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  1. @Mawerick Yeah, the picture looks correct. By pressing the right button now it should work. BUT:
  2. Guys, I am sorry that it does not work on your end. The opening scene outside the hatch is barely 800 DCs, below in the first room it is around 2,000 DCs and not really getting much higher in other places. Therefore, this should not put too heavy load on your hardware (my last mission was way more demanding in that regard). I am afraid I am at a loss when it comes to performance optimization. Maybe @nbohr1morecould help here if he has the time? @STRUNKOn a different note: have you finished your prefab for your bats? I would like to have these flying beasts for my next mission!
  3. ...this switch? https://streamable.com/z87lhy
  4. I'll correct the Korg mistake! As for the last scroll:
  5. Change log Version 2 (see op for download information): a. removed dust fog particle effects for enhanced performance and to prevent game crashes on certain configurations. ( thank you @Bluehawk) b. fixed the non-solid cave rocks in the final cave after the explosion ( thank you @STRUNK) If you have further crashes in game during certain events, please make sure that nothing is equipped in the right hand (loot, keys, scrolls etc.). This problem will be fixed with the next release version of the mod.
  6. ============================================================== Title: Hidden Hands: The Anomaly Filename : hhta.pk4 Author: Jack Farmer Date of release: 01.05.2021 (version: 1) - 08.05.2021 (version 2) EFX: Yes Version 2 available via the DM mission downloader (see subsequent post below for changes) Mission does not run under 2.08 due to missing new core assets - please update to 2.09 ============================================================== Hidden Hands series: I - Initiation II - Vitalic Fever III - The Lost Citadel IV - The Anomaly ============================================================== Jack Farmer: mapping & drafts Amadeus: revision/editing of all texts for readables, narration and dialogues, design consultation ("The walls are ugly!"...and your were right! ) Joebarnin: consultation for a custom script enabling a crucial in-game event Dragofer: consultation for custom scripts and S/R events, extraction & prefab packaging of Sotha's robots, bug fixes Destined: consultation for custom scripts and...fixing JacK's wrong custom scripts! Very special thanks go out to Geep for updating the Wiki helping me to solve several GUI problems within -literally - seconds! Beta testers: Joebarnin (lead) ate0ate Zerg Rush wesp5 datiswous Voice actors (in order of appearance): Malasdair The Thief AndrosTheOxen Jonus New Horizon Desmond Pilfered items: - portal sky with trees originally developed and arranged by Dragofer for "Down By The Riverside" - fireflies originally developed by Bikerdude for "Alberic's Curse" - floating boat set up (this time used for a different..."object") originally developed by Bikerdude for one of his missions - robots originally developed by Sotha for "Ulysses: Genesis" - new electric door move sound based on one of Sotha's robot sounds - selected cave architecture originally developed by Johannes Burock taken from the abandoned WIP thread - waterdrops sound taken from freesound.org produced by nicstage - custom machine sound taken from freesound.org produced by deleted-user4401185 - forest at night taken from freesound.org produced by felix-blume - machine3 sound taken from freesound.org produced by lupalenzuela - tape-deck-startup taken from freesound.org produced by soundjoao - electric-zap-electricity taken from freesound.org produced by wakerone - static_stylophone_a taken from freesound.org produced by inspectorj - steady-machine-with-hum taken from freesound.org produced by craigsmith - radio_noise taken from freesound.org produced by inspectorj - chain-rustling taken from freesound.org produced by nathanmanaker - wind_turbin taken from freesound.org produced by dommygee - selected guitar_feedback taken from freesound.org originally produced by oymaldonado - stream-water-c taken from freesound.org produced by inspectorj - mic-feedback-fx-short-mid-2 taken from freesound.org produced by chimerical - megaphone-feedback taken from freesound.org produced by deleted-user-2104797 All other new fx sound created by Jack Farmer using a Korg M1 synth, kitchen equipment and his weird voice All new ambient tracks produced and mixed by Jack Farmer sometimes with additional ambient sound samples originally produced by gigagooga Briefing video by SirSmokeALot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Hello kin, I think I will release the mission this week. The relevant topic will include screenshots. Regardng the screenshots: This time with maxed out soft shadows and other stuff as I finally bought a new graphics card!
  8. Yeah, I love it, too. Used it in HHTLC in the library. I think it is the best ambient track in the entire mission.
  9. @ddaazzaa Cull away as many entities as possible with the "hide" property. Look into HHVF and check the outside enviroment. Most of the small entities (including plants) have a hide property on them.
  10. I've started the mission again last nite and played a little more ... but then stopped, I don't want to finish it until Part 2 is released! Oh shit, you guys know how to create tension! On a different note: In my opinion, this mission has the best sound design since Joebarnin's "Heart of St. Mattis."
  11. I dont't have a master plan for that either, but if you try to do it like joebarnin did with the screenshots (and maybe enhance the visibility and name exact locations if not clear to identify), that would be great. Look out for: floating objects frobable items that cannot be frobbed or are difficult to frob texture glitches defective switches defectives doors weird AI behaviour (running against walls or other items, walking in circles, unable to operate doors, walking to close to walls and other things) ambient sound/fx: too loud? voices: clear and understandable? Play style: a. First run: It is a stealth, so try to sneak past all enemies and let me know if there are spots where you did not manage this or where you consider it extremely unfair. Check if the use of resources helps to ghost the mission or not and report if it does not. b. Second run (if you have time for that): try to break the mission, play like a berserker, do things you should not do in a stealth game (or I did not foresee players could do), see how AI and environments react if you try crazy things, destabilize as much of the environment as possible and report if the results make the game unplayable. hm...ja, something like that. I confused Zerg Rush with another long time forum member that has a similar name and thus did expect he knows what to do...don't get me wrong, I am happy that he likes my mission...but this is not really helpful for beta testing.
  12. Yeah, that would be great. I will send you version 2 once ate0ate posted his/her comments.
  13. I am afraid cabalistic is right; very high drawcalls outside the manor, probably because of too many visible entities at large distance.
  14. @joebarnin I knew that you would not let me down! Thank you very much!
  15. Hello ladies & gentlemen, HHTA is ready for beta. The mission length is ca. 2,5 hours. This time, no cryptic clues and no complex puzzles. For the highly sensitive beta testers, this mission includes So, if you have problems with then you probably should not sign up for beta testing. It would be great to have several non-native English speakers (I am neither, as most of you know) as the mission includes lots of spoken comments - none of them essential to finish the game, but practically all of them shall add to the atmosphere...and this mission is more about atmosphere rather than gameplay. Thus we would like to make sure that everybody understands the lines and can enjoy them. Jack
  16. Update: the VPs are not on the samep plane. Shifted it even a bit more, no positive effect.
  17. @Petike the Taffer@Shadow Creepr Well, if it is ok with you, I will take over the project and agree all related steps with Shadow Creepr directly.
  18. I know what you mean but I am afraid I just provide text to the voice actors - sometimes accompanied by generic hints like "make him sound like a fool" or "use your Builder voice" or "please try to imitate vocal set xy" and then the voice actors derive the rest from the text. That worked well till now. So, you see, I do not really have experience with voice direction. Hm...let me check what has been done so far and I will get back to you...
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