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  1. i don't suppose the linux amd64 code is ready, so you might require instead of ia32libs (which was deprecated) the individual required libs with the :i386 suffix while installing.
  2. Dragonbreak :

    1. ungoliant


      a wrestling fan records game footage with a home video camera. how classic.

    2. jaxa


      Todd Howard is the Nerevarine.

  3. That library should be static you mean, not go into the wiki. If you ever want 'filesystem portability' of keeping a darkmod around across installs or portable, you need to statically link all required libraries.
  4. Well most of what i'd like doesn't have much to do with AI per-se but pathfinding. I mentioned spiders on vertical surfaces before, but jumping/climbing guards would be nice too. I find that RIIT (or whatever the acronym is) has increased belivability of actors very much, although it doesn't have much to do with AI. Generally people seem to think AI is about things that it's not, extending it to all actor actions instead of a planning component prioritizing goals for the death of the player AI in a game like thief is there to look cool and not fuck up. Planning is not really needed IMO. What are the guards going to plan about? About how to mow you down more efficiently with swordcuts or interception routes from multiple sides to prevent escape? There are not even open kill-zones in thief-likes since there are no repeating guns. Or grenades to throw around corners. The important parts like scheduling door transversal are already done in C++. What's really needed is a bit more imagination by the mappers. Have guards not immediatly engage in combat, but throw a switch to increase security throught the level, have them carry objectives to a 'saferoom' if you're detected, have a 'hitman level' where a time-limit is a factor going towards a objective, or where the objective itself moves; build a narrative beyond the basics. If some AI support is needed to support these types of levels, then explain what you'd like.
  5. I hope so. Also, can i 'convert' a 'windows' darmod 2.0 to a 'linux' one by running the linux updater and vice versa. I ask because i'm not going to run the linux one since the distro doesn't carry ia32libs anymore, so i'm going to 'update' 1.07 linux to a windows version and use wine. After the update, can i move the darkmod folder out of doom3 and delete that?
  6. If you assume walls are completly planar that might work, and if the pathfiding is extended to allow vertical 'walk areas'. But collision would certainly not work.
  7. Pathfinding being height aware is a major feature of pathfinding libraries and very hard indeed to do genererically (without location triggers and with animations that don't look fake with different situations). Another which no library i know of handles is walking on walls seemlessly (spiders etc). All the algorithims simplify to a cylinder with z-up collision so this idea is something all of them hate (not to mention gravity). So it gets 'handled' with scripts for cheap gotchas.
  8. I always dislike when people use terms i know inaccurately. Forking processes is not threading.
  9. If some of the reactions could be turned off (looking for a thief for one, disabling barks at some places in order to output custom voice acting), it could be used as a cool epilogue of sorts, a reckoning from the heist where the owner is dismayed/wrathful maybe even with some choice and consequence for campaigns (for instance, finds a body -> organize a search of the surroundings -> escape mission).
  10. Seems like it should be useful to knockout one of the 'unkockable' guards, although gas arrow is probably easier.
  11. tough luck, i doubt that will be 'fixed'. Are you trying to recreate morrowind in doom3 or something bizarre like that?
  12. I have no idea. I only know that that number is 2^16, which is half of 2^32, which is the integer size on most 32 and 64 bits programming ABI's. Since half the size of a 'normal' integer is reserved for negatives, it's most likely a signed integer you're looking at as a limitation.
  13. Parking. Actually, parking lot, the 'mento' suffix is often used to denote places, and estaciona means 'to park'. So 'place for parking', but no one native thinks like that, dividing compound words for meaning, except small children i guess.
  14. As was said before, i read that they are waiting for OpenAL support instead of hardbaking reverb into sounds.
  15. Glad to see the 'running in water audio assault' was recognized and fixed.
  16. Complete Youtube Saver is the best firefox plugin i could find for it. It's the 'best' because it doesn't depend on a offline service for conversion to mp3 (if that's what you're using it for), just ffmpg.
  17. A pity it jumps from obscured by the mouth to completely outside of it on one frame. I understand it's difficult to do otherwise.
  18. Knowing you can setup toggle crouch and toggle run . The creep key.
  19. i30817

    TDM Combat

    There is a melee fighting session on the training mission.
  20. Disengage from ladders / mantle without jumping. I forget how it's done though.
  21. They're waiting for EAX (openal actually) code support to do it instead of hardcoding for sounds.
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