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  1. If you take a screenshot (F12), you should get a still looking like this:
  2. Congratulations! Most important question: does the DM screenshot function on your new hardware work as it should?
  3. https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=jHP2H07hRrQ
  4. I am afraid you will not get a reasonable answer. However, try this podcasts series. Very interesting. Unfortuantely, for German speaking audiences only.
  5. If my recollection is correct, then @Dragoferhinted that it probably could be done with some sort of periodical checking of the distance between the droplet and the brush; a non-trivial scripting task for a newbie I suppose. It surely is way easier to learn particle editing. If you need help on how to do it, just ask here.
  6. I am looking forward to your work and I really liked your first two releases, period!
  7. Happy Halloween! (if that's an important thing where you live, actually not where I live ) This is from my newest project, unfortunately extremely unlikely to be released before Christmas 2023, maybe even later.
  8. Monday morning 8:30 CET and almost 30 people online...wow.

    1. Dragofer


      Nothing like 03/13/21 12:31 PM, when we apparently had 4230 members online simultaneously. Must've been a new TDM version release.

  9. Mr Axel plays the massive DM reference, Volta 2: https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=dd6pJk14JaU @kingsal: That's how I play the games as well, cautious to the max...and because I want to see as much as possible from the cool looking world!
  10. Please do not report problems in the game thread when it's not map or 2.10 related. Thank you.
  11. @greebo If you continue at this pace, each of my rooms from my next project will be created with a different version of Dark Radiant! When are you actually going to play another mission or two? When you retire?
  12. 1. If you want to use custom work (sound, models, textures) from released missions, best thing is to ask the author if he/she agrees. So far, Sotha is the only one who permits unlimited usage of his custom work (he expressed that here on the forums). He just wants to be credited. 2. If mission authors from released maps are not available anymore, then I do not know what to do. @Dragofer@nbohr1more: Any suggestions? I would say, that's the same situation as described above, just replace "released mission" with "abandoned work". As for my released work, feel free to use whatever you want.
  13. I think it is getting too much for me; I have changed the script shortly after the release for version 2....I don't know what happened then, however it looks like that: 1. Version 2 on my backup system does include the old script (????) 2. My personal version 2 in the fms folder includes the new script. However, back then I solved the problem by adding $PercyQuill.remove() at script start. Checked back then and checked it now and it works as it should. Can I use my approach for the next update or should I go with your solution?
  14. To me this looks good. Would it also be possible to replace the keyhole with a combination lock entity from stock?
  15. @Jedi_Wannabedid that with extremely small brushes (and of course at extremely small grid size as well!) in his first mission. I anticipate you would get multiple heartattacks if you would check the relevant item in DR.
  16. Yesterday they released a 1988 Queen song that was not included with "The Miracle" album.

    A good moment to revisit this cool album which IMO was their best work in the 1980s.


  17. I knew you would like it, after all, it carries some of the old Core Design Tomb Raider vibes!
  18. Have you looked into the "Replace textures" function? I made good experiences with it recently.
  19. Can't speak for the others, but I start all new areas (and often whole maps) exactly how you describe: brush it out, add portals, add lights and add tentative ai with level comprising routes in order to see whether a. there are problems with AI navigation in general and b. if it is possible to sneak around AI in critical areas. If you want to create your own modules from brushes, then you should check Sotha's tutorial.
  20. Thanks Jeff, please give it a go. Beta thread is already up with a download link.
  21. I know what you mean; an automated awareness level increase/decrease depending on the difficulty level plus separate options to increase/decrease the awareness in the options makes no sense, but I could swear that grayman mentioned it somewhere, and as you can see from joebarnin's post above, he recalls that as well.
  22. Can't speak for the others, but I will surely not work on bug fixes for this mission in December or so. I am just checking whether this stand works identical compared to the previous version (except for the reverb, of course).
  23. Is there a mission with bear model like depicted below? I thought there was one, but cannot find it...if not question would be, where could I get one for free usage in a DM mission.
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