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  1. @STRUNK Thank you for your quick reply. I already thought about using func_rotate, but was hoping for an easier solution (I was positive that there was a spawnarg like "invert_on_trigger--0/1" for basic movers...). I will try your suggestions and get back to you . Until then: Happy New Year! Jack
  2. I need movers translating/rotating only in one direction every time when triggered. How can I do that? I thought that would be possible with translating door and default door mover, but every time when triggered, they change direction. Is there a command to stop the inverting? Example below: 1. Using switch B -> entity B rotates +45° 2. Using switch B -> entity B rotates another +45° etc. ------------ 1. Using switch A -> entity translates + 100 2. Using switch A again -> entity translates another +100 etc.
  3. Is there a gas arrow that could be collected somewhere? I have a guard walking (respectively running) permanently into a wall (even when alerted through noise arrow or regular arrow).
  4. Will there be something like Talos II in the future? I vaguely recall that it had been announced a few years ago.
  5. Goldwell and kingsal collectively working on a mission? That's like Mozart and Beethoven together writing a symphony! Thank you for that, will check it out later today. Jack.
  6. Thanks to demagogue, and dragofer I finished TLC, 2:
  7. You are a real MF. Yes, you are. Your friend, Jack. When will you publish SOLS?
  8. Hello Dragofer, You want the hands and the feet to remain at a certain position at map start?
  9. Wow, you have been reverting to this game now on several occasions. I am very delighted that you love it and I admire you passion. As reported in other posts, I am not good when it comes to similar games. You think I shold try to master DS (PS3) before I try/buy this game? P.S. Ansonsten schreib mir eine PM. Hab keinen Bock meine Spieler-Historie hier auszubreiten, außerdem bin ich dir da sowieso Jahrzehnte voraus.....
  10. @joebarnin Hello JB, I will get back to you asap. Thank you for your help.l I will get back to you on that issue via PM. Thank you for your help ! Jack
  11. A serious seasonal warning: Beware of the bad Santa Claus (once again):
  12. Happy Christmas to everyone! And beware of the bad Santa Claus!
  13. I have replaced the the caulk brushes in questions with a simplified construction consisting only of four brushes. This works perfectly. Thank you. @demagogue Hmmm...yes, I am afraid I will have to check certain areas for that.
  14. I am afraid you are the very first to report this problem. The mission includes a custom script that allows the character Halfrid to "switch off" the appearance of the quill during his patrol. Have you been able to finish the mission?
  15. @Dragofer Thank you for that. I will check & change and will revert to you.
  16. What is causing this? https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=7NF8YuVOfIB If the player reaches a certain spot in the connecting tunnel, sound and lights switch off. The tunnel itself consists of two "layers" - 1. the tunnel itself (a func static) 2. identical caulk brushes (for sealing) At the very beginning I only had the tunnel itself as sealing geometry. After a few days, the problem in the video occured. then I converted the tunnel into fs and added additional caulk brushes. The problem vanished, but returned a few weeks later as described in the video.
  17. You give me too much credit. I think there were at least two missions before HHI with fire elementals @grayman might recall the mission names. Yes, that works as in the original thief games.
  18. @Dragofer @Jedi_Wannabe @demagogue @AluminumHaste Gentlemen, Thankr you very much for your positive comments and suggestions. I will check the methods as per Dragofer's and dema's suggestions. I forgot to mention that the scene includes the trees from the skybox of Dragofer's fantastic looking DBSR mission. I just removed all of the lights and the moving clouds. (The latter caused problems with the water reflection, though I had to replace it with fake reflection as it did not work anymore as soon as I had placed the hover boat on the water surface). Today is my first holiday. I hope that I can push myself to finish the three missing Citadel areas. I wished I could already start with adding AI, puzzles and readables.
  19. Yes, there was a clue. The adjacent maze included three shrines showing symbols and items. The subsequent mission "Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever" is already available via the ingame downloader.
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