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  1. Glad you enjoyed the mission, even with the candle confusion. Thanks!
  2. @CS: Attached are my Photoshop source files for what you need. I'm providing 2.08 & 2.09. In the future, you'll need to find someone else to handle this for you, as I am becoming increasingly less available. Give them my source files. They'll need the "Dark11" font and Photoshop on their machine. revs
  3. Console command: “noclip”. once free, enter it again.
  4. Thanks for everyone's replies. I've implemented a mechanism that gives me what I need. Nothing more than a simple "special locked door" which fits what I need perfectly.
  5. Thanks for playing, and for your kind comments. I hope the remaining 3 missions live up to the first 5.
  6. Nicely played! must feel good having made that happen!
  7. There are scripts that make the safe work. Be sure to grab them. the scripts are made specifically for that safe, so don’t change the safe design or you’ll run into trouble
  8. Near the cylinder is a small player, the object with what looks like a megaphone speaker sticking out. If you pick up the cylinder (or any cylinders lying about, especially near other players), and lay it on top of the player, you will hear a prerecorded message. This is an Inventors' Guild device, and first appears in WS2. IIRC, every player that appears in the missions has a readable set of instructions on how to use it nearby. Typically the messages are just music. For Steele, the cylinders are also used to send audio messages back and forth between key characters. When done listening to the sound (music or message), the player can drop the cylinder anywhere and the sound will stop playing. You can leave the cylinder lying on the player and the sound will repeat. I don't recall why some of the cylinders have weird rotations. The very first cylinder in WS2 has what looks like a hacked rotation, but since you've presumably tested that mission's load time, and no ERROR pops up (it doesn't; I tested), it must be an acceptable rotation. Feel free to make whatever correction is needed (Thanks for volunteering). WS4 was not internationalized, so there are no concerns with multiple copies of files. These cylinders will be appearing in WS2, 4, 6, 7, and 8. I've already fixed bad rotations in 6/7/8, because, though they were begun years ago (when hacking was the only game in town), they're still being worked on.
  9. What bad thing does the player experience in WS4 if the rotation hack on "Cylinder2" is present? I don't understand why we're purposefully forcing missions that have worked for years to suddenly crash on load starting with 2.09? It is highly unlikely that I will have the time to re-release any of the Steele missions. It's about all I can do to finish the 3 remaining ones. Please explain the justification. Thanks.
  10. Oddly enough, after 10 years of mapping, I haven't needed to solve this situation yet. I'm looking for suggestions that would seem natural and meet "expected gameplay". Example ... 1. Objective "A" is satisfied in the western part of the map, where you start. 2. Doing so reveals "B", a new objective. "B" is satisfied in the eastern part of the map. 3. You leave the western part w/o satisfying "A", leaving yourself unaware of "B". Your objective list still shows "A" as unsatisfied. 4. It's a long long way from west to east in your map, and in a "DOH!" moment in the east, you realize you have to go back west to satisfy "A", then return east to finish. 5. You get irritated. The question is: what are acceptable ways to remind/force the player to satisfy "A" before they depart for the eastern part of the map? As I mentioned, I haven't needed to worry about this situation before, and am looking for examples of where others have solved it or thought about it. Thanks!
  11. Yes. The transition from WS6 to WS7 would preclude this.
  12. Glad you liked it. The inability to spend loot is an irritation, I agree. The optimum situation IMHO would be to have in-game shops where you can buy stuff, and a handful of our missions provide that. Instead, I see Steele storing his gains back at his parents' home, with an as-yet-unknown plan of what to do with it once this particular series of missions is over. A series of missions using greebo's campaign design allows the player to carry loot over from mission to mission, so you could have meaningful shop visits at the start of missions. Though Steele's is a continuous story, it doesn't use the campaign design, so this type of shopping won't happen. And given my time schedule, I will never go back and turn the 8 missions into a campaign. So Steele gets to hoard his loot and do something with it afterward. We may or may not find out what that is.
  13. Congratulations on becoming a Dad!!! It's one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you. Be forewarned, though. It happens again when your son becomes a Dad. (Or your daughter a Mother.) During these Virus days, you cherish every picture of these special people that comes your way. Or, if they live close by, every time you get together. Enjoy!!
  14. If you need help getting unstuck when you replay, ping me for hints.
  15. Most list dialogues in DR provide a search function. When the dialogue is your active window, type a search term.
  16. Welcome to the Forum! Mappers continue to work on new missions, and the development team is constantly improving the core mod. I myself have 5 missions underway. (Check out my William Steele series, starting with WS1: In the North.) You'll hopefully receive a bunch of recommendations from others.
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