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Status Updates posted by Ladro

  1. Since the disrupting of #Twitter by a crazy ego-distopic-manic-dangerous-billionaire and meta-shit by Zuck is not an option (because it's *exactly* the same thing), are any of you or the TDMproject in some free and open #Mastondon or #fediverse server ?

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    2. JackFarmer


      Wicked -  I will pm you my instance contact. I hope to see you as a follower! :)

    3. Shadow


      How do you guys find the ease and functionality of Mastodon in comparison to Twitter? How is a different?

    4. Ladro


      It's complicated like any new thing 🙂 But it's, IMHO, far far better 😉

  2. Incredible update for V. 2.09, thanks to all involved!

  3. Very very happy for the release of the 2.08! Thanks a lot to all involved!

  4. Testing the 2.06 release: thanks to all involved, it's compiled also 64bit, incredible release! :-D

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    2. Tarhiel


      My bad, I can see the .exe in the folder now. Disregard my question, I have thought that maybe 64 bit version has to install separately.

    3. nbohr1more


      Yeah, the quality levels were designed somewhat subjectively based on testing in Requiem. Also try different r_softShadowsRadius values. You may find that a softer shadow at a lower quality level is better than just increasing quality alone.

    4. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Oh, so we now have a 32 bit and 64 bit exe ?

  5. PD3 + 2.04, is insane! :-)

    1. Bikerdude


      Your welcome :-D

  6. I'm sad for UK, but *very* happy for Scotland! :-)

  7. RIP Ian Murdock :-(

  8. Happy new year to all :-)

  9. HSA + Mantle = the future of computing :-)

    1. jaxa


      Xeon Phi = the future of supercomputing

      D-Wave = the future of quantum computing

    2. lost_soul


      still want to see what HSA can do for Blender Cycles. Sure, it will not keep up with NVidia's finest, but at least you will be able to get better performance than a CPU and still use loads of memory without getting a mega-expensive graphics card just to have enough memory.

    3. jaxa
  10. My personal congratulation to all the crew for this INCREDIBLE release standalone 2.0. GREAT! :-D

  11. Valve CEO say:"Linux is the Future of gaming"

  12. Just finished Melan's new mission: what a style! Bravo Melan! :-D

    1. Melan
    2. Ladro


      It's me that i have to thank you :-D

      Your visual and architectural view on editing a mission are simply beautiful, and I like the freedom that you put to make path in the mission, really creative, bravo!

    3. Melan


      I meant the comments - they are much appreciated.

  13. TDM was mentioned on Phoronix http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTIzNTA ...So Open-Source Doom 3 It's NOT "Moving Slowly"

    1. MoroseTroll


      I'd prefere "Moving not so slowly as it seems." :)

    2. SeriousToni


      What are those people all about that they need to get info on what they must research to post about properly..?

    1. demagogue


      We should pipe up. Actually I think I'll do that right now.

    2. Ladro


      I sent a message to Phoronix.


      Maybe he can use TDM in his Test suite, what do you think?


      (it's a great way to have some advertising for free)

  14. I played last Sotha's FM: IMHO one of the best FM so far! Bravo SOTHA! :-D

    1. Sotha


      Thanks thanks... I'm very happy it was so well received by the community.

  15. TDM main page is down? :-O

    1. Ladro


      Ok, now it works :-D

    2. greebo


      Planned maintenance.

    3. Ladro


      Ok, no prob :-)

      Sorry for this alert.

  16. Carmack you are the man!

  17. Started "House in Blackbog Hollow": very Halloween style! :-D

  18. Finished Deus EX HR: not too bad, but I was expecting *really* more

  19. Sotha MasterMapper! ;-)

    Thanks for your supercool mission!

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