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  1. http://www.techspot.com/review/14-visiontek-radeon-x1600xt-agp/page6.html Interesting... Radeon 1600xt vs 7600GS. @bikerdude: There are 2 "lost souls" at TTLG. I am lost_soul, not lost soul. Both cards are 512 MB, but I think the x1600xt is 800 mhz, while the 7600gs is only 400 mhz. The main reason I've been using the 7600gs is because of the superior Linux support. Perhaps I should give the x1600xt another chance though.
  2. I was always into both games. I got Thief when it came out, as did I doom 3. At the time, I had no idea TDM was coming. First-person games (of any kind) have always been my favorite genre. It is also cool to see what the latest engine technology can do. That said, I still play tuns of games from the 1990s.
  3. I don't know if this is a suggestion for the mod, or to FM authors in general. Any time you have a scene where there is a light source hanging from a chain or something, it should be swingable. I think this adds to the immersion quite a bit.
  4. /spoil Very nice work! I have to admit I was a little less than impressed at the beginning, because I walked through the gate, through the fog, and to the edge of the world. Then I got inside the tower! This has to be the scariest TDM mission thus far. The ambient sounds are very nice, including creaking, nature sounds and some good surprises, which I won't spoil here. The inside of the tower looks great. It looks like a run-down place that is falling apart. Stuff is strewn across the floor in many rooms. The number of enemies was just right, and they had good patrol roots. Thanks.
  5. Well, I found this: a 1 GB memory module for $30 that should work in the old machine. I played TDM on it last night, and it is pretty slow. It displays all the symptoms of not having enough memory, including taking 10+ seconds to go to the desktop when you quit the game. Perhaps I should just order this. http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Technologies-Desktop-KVR400-1GR/dp/B0006ITYJ4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1279476230&sr=8-4 Don't know how bright it is to buy used memory.
  6. Unfortunately it is socket 754. That means the fastest chip available is the Athlon 64 3700+ I do also have two extra video cards here: A Radeon 1600xt and a Radeon HD2600xt. The HD2600xt appears to be dead though, because when I installed it I got no picture or beeps.
  7. Right, I have a good laptop with 4 gigs of ram and a Geforce 9800 that plays TDM great, but... I also have two other old desktops and I want to turn one of them into a spare TDM machine. The specs are: P4 3.0 GHz with HT 1 GB memory 160 GB HDD Geforce 6200 (ouch!) 200 watt power supply (ouch) AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2.2 GHz) 1 GB memory 160 GB HDD at 5400 RPM (ouch) Geforce 7600GS (not complete garbage) 400 watt power supply Which system should be upgraded with what? They both use DDR memory, which is extremely expensive, and both only have AGP. My first instinct is to throw a $45 hard drive that is SATA and 7200 RPM in the AMD machine. It would increase system speed, and I could pull the HDD out and use it somewhere else if I want.
  8. It sounds like a great idea. Bring on the ghosts! My suggestion is to make a haunted house. You can make the objectives to retrieve something from inside, or explore the place for clues. Perhaps this could be the first really scary TDM mission, in the spirit of Return To The Cathedral from Thief. On haunted houses/scary environments: the key IMO is great ambiance. The background sounds really draw me into the world.
  9. I haven't played it in some years, but I didn'tt totally hate it. Some of the great ideas they had were allowing you to control security turrets (not just cameras like the first game). I also liked the way the security bots and other robots actually talked. It made the world feel more realistic. For example, a cleaning bot tells you to watch your step around it, and you can hear the spider bots saying things in the distance. It is evident that they *tried* to give the player a good amount of choices, but... Why did the individual maps have to be comparable in size to the block of studio apartments in which I live? At one point in the game, you will visit a familiar location, but now it is comprised of 3 or 4 maps, instead of the one that it originally was. As time goes on, game worlds should be getting bigger and more believable. The physics system is also badly flawed, but not in the manor you might think. Pick up an explosive crate and hurl it at a door, or vent, or whatever else you'd like to destroy. Notice that it just harmlessly bounces off of your target... unless you have the strength augmentation. It seems as though nothing (except the player) takes damage from gravity/basic physics. This was something the original game got right. We could toss TNT off of a ledge or around a corner to destroy something. You should try equipping the SMG and picking up an NPC. Now toss him straight up and begin firing while he is in the air. Hilarity ensues.
  10. I was once fooling around on the training mission in the sparring area with god mode on. One of the guards became stretched out along the X-axis. It made me ROFL. I took a screenshot to preserve the memories, but can't find it now.
  11. I enjoy reading things like this: http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-Pc/product-reviews/B001BNFQKO/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_1?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&filterBy=addOneStar I was actually going to buy this game for the PC when it came out. The money was better spent on Pizza though. I didn't have to activate the slices or register before I was allowed to eat them.
  12. Yep. The EEE Tablet is out, as far as I know. Other companies are slated to start releasing them too, like Dell. Dell's will be called the Streak. "Oh yes they call it the Streak! Fastest thing on two feet." hahaha
  13. I'm interested in one of these devices to play some classic PC games like Doom, Quake and Duke3d on the go. It will be nice because it can run custom levels/content, just like the PC versions of these games could do. The A320 is $100, but I will have to buy a Mini-SD card. This will increase the price up to near the Wiz, which is $145. The Wiz uses standard SD cards, and I've got a 16 GB one already sitting here. I'm not sure if Shadow Warrior works on the Wiz though, but it does work on the A320. That's a strike against the Wiz. Also, DosBox works on the Wiz, but is it fast enough to play games that required a Pentium 75 MHz? Blood and Redneck Rampage would be nice, but their sources were never released, so the hardware in the Wiz may not be able to pull this off. What I really want is a Pandora, but I'm going on a 6+ hour trip next month, so I want one of these devices now. The Pandora is nice because it is more like a pocket computer than just a game console. Then again, maybe I should just stick with my EEE PC. It does all of the above.
  14. Today I installed Doom on an N770 internet tablet, just because I can. This is possible because the engine is open source and it can run on almost anything technically capable of doing so. If the Doom 3 stuff is opened up, I may one day be playing TDM on a device the size of an Ipod. Hell, this could be done in less than ten years for sure. Just look at the Pandora. If it had 2 gigs of ram instead of 256 megs, it could probably do it with low settings. Now the Penumbra engine... *that* would be awesome. It is *already* open source, and can do mind bending things. I was astonished when I pulled a chair in front of a projector and was able to read the text in the projected image as it passed along the wood on the chair. All of the leavers and switches in the world are triggered by physics, and not just by you clicking on them. This means you can jam a wooden plank under a leaver to prop it up and keep a machine running, or hang a bucket from the leaver to way it down and keep it going the other way. You can also pick up objects and swing them around. If you let go of the mouse button, they will fly in that direction. Try building catapults with random junk you find in the game world too. Also, notice that desk compartment becomes harder to open/close as you place more objects into it. I also took a glass bottle and set it in a metal garbage can. Then I started shaking the garbage can around very quickly. The glass bottle broke, and then I was able to pull the individual shards out of the can and toss them around in the game world. You can also just flip the can over and watch as all the shards spill out. There are demonstrations of this engine on youtube, but the developer didn't do a good job showing off what it is really capable of.
  15. This topic has been showing up a lot on different forums lately. Here's my stance. I'm still willing to buy PC games, as long as they don't contain malicious software designed to annoy me/wear my CD out/install hidden software/etc. I'm also not giving some corporate suit the ability to remotely deactivate my games post sale. I used to play the PS2 a lot, but after the Sony Rootkit thing, and the recent removal of features which were INCLUDED with the PS3 (Linux support), I've realized that consoles are a scam. We're paying to be put on a leash, now that they have the ability to force firmware upgrades on us. They can take away features, or impose BS limitations, or collect information while you play, or do whatever else they like. Luckily, there are lots of games that came out that I never played. Lately, I've been playing Prey, Strife, Quake 4, and others. These games run natively under Linux, and the Linux versions don't contain any unwanted software. I buy most of my games from Amazon and www.gog.com these days. I will also buy from Frictional Games, because the Penumbra games were amazing. I also enjoy a lot of free online games, like Tremulous and Nexuiz. It saddens me that my favorite game developers and game franchises have sunk so low over the years. We had Unreal. It was fantastic! The online co-op was lots of fun, and people still play it to this day. Then Unreal 2 came out. It was short... very short... and no co-op play. UT is fun for a wile, but there are so many DM/CTF games these days, we hardly need another one. Then there's Duke Nukem. We were taunted with a game for twelve years, whilst the only thing the developer has produced in recent years have been re-releases of Duke3d for consoles! I won't even go into the DX Invisible War/Thief 3 thing, because that's just unnecessary here. I'm just glad that id Software knows how to make a sequel, with Doom 3 and Quake 4 actually entertaining me as much as the old games did.
  16. I'm hoping if the D3 stuff goes open-source, we can have the load times cut down a bit. Do not take this as any kind of criticism or insult, it is just an observation. I was recently playing Quake 4 and Prey on Linux, and the maps load up much faster than maps in Doom 3 and TDM do.
  17. Yep, I have this problem too. The easiest solution is to set s_driver to oss, instead of best. Be aware though that this is a timewarp, and will take you back to 1996, where only one program can play sound at a time. You won't be able to hear instant messages or listen to music while the game is playing, because oss captures the sound card in the spirit of Windows 95. *is wishing someone would produce a Windows alternative with a PROPER audio subsystem*
  18. I still have trouble knocking out guards. It is easier to just go around killing them all with the sword. Most of them are wearing helmets, which is why it is probably hard to knock them out. When I play Thief 1/2 though, I rarely kill with the sword unless a guard spots me. Should it really be easier to kill than to knock out AIs? I usually sneak/crawl up behind them, lean in, and hit them on the head with the blackjack.
  19. lost_soul

    Thief Gold

    You're in for a real treat then. "Song of the Caverns" and "The Mage Towers" were two really awesome missions. Thieve's Guild started out strong, but became boring later on. Man, there were so many great missions in that game! Assassins, The Sword, Bafford, RTC, Cragscleft, Bonehord and the ones I mentioned above are what used to make gaming so much fun!
  20. Nevermind. I fixed it! I just deleted Doom 3 and TDM and re-installed them. I've still got /usr/local/games/ (where doom 3 is) linked to another partition, because my slash is only 12 GB.
  21. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit. I have doom 3 installed in an unusual directory, but it is symlinked to /usr/local/games/doom3. When I play TDM, the light gem is totally black (except for during mantling). The guards cannot see me. The console is constantly flooded with "cannot open ../../../../dev/shm/tdm_lg.tga" or something like that. Any ideas? I checked, and a file exists in /dev/shm, but it is blank. When I installed Doom 3, I just restored it from my external hard drive, rather than running the installer again. Could this be the problem? Doom 3 plays fine.
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