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  1. The rope and fire are perfect. I'd prefer a more watery look for the waterarrow though. Crystal would probably be good. The gasarrow looks good but might be more suitable as some sort of noisemaker (with a few modifications perhaps)
  2. Those rich text boxes seems to be the new-cool-thing. Been writing/stealing one for a project and they really are awsome
  3. Yeah, I also got that problem. Normally Firefox just installs .xpi files, but not this one.
  4. Um.. Titanic = NOT Spielberg Pulp Fiction = NOT Disney (where the hell did you get that idea from?)
  5. I always thought Bride of the Monster had a remarkable ending.
  6. Downloading.. I'll check it out later and give my comments.
  7. pakmannen


    That's a great combination Odd. Love it.
  8. pakmannen


    I still want the gypsies! (Nice drawings) And I still think they would fit the setting perfectly (though I know I'm one of those people who wants to change the setting somewhat from the Thief games)
  9. In Thief Gold there were fire humanoid monsters as well. If you killed them you got a fire arrow. I think they were added since you needed a fire arrow to finish the mission in.. what was it, the lost city mission? Edit - And by that I mean that they didn't really add to the gameplay, and.. they kinda sucked
  10. Oh, I could probably add SFX on top of the movie when it's finished. (Fake it) Since I've got a lot of "work-in-progress" stuff which I haven't uploaded. When the movie is finished, just upload it and I could go through it and add soundeffects (and ambients for that matter)
  11. I think we decided to have a city street of some kind as the "background". So anything Thief 3-cityish would probably do it. But how is this sound going to be added to the menu? Because if we're going to have a Radiant made level, we could add the music and any eventual soundeffects in the map directly, with the speaker entities. Then I guess there is some kind of option in the GUI editor to play a sound that way. If we're gonna have a lot of stuff happening on screen, guards walking by, torches flickering, carts rolling by etc, I think it would be wise to add them to the actual map file. More control over them that way.
  12. That steampunk one is one of the coolest things ever! Your art reminds me so much of The Curse of Monkey Island! (One of the prettiest games ever made)
  13. ambient/city city_ambient01 - drewb50 city_ambient02 - drewb50 ambient/factory machine_noise11_loop - LiquidBronze (old sound) ambient/forest forest_theme1a - drewb50 forest_theme1b - drewb50 ambient01_loop - muze ambient02 - muze ambient03_loop - muze ambient04_alienbirds_loop - muze ambient05_loop - muze ambient/mansion ambient_hum01_loop - muze ambient_hum02_loop - muze ambient_hum03_loop - muze ambient/scary ambient_undead01 - drewb50 ambient_undead02_loop - drewb50 ambient_hum3_loop.ogg - muze ambient_hum4_loop.ogg - muze ambient/underground cave_ambient5_loop - drewb50 cave_ambient6_loop - muze cave_hum01 - muze cave_hum02 - muze cave_hum03 - muze sfx/tools key_use - drewb50
  14. I always had it installed in "D:\Spel\Doom 3" though (before CVS came..), and it worked, so I don't think it's the blank spaces. At least it doesn't have to be.
  15. No. Though Digital Nightfall over at thief-thecircle recently uploaded the Thief 3 "soundtrack". (The ingame ambients) http://www.thief-thecircle.com/media/music/
  16. *Sigh* It would help if people read the threads before commenting.. But thanks for commenting anyway. Seriously, if people want to, I guess we could release a few background loops and stuff. We only thought it would be more fun to listen to the more "distracting" music/cutscene/theme tracks.
  17. Can be downloaded here: Texturer.rar (28 megs) 23 photos (uncompressed, hence the big filesize). Renz has had a first look and seemed to think we could use em.
  18. Ambients are placed as objects (called "speakers") so you can keep various sounds sepparated if you wish. The leveldesigner would then have to place multiple speaker objects in the map. Either way works fine, so do a little bit of both if you feel like it.
  19. I don't think I've mentioned this, but I could probably take quite a few photos we could use. We actually have an old medieval fortress where I live.. But it would be easier if I knew a bit more exactly what you guys need. Also, what about normalmaps, anything I should keep in mind when shooting the pictures? Shadows, lights etc.
  20. Yeah, why is that? Also, you don't happen to have the first picture in super high res or something? It's gorgeous!
  21. And here I thought Spar was going to do that one
  22. I have some sketches I did a long time ago, before we decided upon the "Half-Life 2" in-game background thingy. I'll see if I can find them again. Some of you have probably seen them already. I know I showed them to Tyrot at least.
  23. Went through the ever growing pile of sounds and uploaded a bunch of them to CVS. Will do the rest tomorrow or this weekend.
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