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  1. Oh yeah, this is one thing I forgot to mention. The player voice did seem really low, even though I have that slider all the way up.
  2. Definitely. As for bugs, I didn't come across any at all, which is rather impressive.
  3. Just finished this, after about 90 minutes. It's hard to write anything without giving something away, but I really enjoyed the environment, the mansion itself clearly had a lot of effort put into it. The atmosphere was quite palpable, even though my preferences lie elsewhere. Still, for what it is, I would consider it a strong showing, and for a first mission nonetheless.
  4. This is explained in the Training mission. You hold the candle with your frob/interact key and pinch it out with the use key. In my case, that would be MB2 + F. Presumably your use key is enter. On occasion, you'll find candles that can't be moved, but instead only extinguished with the frob key, but those are much rarer.
  5. I don't exactly get what noises you're referring to, but I checked it out anyway out of curiosity. The only thing I'd agree to be on the loud side is the ambient music that plays in the side rooms, but turning down the ambient volume fixes that. My sound settings for SFX and ambient music are equal, between the third and second highest lines in the volume bar, before any adjustments. As far as performance goes, I can concur that it does indeed suffer a bit at certain points, namely when looking at the mansion at mission start.
  6. I don't think this is the issue; you can easily make a mission that is tailored around cameras and you use the briefing/a readable in inventory to explain them. What I could foresee is the first thing you mention, the fact that practically no missions exist with cameras currently, so there literally is no way for the player to know what the "standard" behavior even is, other than projecting their Thief knowledge. Picture this: A bank heist. A briefing includes all the usual stuff and also mentions how the building is equipped with these awesome cameras, but it just happens they break if you throw a pebble at them. Then give the player some pebbles and maybe a note from the informant or whoever that re-affirms that you should indeed use these pebbles to take out the cameras. Now that's fine, and should work for that mission, but then another author releases a mission with cameras. They look the same as the cameras in that other guy's mission, but only this time there is no mention of pebbles. So the player scours the map looking for pebbles, doesn't find any, gets mad, and comes to the forums to rain down divine punishment. Or even worse, he finds pebbles, but they just don't do anything this time. In Thief 2, I know how a standard Watcher works, so any FM that adds/subtracts from that is not a big deal, if it's explained (although to your point, I don't think that has ever happened, and I've played about a billion fan missions). But I gained that knowledge through the campaign; TDM doesn't have one, and the current missions that come prepackaged understandably don't include cameras.
  7. One of the few things Deadly Shadows has over the first two games, holy water is actually satisfying to use. None of that water arrow shit, just chuck the whole bottle at them. And flash bombs against whatever those other guys were. But as far as the cameras go, I agree with Dragofer. How they are damaged and disabled is definitely something I'd expect to have a game-wide standard, and any deviation should be made incredibly obvious.
  8. See, this is why I joined this forum. Fuck the mod, it's the forum drama I was lacking in my life, after the previous place I inhabited slowly died out. That time it was music enthusiasts, now programming nerds apparently.
  9. Sure, I get that. But I'd also be willing to suspend disbelief that you'd need a certain amount of water to fry them. Looking at the wiki links posted above, I'd be fine with the Thief 2 route too for electric cameras. Fire arrows are the loud, permanent option. Flash bombs are a silent, temporary solution. And the control panel is the sophisticated option. Can just say they're fortified with Gore-Tex for ultimate waterproofness. I feel like they barely do anything against single targets either. Went back to test on a mission I was recently playing and you need three to kill one zombie??? That's heinous.
  10. I believe a single (direct) fire arrow hit does destroy the cameras in Thief. Think I learned that while playing some random fan mission, just decided to try it for whatever reason. As you mention, they're insanely loud anyway, so it's more or less the final solution. I also wouldn't mind water arrows having some form of effect on the cameras, at least electric ones. If you dump enough of them on one, it wouldn't be too out of reach to expect a reward. Just like you can disable the hulking security bots in Thief 2 with some water. That said, I find the classic Thief 2 "disable everything via a control panel" approach to be the most fun, as far as gameplay goes. As for your final point, I feel like it's a combination of not having many water arrows and holy water being so weak. It's pretty much always a completely wasted piece of equipment on any level, only good for informing me that there will be undead around, if that wasn't readily obvious. Therefore, I tend to just use the arrows on light sources and melee the undead.
  11. Just replayed this to check it out, I assume the loot in question is the white outline. You can get to where the archer is standing by As for water arrows, I didn't come across any, but then again, the letter did advise keeping your hands off. I didn't find all the loot anyway, about 300 short.
  12. Well, speak of the devil. I had forgotten so much already. The tutorial in particular looks awful, and this had 3rd person too??? The movement bug he talks about at 19:15 drove me insane. Also, what an asshole I am for not looking for fan patches. I suppose I'll chalk it up to being fairly new to single player PC gaming at the time. But seeing all the fixes the fan patch brings is kind of astounding. No more loading screens alone would've been a godsend. As for other stuff, the AI brawls were so much fun. It's dumb, but I love that shit. Not having rope arrows sucked, the loot quota presentation sucked. The level designs themselves being so cramped I didn't remember either until he pointed it out. I didn't have big feelings one way or another for the story of DS, but it delving into the Keepers seemed appropriate. Cradle is Cradle; love it or hate it (and I hated it, because I didn't sign up for this shit), it is very well put together and immensely memorable. Not sure if he'll do a TDM video any time soon, but he does end this one with "TDM is great", so there is that at least.
  13. Waiting for the upcoming Mandalore video on Deadly Shadows, should be fun. I didn't hate DS, it's certainly a better effort than goddamn Invisible War. But like you say, it has shortcomings. The engine is less than stellar and in some design aspects they just got lazy. For example "Steal three special loot objects" or "Steal 90% of the loot in the mission", as opposed to doing it the old way with actual flair. And Cradle can go fuck itself, even though it was the most memorable thing about the game.
  14. You have a lot of faith in a random forum poster's knowledge. But that is an idea, maybe I'll do it yet. I don't tend to remix missions, the only exception I can think of was one massive Thief 2 FM, with some serious bugs. The literal forum thread for it was advising people to fire up the editor and try fixing stuff on their own.
  15. It appears the author of this mission isn't around anymore, but after replaying it, it has one serious flaw. Other than that mishap, it's pretty good. The well was kind of annoying, found it impossible to climb out of.
  16. Oh yeah. having the AI beat each other up is one of my favorite things, although in the case of zombies, they are pretty easy to kill as is. Usually I just make the guards on the same team brawl each other. Or like in this mission, the good guys down the street fight the bad guys, although the AI had some trouble.
  17. Yeah. At least there are some candles around, but the one I was carrying went out as I started fighting him, so it was literally like having my monitor turned off. Thankfully there was another one in the church.
  18. Just replayed this one. It had the dubious honor of being the only TDM mission I actively disliked, for two reasons. 1. The insane darkness in some areas, and no reliable light source. It's like Thief 2 fan missions, where some authors have a completely wack idea of proper darkness levels. But now with the experience of all the available missions under my belt, I gave it another go. And it's not as bad as I remembered, I think. I recall being stuck in the first dark room (with the candle and statue trinket) for like an hour, and I'm not sure why, since you can just bash the door open. Could be I didn't realize it, or I just lost the candle, in which case you can't see anything. As for the spoiler, at least I was ready for it, but it's still obnoxious. Other than that, I definitely explored a lot more this time around. Didn't know many of these areas even existed. As for the above discussion You can go back the same way, it just takes a very precise jump/mantle. Maybe not intended, but it's doable. I only tried it, because I thought I had to go back to the beginning to end the mission, since I didn't read the objective. Ended up finding some other areas in the process. So, if nothing else, it gained some redemption for itself. It's still probably my least favorite mission, but it has more going for it than I gave it credit for. Probably not a great one for newcomers, though.
  19. Oh that's how you use the fuse, never figured that one out. Was trying to reach that breath potion for like three hours. I wouldn't feel too bad, though, it's still a banger of a mission.
  20. Indeed, the white boxes next to the building were similarly broken. EDIT: Oh I see what you mean from the screenshot. Didn't experience that myself, since I knocked that guy out like five seconds in. I spent way too much time on the roof trying to do god-knows what, only to get increasingly frustrated by the physics. Was trying to climb most every object, think there was some item on top of the highest stack of stuff.
  21. If you're referring to the first building in the mission, then I can vouch for this. Trying to do anything on the roof was a fool's errand, since jumping/climbing didn't really co-operate.
  22. There's probably a joke about not having developers interact with end users. Source: Am developer, pls don't make me interact with anyone. PS. I love how this particular emoji exists here, but it looks kind of mangled, lol.
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