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  1. I too had noticed the overlays being solid black. So blackness and faintness are afflicting these overlays
  2. I remember there being some discussion about the lockpick red and green glows not displaying properly. I don't know if anyone made a correction for this, but in beta7 I can barely see these glowing overlays. (they're properly red and green, but faint)
  3. And you’ve filed bug reports on the AI behavior problems?
  4. Maybe it's never been so pronounced.
  5. When I read a readable, the whole screen tints darker. Did someone make a design choice? I don't remember seeing this behavior before.
  6. I've gotten around this by providing an alternate source of information. For example, at the start of Somewhere Above the City, the drunk guard is there to provide you with background and objectives. If you like to blackjack guards, and you do so before he completes his monologue, there's a piece of paper on his table that provides the same information.
  7. Are you sure you don't have an internal leak?
  8. Make sure you have "s_occlusion" set to "0". Counter-intuitively, this setting means that the sound should travel through portals and fade with distance traveled. Also set "s_omni" to "0". This prevents the sound from being "omnipresent" everywhere. Btw, "no_dups" doesn't mean sounds won't overlap. It means that once a sound has played, the next time it plays, if there are multiple choices, pick one that didn't just play. This keeps, for example, AI from continuously barking the same thing repeatedly when there are choices he could make.
  9. Unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce this problem. I'm testing with beta6, and the AI is able to sit down at the desk and subsequently stand up and walk away w/no problem. I tested this 5x in a row, and he was ok each time. By whatever means, I'm going to need someone to create a savegame showing the problem, using beta6.
  10. The area where the guy gets stuck violates two mapping rules: 1. The path_corner is too close to monsterclip. 2. The monsterclip doesn't go up to the ceiling, providing a surface that pathfinding thinks the AI can get to. AI climbing up on desks and tables usually results in them getting stuck, because pathfinding doesn't allow them to get back down. This should also have failed prior to 2.07, so I'll be testing with 2.06 this weekend.
  11. My computer should be back working Friday, so I can spend some time on the problem this weekend
  12. If you can take a screenshot of the door in question, I’ll take a look. Hopefully corrected versions of all WS missions will get released after last Mission is released. glad you’re enjoying the series.
  13. I routinely caulk all void-facing surfaces because if I filter out caulk, I can see inside the rooms. VERY handy.
  14. Perhaps take a snapshot of the model and let Google do an image search. Might turn up the author's site.
  15. Lots and lots of work setting up conversations, which is why they're not used more often. As for my missions: Somewhere Above the City - opening monologue from drunk guard + epilogue conversation Mother Rose - none Sir Taffsalot's Sword - none Braeden Church - opening conversation Seeking Lady Leicester - none (yet) The Black Mage - none (yet) WS1 - none WS2 - recorded messages on cylinder machines WS3 - conversation after entering compound + Sewell's constant pestering of the guards WS4 - opening monologue from Watch officer + whore's con
  16. We'll continue to use stains because they provide effects other than edge occlusion.
  17. grayman

    Story Mod

    Look for missions that come in groups; there are several. William Steele (WSn) is my contribution of a continuing story.
  18. Two pics from the next William Steele mission, entitled Baleford Museum.
  19. If this is a required setting, why offer the option of changing it? Shouldn't even be archived.
  20. TDM Support for existing maps using the hack should remain. We can’t break old maps. Removing the hack for new maps needs to be done in DR.
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