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  1. I was always wondering what this entity could be used for...
  2. Sure thing, @AluminumHasteis the man to ask if you want to have a proper check of your player clipping because he thinks at least in five dimensions, maybe more. I consider him a super brain!
  3. If the already available possibilities are used correctly, additional AI, alternative AI routes, less/more lighting, less/more light switches and less/more resources can be integrated at any level of difficulty making the game more challenging in much more than the saving aspect. On top of that (as far as I remember from a post by Grayman) the AI also reacts more attentively on higher difficulties. Getting all of these components together in a reasonable proportion is quite an achievement (if the mission maker really applies it) - and keep in mind that we're not professional level designers with limited time only... That's why I don't feel like going through all my missions again, finding suitable save rooms for the highest difficulty mode (or even worse: having to design extra ones), and then also checking how many saves would make sense and eventually distribute corresponding memory items in the game - let alone checking whether it does not break the mission in a way I cannot or have not forseen or makes it too frustrating because I overlooked certain aspects. It just occurred to me: How should I do this for example in HHTLC? I have four completely different sections there. Should I come up with a location fitting save item (like the gramophone in Hazard Pay) for each section and also suitable storage media? I am sure other authors would face the same problem. For these reasons one cannot really claim (as in the OP) that it would be possible to add this simply later to existing missions. Moreover, I doubt that this would automatically make every mission better for every sort of player when he/she choses the highest diificulty level depending on the preferences. I beat Hazard Pay (great mission, no doubt) on Hard this weekend and it immediately reminded me why I don't like the mentioned save system - AH, dragofer and thebigh already described the concerns and problems above I have encountered as well. I was like AH, I lost half an hour of play twice, both times because I fell from a great height and lost ca. 40 minutes one nite, because I did not find a save room before I had to quit. That's also the reason why I always preferred the old Tomb Raider games, Half Life,Thief or the newer Dishonored series: you could save freely and try out a lot of things. Some players may love it, but there are surely also other opinions (as we can in posts above) out there and it's like all the other features of the game: some like zombies in the game, some don't, some like spiders in the game, some don't, some want lots of books to read, others find it too much, some want Ambient music, others hate it and switch it off... this list goes on and on and on making it very difficult for mappers to create something completely accepted by the entire community. Plus, for me the original Thief gameplay is the benchmark and there wasn't such a thing as save rooms. Since I like my work to be seen as some sort of Thief-a-like work, the implementation of the said feature is a no go. Others may of course view this differently. What we would need much more urgently would be additional AI for heathen or inventor missions, plus several appropriate AI vocal sets for each. It would also be nice to have additional vocal sets for mages/nobles and Builders for even more variation. If then also many new assets for heathens/inventors/mages were added to the mod, then this would surely give a boost in creativity and some mappers would surely find it easier to create much more varied missions - which I prefer over any other change in the saving system. Unfortunately, it seems that this will only remain a dream as I do not have the skills to create the needed stuff and we are not exactly blessed with many active content creators. So, let me conclude with a short answer to the OPs question: Sorry, I will not update any of my missions and I will not use the feature in possible future missions for the reasons mentioned above.
  4. Hello my friends and congratulations on the release! I have no doubt that this will be a real gem! Lots of missions to play now, hope I can have a look at it very soon!
  5. @thebighThat was me; I reported that during beta. Apparently, @STRUNKran into the same problem. However, I think the reported (and already solved) problem in Hazard Pay had a different reason as this was linked to the cameras and Down and Out does not include the latter.
  6. Will do, forgot to switch it on (I thought I already had switched it on). Regarding the bug you mentioned, you are right: This mission reminds me on two games: This mission also includes very cool models. I probably will get back to you someday and will ask whether I can use some of them in one of my next mission!
  7. Yes, you are right. Should there be a rope?
  8. Okay, I will download and restart. So many awesome scenes...here one of my favorites: Murnau is alive! Fantastic work.
  9. I made it into Shall I download the update and start again?
  10. Thank you and congratulations on the release! I have infiltrated the first part of that railway thingy (maybe 15 minutes in) and will proceed this nite. I am a fan of that menacing vibe, plus you've packed some great ideas in again - the saving system on the harder difficulty levels reminds me of games like RE IV and it adds more tension to the game. Great work and I am curious what else will happen in this mission!
  11. One of my favourtie SJH songs...and this one is not even so old: https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Kcrguye5UYU @Zerg Rush: Hope you like it (if you do not know it already! )
  12. This is unbelievable, this is insane. I dare saying, Screaming Jay would love this. Incredible. I never liked Amy Winehouse, because I have the feeling the production was mostly to sound like 60 souls/blues/whatever. This here is a totally different level, and to my opinion is on par with modern classics interpretations of Willie DeVille. Thank you for sharing!
  13. Argh, I've added this bloody torch shortly before beta to make it more challenging...and forgot to set it to not frobable. Thanks, will fix it for the 2.10 update.
  14. Feel free to send it to me for alpha testing; I am pretty sure I can manage an alpha and a beta.
  15. "Thanks" to the pandemic, I am working from at home next week. Thus, I can test during the evenings Central European Time , if that is ok for you.
  16. @AluminumHaste Can you PM where you achieved this? Will then fix it for the 2.10 update release.
  17. Then this should work if you expand the setup I described above with the following: Objective 1 ---> completion target ---> trigger-count_entity XYZ with count N Objective 2 ---> completion target --> trigger_count_entity XYZ with count N Objecive N --->dto. Further steps: Place a trigger_once entity brush in the location you want the player to be the door in question shall open Give the trigger_once entity the property "triggerFirst - 1" (this sets the trigger_once brush inactive - the player cannot activate it by touching - and it waits for its activation) Target the trigger_once_entity brush from the trigger_count
  18. Objective 1 ---> completion target ---> trigger-count_entity XYZ with count N Objective 2 ---> completion target --> trigger_count_entity XYZ with count N Objecive N --->dto. Then simply target the door in question from the trigger_count entity XYZ.
  19. https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=cnNyxy7XPfs A must for all Jimmy McGill fans remembering them how he walked through Albuquerque selling mobile phones!
  20. Correct. However, there is a Police album called "Ghost in the machine" which was released in 1981.
  21. Will that also work with cinematic cameras (for example as in the starting scene in TBM)?
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