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  1. It would, but they require different properties in the sound shader and therefore need unique names. The ambient tracks need a silent "buffer" sound played when the player transitions from one location to the next. This prevents audio popping.
  2. Hello! yeah you can use the following spawnargs: "snd_open" "nosound" = when button is activated "snd_close" "nosound" = when button reaches its destination (probably nosound by default) "snd_move" "nosound = when button is moving (usually a looping sound, probably nosound by default) Just for future reference: "nosound" does not work for ambient tracks. Use "silence" instead.
  3. In this mission it takes 1 headshot to kill a zombie on normal/ hard and on expert it takes 2 ( or 1 to the head and 1 to the body). I appreciate the discussion, but I'll be keeping the headshot rules as they are. As for adding new mechanics and AI to my missions- I like doing it and will continue to do so!
  4. You're on Linux though. So they could be two unrelated issues.
  5. @McPhisto2051Hmm I'm stumped tbh. I would suggest doing a clean install of TDM, delete it completely and reinstall just in case. @ObsttorteThanks for looking into this! @snatcherThanks for giving it a try and giving notes on the save mechanic. I'm thinking of making a sequel someday where I refine and balance the idea
  6. Alright just double checking. Would you mind PMing me those save game files (unless they are both 0kb) and your fms/hazard/qconsole.log if it exists.
  7. Yeah sorry about that . The only reports Ive had about corrupted saves where on Linux. It's odd that its 0kb. Unfortunately, there isn't much help I can offer here. If you have the energy you could play it on Normal or Hard. Thanks for giving the mission a shot though. EDIT: Something is definitely broken- the mission should not be creating saves named "Save_1" - Just double checking you are using TDM 2.10?
  8. @McPhisto2051Ah damn. Are you playing on Linux? There is a known bug with the save system. The saves should be labelled and not generic names like "save_1" Otherwise, I am not sure what happened here. The save system is still very new to tdm.
  9. Well, guess its a bad mission then since bad games restrict players EDIT: In all seriousness, I've had lengthy discussions about the save room mechanic. The only way to really do it is to commit to it and balance the level and objectives around it. Or find a clever way to make it optional- through items bought in the store, optional objectives, whatever. I like some of @snatcher's suggestions.
  10. Thank you! Glad you liked them. You know that sound might be a part of the ambient track. To be honest- I didn't really know what I was doing with ambients back then. Also send me your save game and Ill have a look. Thank you, thats very high praise. I have two more volta missions in the works; one should will be done by the end of summer and the next probably late this year depending on my schedule.
  11. Thats it! Its just to hint at a faction you'll encounter later on in the campaign and give another little area to explore. Big vibrating noise? A lot of the secrets and extra items are there for additional replays- I don't expect players to find everything in one play through. That key should unlock the gate if its the one I am thinking of. Might be a bug actually
  12. It's definitely something worth exploring imo. I played around with this in Hazard Pay- it was kind of a mixed bag of players that liked and didn't like it. To be honest, I learned a lot and made some mistakes, but I think it can be a lot of fun for some and gives the mission that extra level of intensity and survivalist feel. I did something similar to resident evil. Save rooms with save items that you collect throughout the level. I ended up only doing it on expert and to be honest it was difficult to test and balance. However, I'm always up for playing missions with more options for difficulty, including save restrictions.
  13. @marblemanAgreed, I don't think we should change the core functions of the ladder, especially if its going to change the stealth gameplay (probably to some peoples dismay) I feel ya there, for what its worth I 100 percent support adding a toggle crouch on release feature. We just need to be diligent about changes to core movement as they can have a cascading effect on the mod and its 100+ missions. You've already shown the path forward its just going to take some time to make sure it all dove tails with the core mod.
  14. I never said you did, bud. By "usability options" I mean things like crouch toggle responsiveness. Not gameplay approaches. @stgatilovI did some further testing, we should probably allow players to grab ladders/ ropes while in a crouch position or we run the risk of breaking missions that allow players to climb to a ladder in small space, like a sewer or attic. EDIT: Ill do more testing, but I am pretty worried about the effect this will have on missions if we change the rules around when/ how a ladder can be grabbed.
  15. I dont see a problem with adding those cvars, however we should not default to the new behavior, especially without thorough testing. It might satisfy a few players, but has the potential to irritate a whole swatch of people who are used to it being the current way. The best case would be a toggle crouch behavior setting in the settings menu. Players can then customize from there using cvars.
  16. Mine is set to default "tdm_crouch_toggle_hold_time" "400" Its a speed penalty, just like when crouch walking, which actually makes me wonder if it also reduces climbing sounds.
  17. Incorrect. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5m3j6ks5nc2dw5/The Dark Mod 2.10_64 2022-06-19 13-50-29.mp4?dl=0 I don't think you read my response. There is a speed penalty to being crouched on a ladder when you grab it in a crouched position. Regardless of what you can and can't do in real life, TDM is not a real life simulator. Our goal is to make the game fun while still offering as many usability options as we can manage. We'll make toggle crouch on press, but we'll need to do it with the least amount of wake on 100+ missions.
  18. Huh interesting, I didn't realize that. I don't think that changes my thoughts much, but its good to know there is an intent there.
  19. This is an interesting problem. I played around with ladders a bit today. @stgatilov I agree that we should not dramatically change the current ladder behavior if we can help it. To @Obsttorte's point, it is unrealistic to climb a ladder while crouched. However I think the speed penalty there is fair and the alternative solutions really suck : Not allowing players to grab a ladder from crouch will break expectations and likely break some stealth encounters. Arbitrarily popping the players head up when they grab a ladder will be doing an action without an input, which is typically not desirable and also might break stealth encounters. Here are my observations: The interesting thing is you can "stand up" on a ladder, but cannot go back to a crouch (however the lightgem says otherwise). Unless there is a reason for this, I don't see any harm in animating the players head back to a crouch position to match the light gem response. Once again, the speed penalty there seems fair and mimics the core movement mechanics. IMO - Toggle crouch should always keep the player crouched. So with it on, ladders and sliding both happen in a crouched position. At some speed penalty I agree with @stgatilov having an undesired crouch/ stand state change at the end of sliding sucks. Can we negate that key release all together? Crouch toggle of course will just keep you in a crouch state regardless?
  20. Also Requiem is fantastic and features a cool underground city vibe. Well worth your time!
  21. You can type "tdm_show_loot" in the console and it will very directly show you where the loot is! Its pretty spoilery though The lost city is one of my favs and I've made two missions based on that, Volta 2 and Hazard Pay.
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