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  1. I think I should be able to give a feedback not much past this weekend.
  2. I should free for a test run and the following report almost every weekend.
  3. I'm ready to get signed up. I think, I'll be able to make test reports almost every weekend.
  4. The material looks to be tdm_water.mtr Relatively the other maps, I haven't run many other fm in 2.07 yet. I'll try to check it out and update the post.
  5. Shadow maps of 2.07 interact with water surfaces differently than stencil shadows. The array gets projected on the water surface as well as on the bottom, yet no smoothing is applied. Screenshots might be more eloquent (These were made in beta of Marsh of Rahena FM). Should this be denoted in bugtracker?
  6. It might not be a thought through suggestion, but would replacing WW and U with V be a good approach? Just like here.
  7. Does it mean, that player will retain loot from the first mission to spend it during the second as well?
  8. I've just tried a second run on 2.07 beta 5, but intro mission crashed during some of Simeon's lines, like it's mentioned a page earlier. That could be avoided by running away as far as he is not heard, but later another crash will occur during teleportation. 2.06 has this problem too, but during other phrases and teleportations. That didn't happen to me back in 2016, with 2.04. Could it be worth reporting in 2.07 testing thread? Esp. for crashes, not related to dialogs.
  9. It appears only with stencil shadows, indifferently to softness or beta 3 or 4 of 2.07.
  10. Mapping was conducted by Bikerdude/some1stoleit. The bug was found on 2.07 beta 3, Win 10 64 (no such issues with 2.06). The map is 2.5.2 version from CUTN beta thread https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksb6t6yu2giglah/cutn_beta_2.5.2.zip?dl=0 getviewpos coordinates: -685.3 682.59 247.25 53.6 36.5 0.0 -330.11 502.35 -123.75 1.3 -86.8 0.0 -531.9 566.44 -123.75 3.2 -179.0 0.0 -561.38 511.06 -123.75 -5.5 89.3 0.0 This issue seems to be different to 0004877 description or the attached screenshots. No triangles are missing, but they rather just don't get affected by lighting. Judith noted having affected models instead of brushwork, thus, I think, it's would be better to ask for clarification prior to even opening a new bug rather than returning to the resolved one.
  11. The carpet issue of CUTN beta map seems to affect ragdolls only in 2.07, but smaller objects act more explicitly in both 2.06 and 2.07. Also, with 2.07 some models on this map have black polygons.
  12. It might not be exactly the right thing to post here now, but the situation of modification/copying without permission made me recall and look into origination of Bikerdudes's the Gatehouse FM. Here is description/readme of the original map. Evilartist should at least be credited on FM page/ingame downloader as author of the Gatehouse. Edit: I'm sorry to bother everyone else due to my inadvertence, I didn't remember to check there.
  13. When I started testing clean installation of 2.07, I forgot to assign discrete GPU and run it with intel IGP (was too tired to notice drastic difference in FPS). At certain moments, ropes started to behave this way. (The screenshot is from Penny Dreadful 3: Erasing the Trail, Mandrasola had this as well.) It happened on both 64 an 32 and I also could reproduce it on 2.06. This looks like it might have something to do with handling unlocked FPS, because I don't recall seeing that before. Should this be reported here?
  14. I'm almost speechless now, it's released. Phobos is out! https://www.moddb.com/mods/phobos
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