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  1. That means two things or you didn't made a idtech 4 material file with the extension .mtr for the textures on your model, DarkMod and DarkEditor require that, you can use a single .mtr for all your textures or you can make one for any single texture you use. Or the material path on the .ase file is wrong so darkradiant can't find the textures, you can change the path's easily by opening the .ase with notepad or any other text editor. Example simple material .mtr textures/objects/wood_street_lamp { wood noSelfShadow unsmoothedTangents qer_editorimage textures/objects/wood_street_lamp_ed.jpg diffusemap textures/objects/wood_street_lamp.tga bumpmap textures/objects/wood_street_lamp_local.tga Specularmap textures/objects/wood_street_lamp_s.tga }
  2. This discussion is silly and the two intervinientes saying TDM is not a game or for some reason has sold itself not has a game just need to realize they don't know what they are talking about, for example if i say in my opinion the sun is not a star because is bigger and gives heat compared to the other stars, that do not make my opinion true, just makes me an ignorant of scientific facts, in the same vein TDM is a game because we play it, especially me because i don't make fan missions i just play the fantastic work this guys do. And to the ones that matter, as a wise man once said "Ignorant people will drag you to their level and then beat you on their field" enough said, so guys stop this crazy debate and lets continue making TDM the best thief like experience.
  3. If all is well with the vis portals and you have no leak, then you can try this: - delete the geometry and make it again, perhaps is some strange error on the dmap process on that particular geometry. - If deleting is not an option you can make the geometry func_static then disable shadows on it, if shadows are really needed then make a new brush around the original with the shadow texture applied, it will not render ingame but will cast a shadow.
  4. I have both Rapture3D and Razer Surround, Rapture3D makes better positional audio then the razor software on Doom 3 and TDM, the last one uses HTRF's to simulate how a true head percebes audio, i can even ear sound in the vertical axis (below and above) but is not free and only works on OpenAL games (are becoming very rare by the minute) the later is free simulates more or less 5.1 or 7.1 horizontal axis directional sound and works on all sound API's.
  5. Fantastic intro, if that is the quality for the TDM campaign also then i'm happy.
  6. I assume you guys changed something on the C++ code for that to be true on TDM?
  7. Thanks nbohr1more for the reply that helped me! Seeing the 6th Venom's menu on the gui editor i was able to pinpoint the code i needed, and now i feel like a moron because that was so logic that i thought "why didn't i saw this before!" . The code to start a level from a button on a gui is, set "cmd" "startgame mymapname", you need to include the folder name with myfolder/mymapname if it is not on the root maps folder. edit : Hum it works but with a catch, it does not start the map right away, like map mymap does, it first plays the doom 3 intro "UAC is the largest corporation...etc etc" then goes to the map, is also strange that i didn't found any mention on the "startgame" command anywhere, on the command or script reference. It does work so it must be defined in some place perhaps is hardcoded?
  8. Hi guys because Doom3World is down and can't really ask this there so i'm asking here, i must say i did tried hard to find a answer by myself before coming here, by reading all the files i could and searching google for any clue, but alas i didn't found anything i even browsed the TDM wiki to see if something there could help me. Ok here is the question, i made a new (basic) mainmenu.gui to replace the doom 3 one i was able to make play and quit buttons and make them interactive, quit does what is supposed, but now i don't know how to make the play button load the level i want. I tried set "cmd" "loadGame" ; but it didn't seemed to work, i also tried set "cmd" "map mapname" ; but this didn't worked either i even thought about using the runScript cmd to call a script that loads a level but didn't saw any command available on the script reference for that. So this comes to, how can i load a level using a button on the menu gui?
  9. Because of the space on the root folder i bet, idtech 4 don't like that. It is also advised not to put tdm on a folder with a space on the name if you intend to make missions.
  10. The new Frictional's game, called SOMA, looks much more complicated and bigger than anything they did before, as the say goes if you can go bigger and better do it, but let's hope they don't grow so much that they lose their indie soul. About Thief 5, if it will ever be made, i bet they will go with their version of the Unreal Engine, change to the new UE4 version, use Cryengine X or Frostbyte, you know any engine that has a bigger hype around it, is a way to sell a game to the unknowing masses, even if said engine is not so good if you look well under the hood, how many times i've seen people say, " i just hope their new game is made on x engine, man that x game looked fantastic on it." forgetting that is the skills of the game developers that matters not the engine.
  11. That is dynamic tone mapping is a feature in new games to simulate HDR (high dynamic Range) and also eyes adaptation, HL2 (Half Life 2) was the first one with this.
  12. I have still to play the new thief reboot so i will save judgment about it to another date, but i have played enough new and old games to see how much worse the new ones really are, especially FPS's my favorite genre, and is not the nostalgia argument in effect here, it all goes down to the old games were made in a age where any game release was important and far between and add no hand holding features of note, new games on the other end are for the masses and are now treated as fast food plus play and forget games. p.s - I'm talking about AAA games not indie.
  13. Has always very nice models XendroX .
  14. Fantastic models XendroX, now TDM high class will have more chinny stuff to put on their bedrooms and we to search in for bling one thing you need to tho is make your textures less clean and new, one good way to improve your textures is to apply a baked ambient occlusion from the high poly to the low poly, it will bring out all the details, i also use the AO map has a mask to give the models some dirt and grime, then i use a scratch map (black texture with 1 pixel lines all over the place) on photoshop with the blend mod "screen" to give the textures that scrashed and used look, i also multiply some dirt texture over it and play with masks and opacity to tweak the effect.
  15. Please don't take this bad but i'm having a hard time understanding your sentences, if you use google chrome it has a word corrector and is a tremendous help, that is what i use i'm also not a native english speaker. But i did understand some parts and yes i concur with you and no your advices are not annoying. About the benchmark, yes they are a tad relative but in this case it was a good way to see the difference on my particular system, if i saw a big difference on mine then no matter the system the model would be a huge problem, btw i passed the impression that i didn't knew about optimization or that sometimes adding more polys doesn't offer obvious quality improvements, but that is wrong i guarantee you, i just didn't optimized this chair that much initially because to me, it was a special chair, like that throne, to be used no more than 1 or 2 times per scene or level, other reason was that i didn't wanted to get rid of the smooth and round look of the ornaments because again to me it was a special chair, but i was wrong and i completely concur with all the feedback on the model, now it is more optimized and can be used much more times in a scene.
  16. The guys making the Overdose indie game, made on "idtech 2", released their tools for the public, in there theres a tool called ODCompress that automatically detects your .tga's and convert them to the respective .dds format very cool. http://www.moddb.com...rdose-tools-set p.s - Do not use the compression option of the .tga format this tool do not like it.
  17. To late ;D Was able to bring the polys down without losing the shape to much now the polys are 1200 for the visible chair and 798 for the shadow mesh, i could take more from the shadow mesh but the difference would be to obvious. https://www.dropbox....hair_edited.lwo XendroX yes i was very conservative on the shadow mesh afraid of losing the shape. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Just because of curiosity i did a test scene to see how much impact does the 2200 polys chair add in the performance of a scene. The test scene 4 overlaping lights plus a ambient light at 1920x1080 71 entities with the chairs included Scene with no chairs 31 FPS 171 Draws 100 498 Tris Scene with 42 chairs each 1200 polys Between 20 - 30 FPS 480 Draws 460 235 Tris Scene with 42 chairs each 2200 polys Between 20 - 30 FPS 489 Draws 672 899 Tris Even tho the scene was simple just a box level full of static meshes, I tried to make it heavy with the overlapping lights to show a big difference on the FPS but i just didn't saw any, the only difference was on the draw calls and the number of Tris. Sorry if this is a stupid test i don't have any experience on benchmarking.
  18. Thanks guys , yes Springheel 2200 polys does seam much but in reality imo that is not much nowadays, a character for example has reached more than 6000 polys on games now, but i will see if i can take out more detail of it and the shadow mesh.
  19. Is not advisable to mod idtech or TDM in a path with spaces it can lead to problems later, this is how i do it "rootdrive\doom" for doom3 modding or "rootdrive\darkmod" for TDM.
  20. Guys sorry for the time it took to complete this one, but school and life got in the way. Here is the chair with a shadow mesh and tested in idtech 4, any problem just shout. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7klqh2fvrfcxz82/chair.jpg And the model it self https://www.dropbox.com/s/7t72ph5kz8jg6z5/chair_hmart.7z Hope you guys like it.
  21. First iteration on the chair what do you guys think? It is not very high poly even tho it seems to be on the render, but i can optimize it further still, and also make a lowpoly for the shadow, the texture is also placeholder and the model is still not UVmapped, i'm thinking of making two versions, one clean and new for the rich houses and one dirt and broken for the poor houses. Comments https://www.dropbox.com/s/87vfx7kc57csbnd/it01.jpg
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