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  1. slight hyperbole here but this feels like a real blow to future game preservation and remaster prospects. the current Atari are the ones sitting on the Blood IP that had been uncooperative with Night Dive's remaster.
  2. i dont think it's common enough to warrant but i appreciate the response. i think the only other mission it's ever really halted me on was Air Pocket
  3. i think this may likely just be me but nonetheless a heads up for anyone else out there with a phobia of fish if you get far enough in this.
  4. i'm hoping/expecting a repeat of a few years ago where the big barely month-old release sweeps a lot of categories but loses out to the Fromsoft title that had a solid half year or more to settle. i havent even played or care much for any souls games but especially with Elden Ring and how much my friends were having fun with it, i respect it enough. also it seems to actually respect the player a good deal more than than i've heard about the new God of War i dont think i've played any new commercial game releases this year. at most i may get around to Cultic the next couple weeks.
  5. Every day is just like the 4 Non Blondes song. What IS going on?

    1. Epifire


      I keep getting knocked down... A LOT. So mine is, "Back On My Feet Again" 😆


    2. jaxa


      May you live in interesting times.

  6. remember to drink water

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JackFarmer


      In the old days, we used to say: "Save water - drink beer"

      How the times have changed! :)

    3. Xolvix


      You didn't clarify the type of water

    4. nbohr1more


      I endorse this hydro-homies propagada

  7. i'd just be content to have the rights to distribution of the old trilogy in the hands of someone with the care and capability to tweak things up better for a general audience and modern machines. This has mostly been done already with NewDark, but T3 still needs some work. Any digital copies besides GOG are also super out of date with patches.
  8. congrats to the winner Wellingtoncrab. I know you'd been working away at Iris for quite some time and i'm glad it got some elevated recognition on release. I really think it's one of the best missions i've played across TDM and Thief, likely even just stealth games in general. Thanks to the efforts of all the authors and community as a whole for this contest. I enjoyed my time start to finish with all entrants and am really excited with how much the bar has already risen going into 2.10. I love TDM so much.
  9. i had put this mission on pause for a week and it seems there may have been some important info in a conversation that i certainly would not remember now,
  10. Watching warmly for The Black Parade, The Broken Goddess and Blood Death Wish Ep.4. Sometimes the best things in life actually are free.

    1. Tarhiel


      Thank you for this post - I knew they were making a sequel to Godbreaker, I just forgot how it was called.

      Definitely will have it in the lens of my looking glass now ;)
      Oh, and you forgot Blade of Agony ;)

  11. was on another YMO kick the past couple of weeks.
  12. the beginning instrumental of this has been my ringtone for pretty much as long as the song has existed and i still have no intention of ever changing it
  13. you sure seem to be far more offended than the person who just wanted to know how the Ignore function works.
  14. Sad to hear, wishing his family and friends all the best. The William Steele series was definitely one of my favourites in all of Dark Mod's offerings and the next two missions had genuinely been some of my most anticipated releases across any game. I'm grateful for all the amazing work he had put in.
  15. played this for the first time today, but after a search through other people's playthroughs it seems there may be a new bug introduced with the update?
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