a pure PBR render and not have to marry/couple the non-PBR and the PBR render together, IMO making the render more complex, more error/bug prone and perhaps making PBR less than what it can be. But this is only a uninformed assumption on my part, perhaps I'm just sub-estimating the abilities of the TDM engine team. sorry guys.
  18. Ha Ok that does explains better, unfortunately cannot help you, I never used that feature my self.
  19. If your "open project" is not a TDM mission or not using the TDM engine than no, is not possible to use that real-time link, unfortunately is exclusive to TDM.
  20. My opinion peter_spy, as a modeler in some extent my self, i do comprehend your feeling, I really do, modeling of your caliber, is a big amount of work but I also agree with the others, this is not the type of direction that a open source tool, open community should follow, if you really care about who uses your models, than I can only say, don't make models for TDM period or spend less time and effort on them, even if that means TDM losing a source of high quality models. There's nothing you can do about leaches trying to use your work, someone somewhere will just find a way to rip your models, even if you lock them, if you let that affect you, you will never be able to work in a open environment and get yourself a ulcera.
  21. I certainly don't like the idead of HTML based guis, just the idea of using HTML/CSS and perhaps even java script to do guis, specially when I hated that stuff, when I did my old website work... makes me shiver, also I bet Doom 3 gui system would be way way faster than anything using HTML and CSS, but that's my opinion. IMO if a new gui system is seriously being considered than a immediate mode gui could be a good choice, based on what I read about it they are way easy to maintain and work with (but do need more backend work). I looked at dear imgui some time ago because of it, seems to be a very nice immediate gui system but, also seems to be more directed to do guis for tools than for games. Cegui does look to be a reasonable choice, don't know if is a immediate mode gui or retained mode one but it has apparently good tools and that is a plus in my book. There's also noesis seems to be very powerful and has full support for vector images (instead of only pixel based like in TDM), but even thou it has a free version not sure if it can be used on TDM (no source code acess). But imo the best would be to improve the already existing gui system, no need to relearn a new gui system/language and old guis would be totally compatible, just improve new ones with any new functionally that is introduced. And perhaps if someone is brave enough, work/improve the quake 4 gui editor that came with idtech 4.
  22. That is perfectly possible but personally, not sure if I like the idea of having extra buttons popup, needed to experience it first.
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