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  1. @Spy: If you're going to record vocals, it would be a good plan to grab a copy of Audacity (free). The program is LOADED with features to help you get the best sound quality. You can remove background hissing, amplify your recording so that it is at 0 db and thus not quiet, and more. Always record to wav and then save as a lossy format (vorbis/wma/mp3) when you are finished editing. If you convert from wma to ogg or vice-versa, you reduce quality further unnecessarily. Also, TDM does not use WMA.
  2. http://www.modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=46372 http://www.modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=46366
  3. Yep, if you're using the "drop inventory" key to place the mines, they will not be armed. They will not go off even if you dance the Macarena on them. "Use them" like you would use the lantern, or your lockpicks, or the health potion for them to be armed.
  4. Did I miss anything? EDIT: two small bugs I have found...
  5. Yeah, I imagine you would be better off with an APU-powered laptop for cheap gaming on the go. I've seen cheap machines even running Skyrim, which is impressive. Also, as far as Chromebooks, this bad boy would run TDM. It still would not run well though, and no way would it run at native resolution! https://play.google....ixel_wifi&hl=en EDIT: I wonder if Google would be able to (or even interested in) getting TDM usable on Chromebooks? If they're going to take on Windows, they do need to have at least *some* games. Would they be able to offer TDM for free as long as they respect the rules?
  6. Sure, it will run T1/2... at least missions that do not push extreme limits, such as huge textures via the new mods or masses of geometry. I've seen some T2 missions that can make a P4 beg for mercy.
  7. 99% of the hardware is not fast enough. Most Chromebooks use bottom-of-the-barrel GPUs. (Celerons with integrated graphics) Hopefully as Chromebooks continue to build steam and as tech advances, they will get better parts. I've seen reports that say Chromebooks are becoming a major success at schools. BTW for anything with an ARM processor, forget about running TDM on it.
  8. Hey, this is really cool. My favorite aspect is the atmosphere: the sounds and visuals, lighting, etc. Thanks for another fun mission. I've already completed it twice.
  9. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9249698/What_about_Windows_Mr._Nadella_ The times... they're changing, man. I wonder if they are going to try a version of Windows that requires a subscription? If they were, this guy would be the guy to do it. It doesn't seem like that idea would be successful now, though. They're too late. The Ipad/phone and Android have taken off. If they had tried a subscription-based Windows before all of these competitors showed up on the scene, they would have easily pulled it off. Now though? Many people would just say **** that, I'm getting an Ipad/something else.
  10. I made my first animation tonight. Its just a simple hallway, with a window on the side and light coming in. I have a blue object traveling through the hallway, past the window. This is using Cycles. Why'd I do it? I wanted to see the kick-ass global illumination effect in real-time. As the blue object passes the window, it receives the bright sunlight, but splatters blue light onto the rest of the room as it goes by.
  11. The thing is, when you have 70+ gigs of music, its not a matter of seconds of scanning... its a matter of minutes. The long scan will drain 4-6% of the battery. I would like to be able to justt leave the thing turned on, but I frequently find it dead within a couple days because some mis-behaving app has went rogue and sucked the life out of the battery.
  12. Consider the following. You have a mobile device with two physically separate disks. There's the internal NAND, and the SD card. When the device is powered on, it builds a database of all of the files on both of these drives so that files can be found quickly. Thing is though, it does this even if no changes have been made to the drives since the last power off, wasting loads of battery power and causing UI lag... and it does this at EVERY boot! Proposed solution: When the device is instructed to power off, it creates a file on the drive with a timestamp, and then immediately unmounts the file system. Then when you turn it on again, the device copies the last modification time of the file systems on the drives into memory. Then it actually mounts the file system and compares the date in memory to the timestamped file I mentioned above. If they are within a couple of seconds of each other, no external changes have been made to the drive and it is not necessary to rebuild the entire database from scratch. However, if they are out of sync, that indicates that somebody hooked the SD card to another machine, meaning the database needs rebuilt. Why is something this simple not implemented? I'm not even an engineer and stuff like this seems so logical.
  13. Happy Birthday, Bikerdude... and thanks for the missions you've released to the community.
  14. http://www.modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=103104 No matter how many times I listen to this, it just never gets old. The song is a fraction of a meg, but it is 4x longer than a traditional song. There are lots of different sections to the music, all of which are strung together and fit perfectly, though they're distinct. Its the type of music you can have playing in the background while you're doing other things, and it will not bug you. That's why I still say this guy is brilliant.
  15. It looks like the secondary GPU in this thing *is* FUBAR. No matter what I do, it refuses to come online in Linux and Windows shows it has a code 43. Oh well, there's still the Intel GPU.
  16. This is cool because (although the first PCs were a complete joke when it comes to multimedia), people are still finding ways to push them further than they were designed to go.
  17. I've always loved this song too. The best part starts at 1:41.
  18. I have it running now as a desktop. Turns out, the HDMI port is still operational. This thing is still really fast and I'm glad it is still usable. (it can process 8 threads at a time!) I need to get NVIDIA Optimus going though in Linux. The name I gave the machine during installation is "FUBAR"... lol
  19. I have a laptop that was messed up by a surge. The backlight in the screen is out, and the thing will not turn on if a battery is inserted. It will, however, turn on with the battery removed and while plugged in. It will also boot and you can see the screen if you use a flashlight. I guess the motherboard is messed up. It is a Sandy/Ivy bridge I5 with 8 gigs of RAM and an NVIDIA GT card, so I would really like to turn it into a franken-desktop, if I can. Those parts are just too good to trash if it can be made usable without significant costs. Any ideas? I figure it uses LEDs for the screen lighting and not a CCFL. When did CCFLs go out of style? I wonder what voltage the screen LEDs run on and if it can be rigged to run from an external adapter, It seems like the VGA port is also FUBAR too, because when I connected it to a monitor, I got a yellow (but perfectly clear) screen. I've seen that happen when a pin isn't making contact, so the port must be broken. There is also an HDMI port, but I cannot test that yet because I do not have an HDMI cable. I got it to boot from a USB drive and it started talking to me (with Knoppix). I was also wondering if I can take the parts out of here (CPU/RAM and build a tiny desktop with a micro motherboard that will fit them.
  20. @5:10... The stupidity is astounding. If it were up to me, this guy would be permanently banned from driving. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSHYmPlG0NI&list=PLB4ADF6A3E3C816D3
  21. Be aware that RAM is extremely expensive right now.
  22. How many of you (who prefer digital games) live in a nation which is interested in harvesting absolutely everything about you and what you do just in case they need the information to use against you one day? Why is it somebody's business how many times I replay a game, or how far I get in it, or how many times I reinstall it, or how many times I frag a certain character? These are problems we don't (yet) have with games on disk. They're going to implement smart meters soon though, so they can spy on you more effectively based on your power consumption. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/45946984/ns/technology_and_science-security/t/smart-electricity-meters-can-be-used-spy-private-homes/ Consider this: The amount of power your TV consumes is related to what is on the screen. Given that a movie consists of frame after frame of varying brightnesses on the screen, if they can monitor the readings on the meter over a couple of hours, they can figure out what movie you're watching based on the dips and surges in power consumption of the screen.
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