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Status Updates posted by Nort

  1. I'm beginning to understand why people who aren't into social clubbing "don't last long" on this project, and why it's so full of holes. When moderators are siding with bullies, by closing down threads that they derail, then I start to wonder if I should support the platform to begin with.

    I'm sure that the core development is solid, but when you're constantly tone policed and bullied, and moderators are playing into it too, then the project will just drive away talent, and replace it with socialites instead. ...and without talent, you only end up with a small skeleton crew trying to do everything themselves.

    ...so Dragofer and Airship Ballet, and all you other socialites, you win. From now on I'll just keep to myself. You'll never be able to do my work, but at least you'll be happy together, and that's what matters to you.



    Actually, I have to revise my statement:
    I actually messaged greebo - the top dog, I gather - about nbohr1more's outburst of insanity below, and since I haven't even heard back from him, I just have to assume that there's not a single core programmer here, who's not backing nbohr's threats. ...and that's bad.

    ...so if you're a newbie reading this, or an honest soul like ZergRush, then just slowly back out of these forums, run, and don't look back. This is nothing more than a cult posing as a game development project, using Thief and IDTech4 to sucker hopefuls in, to do work for them, while trying to cajole them into something going on behind the scenes, which apparently - according to nbohr - is something that should be hidden from the state. These people aren't programmers - they don't even understand things like how to fix the simplest bugs. All they have, is an engine, and an IP, and some sort of fascist social cult. There was some other project I saw being made in the Unreal Engine. Try joining that project. ...or start a project of your own. Anything but this asylum.

    Hopefully that was "divisive" enough for a final post, because at this point I really want people to leave this place. This project is, on a management level, just awful garbage, run by garbage people, apparently from the top down, and I'm just glad that they have a garbage place to stay, together, and hopefully forever.


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    2. STiFU


      The amount of insults towards the team members and this community contained in Nort's updated status is a pretty strong indicator that something is maybe not right in Nort's head, don't you think? Also, I said "like Nort here maybe has".

      Anyway, the core message was that we accept everyone as long as they behave. Let's not get lost in the details.

    3. datiswous


      In general I just find this not the right thing to do, if you don't know the diagnoses, don't say it. If you have a psychological disorder, doesn't mean you would act like Nort, or maybe you do, but it's not clear. People with actual psychological disorders might be offended.

      What I also hear often is people call someone "a bit autistic", while we know some characteristics of people with autistic syndrome, it's not like we can judge who is and who is not.


      "...so if you're a newbie reading this", please know that we will accept you and value your contributions, as long as you don't talk down on others and don't spread hatred towards other persons or communities.

      This is the proper message (I don't ask you to change yours, I just wanted to make my point).

    4. duzenko
  2. Two people introduce themselves.

    Person A: "Hi. I'm African-American. Maybe you didn't know this, but The United States we know today was built with the labor of enslaved Black Americans. The last were not freed (officially) until 19 June 1865. Let us celebrate - and never forget. So where are you from?"

    Person B: "Ukraine."

  3. Since Aluminum directed me here ( https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/page/437/#comment-475263 ) can we have unlimited renderer effects? Well, maybe not unlimited, by maybe 3-5? Thanks.


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    2. Nort


      Since I wasn't the one mainly asking, I'll just cite you in the original thread instead.

    3. AluminumHaste


      There already is a kind of sorting, sort nearest, sort decal, sort <n>. For things like windows and such, sort nearest should probably have the desirable affect, though looking through multiple translucent shaders might kill performance.

    4. Nort


      Is having multiple render effects really killing performance that badly? I don't understand. You're saying that if I have two transparent objects side-by-side, then they'll just count as two render effects, but when combined, they somehow become something much more difficult to render?

      Never-the-less, unless we're talking some kind of infinite portal problem, why not let the mapper choose how much he wants to kill performance? Just warn him against putting too many effects close together.

  4. Update:
    It turns out that the bug wasn't as bad as I thought. It's just a rounding error.

    Back up your maps before you start editing them in 3.0.0!

    I don't like the looks of this bug.

    1. greebo


      I'd strongly prefer if you didn't shout around alarms until you are sure there is really something bad happening. While keeping backups is always advisable for a multitude of reasons, you make it sound like there is some sort of map corruption going on specifically in 3.0.0, which is a very serious claim.

    2. Nort


      I very much thought that at the time I made this post. ...and if this bug would extend to the vertex coordinates, and rotation values, it could mean leaks throughout the entire geometry. ...but it seems to just be a rounding error, thankfully.

  5. Here's some music I made (although the original creators are Mars Argo and likely also Titanic Sinclair).


    Mars Argo - Doctor (Sick Girl) (Simplified).mid

    1. Xolvix


      Well now you need to make maps for Doom if you're both a MIDI composer and a mapper. :)

      What tool do you use to create MIDI tracks?

    2. Nort


      Anvil Studio. Feel free to recommend me something better, because it's kind of awkward to use.

      I've done better stuff, of course, but I figured I'd just entertain you with something recent, since Doctor is actually floating about in various pieces on the internet, and there's no one good version of it.

  6. Just released my hotfix pack (that I have been working on for these past weeks).
    Download here:



    1. snatcher


      Thanks, Nort. I will check it out.



  7. Good news, everyone: I have now realized that I am a clueless newbie idiot, and I am working to fix it. :)

    1. AluminumHaste


      I don't believe you 🙃

    2. Nort


      Well, I fixed it. :) It took me several days, but I did it, and now I am a master again. :)


    3. AluminumHaste


      Well that's great!

  8. Listen, I'm not mad, scripters. Well, maybe just a little upset, but mostly bewildered.

    I'm reading all these script files, and their indentation, and I'm just picturing some sort of frat party going on, where everybody is plastered, and is sometimes just making out while sitting on the spacebar.

    I mean you have heard of indentation, right? ...like properly nested indentation?

    ...because the first time I looked at one of your script files, I was like "Oh! So this is a sort of indentation based nesting, that looks very complex now, but which I'm just going to have to learn.".

    ...but no. Apparently this is obfuscation that makes every script look like "ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn".


    Just why?

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    2. Nort


      Yeah, who wants a society with clean code, when we can have a society that runs on hugs and thank yous?

      Well, it doesn't matter. Society won't run at all a few decades from now, and all your little kids will have starved to death, and my goddess will have propagated throughout the entire planet. Jai Kali.

    3. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      Is that what the bad guys in temple of doom wanted all along? Clean code? What were the kids mining for, semicolons?

    4. Nort


      No, I think that fictional branch searched for some sort of magical Shiva stones, which somehow had the power to conquer other religions. In the absence of such magical artifacts, clean code is a powerful tool as well, and the <Tab> key has already been mined out for you. The power is at your fingertips.

  9. You know how there are these long videos which turn your TV into a fireplace on christmas?

    Well, can we make a video with just videos of happy, friendly farm animals? ...for dogs? I notice that they get really happy when there are animals on TV, and how bored they are just lying around the house most of the day. When we leave them alone, we could just turn on the TV and have them be happy all day instead. It'll be like ASMR, but for pets.

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    2. Nort


      Yeah, but they get really excited when they see other animals, like horses, and really happy.

    3. Xolvix


      It exists. RedLetterMedia covered "Dog Sitter" in one of their vids (worth watching the whole thing though):



    4. Nort


      I guess there's a right and a wrong way to simply film friendly farm animals. Rewinding them back and forth, having lots of jump cuts, having dogs talks like humans, and having animals wear outfits, would just confuse the dog. It's not hard to do animal ASMR: You just film peaceful animals for extended periods of time. Beyond that, the video is just four guys talking about their own human opinions. They're not the intended audience.

  10. You know, what's scarier than a goddess you can see, is a goddess you can't. Just checked the radar stations, and there's basically nothing - not a blip. I like knowing when I'm about to die. Even if it's just an estimate, knowledge keeps me calm - keeps me focused. ...but now when all the other stations have stopped responding, it's just me and the howling wind outside, and just this uncertain wait, that just stretches into darkness. All that work I put in, all those tracking charts, they don't mean anything anymore. Now the playing field has been leveled, and I'm just another rat in a cage, waiting to die. I had a good run, at least. I gave it my best. I'll be among the last ones to go.

    1. Nort


      Few people encounter the goddess and lives, and so virtually nobody really knows the true meaning of fear. They romanticise what must lurk in the dark, in all sorts of ridiculous ways, to the point where think that it can't be that much worse than their sheltered lives. ...and so they stray from the flock, and get eaten. ...and when you try to explain to them what's out there, you're just met with disbelief. It's frustrating when you see your whole family willingly surrender themselves to the dark, cherishing the thought of falling prey. They see it as an end to suffering, and not the beginning.

    2. Nort


      Scientists have now finally discovered my goddess hovering in the sky. They have measured her appetite to be one planet Earth per second. Apparently they previously missed her because she was too close to the Earth to spot, even though she's visible to the naked eye if you know where in the sky to look. They're talking about it on BBC News now.

    3. Nort


      This will be my final meal of 17% poison. After this meal I am switching to a 100% poison free diet. From this point on, I am choosing life.

  11. I don't want to mention internet platforms or names or topics, but some people are really, really upset over things, while I'm not.

    I've accepted that it's just not my place to "rage against the machine". We just live in a world, filled with billions of people, and sometimes we're punished for being born, and sometimes we live in a country where we just have to starve to death, and that's just life. What you can do about that, is basically to pick up a grain of sand in a desert, and throw it as far as you can with all your might, and if you're lucky, you'll just hurt somebody else's eye with it.

    ...and to some people I'm a bad guy simply for being this apathetic, and not wanting to devote my life to some cause for some imagined "justice" instead of just getting my own life in order. I just want to do my dishes and pay my bills, internet-politics-guys, and you want to spirit me away to rallies and protests, and want to trick me into being upset, and shame me if I'm not, over some theoretical ideals that won't ever apply to me in the first place.

    I don't buy into this "justice" or "rights" thing, or this idea of humanity as some sort of happy family that we should be in support of. Can't I have "that right"? Can't I have the right to just pay my bills and take care of myself in peace? Yes, maybe some day the government will ship me off to some labour camp or prison, but that's just what these people are paid to do, and have always been paid to do, whether they actually do it, or just frivolously rape people when nobody's looking. All you're doing is moving the line about, trying to decide which people to send to the camps over what issue. There isn't some state of "absolute justice". All you're doing is bullying people.

    You're so obsessed and upset over such nonsense, and it's not productive at all. The cops are not your friends, and they will never stand up for you.

    Anyway, back to being productive.

    1. Nort


      If you want to know what upsets me, though, it's bad mapping. I'm watching a video right now, where the brushwork just makes me want to punch a punching bag. I'm just seeing a mapper (whom I certainly won't name) abusing the brushwork, and the brushwork screaming out for mercy. It's just cruelty.

    2. duzenko


      Thanks, Nort, I enjoyed your little dissidence, on this forum of all places

      Even if misdirected and passive-aggressive in its root, but it's the best kind of passive-aggressive, if such thing exists

      Did you manage to confront the source of your discomfort and was it productive?

    3. Nort


      Well, I've given up on correcting people in life. When he makes every wall consist of four layers of brushes, he's made a conscious choice for his reasons, and telling him that he has a huge lapse in his judgement, will likely just upset and insult him. Mapping is great in that no matter how horrible his maps will turn out, they won't influence the quality of mine, and we can all live in harmony, side-by-side, and be rated on our own merit.

      One thing to remember, is that he has no doubt released his maps, while I haven't. ...which makes him infinitely better than me, in that regard.

      I think that what's productive isn't to correct others, but to focus on one's own improvement.

  12. While I did find Springheel's brushwork pretty questionable, I guess engine performance must also have come a long way during the recent five years, because I can safely say that the kind of performance issues that he's talking about in this video, just didn't happen to me when I fully opened up my basement with all its unoptimized brushwork. The framerate was capped at a nice 60 FPS no matter how I tried, and with visportals on top of this, and the complexities turned into "func_static":s, an uncapped framerate would just be obscene, at least for graphics cards only a few years old. I no longer have any worries about large areas and vistas - I'll just go nuts. It's gonna be fine.

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    2. Epifire


      Yeah, I actually have an Epi-art thread just for numerous art related questions I had. The goal was more so having all my old thoughts and community responses in one convenient place for me to go back to later.

      For responding to dead threads, we're pretty good about that here. Especially if it's your own topic you're just adding info to. Tagging and quoting an OP from a topic of ten yrs ago to a member who hasn't been online since, might be overkill though. 🤣

    3. Nort


      If you mean the thread about attachments, it's a thread that is linked to by the Dark Mod wiki, and it comes up in search results when people search about how to attach things to AI. I do not regret that reply at all. Maybe I did an unusual amount of posts in that thread, but I cleaned that up afterwards, and I'm proud of the result.

    4. Obsttorte


      @Epifire Still watching you. :P

      Oh, and my last post in that thread is only a bit more then a year old. It isn't necro if it isn't dead.


    Map Status Updates

    This status update will be continuously updated (via replies) to contain all the daily progress I make on my map. This will avoid spamming the Status Update list.

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    2. Nort


      Once again my eyes are burning, but since I was in the middle of sowing, I just couldn't stop.

      I fixed probably half of the clothes today. Half of it remains.

      I'm finally done with all the clothes. I don't know how many times I've said this, but "now only a few minor things remain". I'm just taking a breather. I'd be lying if I said that I fully knew what I was doing these last two days. For example, the beggar rags are not supposed to look like that, and I don't know why they do that, yet I stopped caring, because at least it's a full set of clothes.

      Oh, fuck. The newspapers. I need to do the newspapers too. ...so it's about four things left to do now, I guess. Should be easy, but nothing ever is.

    3. Nort


      It is finally done. I have released a black curse upon the world, that will ruin everything, and the bureaucrats are screaming in terror at the black magic.

      ...or something.

      In any case, I can finally rest now.

      It really feels great to have nothing to do. I'm going to spend this entire day just happily relaxing, feeling content.

    4. Nort


      New day - a new pile of clothes. This is just nuts.

      Well, screw 'em. I spent the day fixing the entrance instead. It looks better now. Not good, but better.

  14. I did it! I finally did it! After 48 hours of frustration and confusion, I managed to finally sort out how to attach equipment to NPC:s properly, and write down coherent instructions on how to do it, both in my manual, and in this forum.

    I can finally rest. I can finally eat breakfast.

  15. Spent most of the day learning and writing about AI navigation. It's stuff I already know, but the magic about writing something down as clearly formulated as possible, is that you then see things that much more clearly. You also find what's unclear to you, and then you figure out exactly how things work. I was hoping to get through it all within just a day, but it looks like this will take tomorrow as well, at this rate. There's also plenty of other nonsense I have to get through as well. Everything's a chore.

  16. I want to be a fish, but I'm not a fish. My mom wants to be a fish too, and so she's killing herself eating plankton and sh***ng blood, and tells me to stop nagging her about taking her medication. I spent several hours today, just lying in bed, having anxiety over just existing, and not being a fish. You fish, you don't know how lucky you are. You can eat all the plankton you want. I tried eating plankton again yesterday, and I just got sick. I hate being a shark.

  17. I just gave myself vertigo. A pleasant kind of vertigo, like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I'll explain:

    Yesterday I saw to my dismay, that I had made my entire map two - two - units too short on every level - that every set01 piece was sticking 2 units into the ceiling. That's basically 402 brushes that needs to be realigned (minus the ground floor brushes).

    I knew enough about selections to do all of that in a very tense five minutes, and it compiled without leaks. (Thank you so much, Dark Radiant devs, for making an editor with such care for precision that you can align hundreds of brushes perfectly at once (which is not something I can say for Valve's Hammer editor, which has some serious issues on that front, which actually made me just quit it in disgust).) However, the result is that the entire level has now been stretched a barely noticable 2 units, and it will take some getting used to psychologically.

  18. My workflow is basically running from a chain of disasters, eventually trying to seek shelter in former disasters. It's not ideal - it's just my life.

    When I abandoned my first map, it was out of a typical mental breakdown, and so I returned to find a skybox void where the kitchen door should have been (due to a misplaced visportal) and two overlapping brushes Z-fighting on the kitchen floor.

    I've now cleaned up the last bit of mess, by cleanly separating every floor into its own layer. Now I can finally work on each floor in peace.

    ...not that I really needed to. Once you get skilled enough, the orthographic messes, well, I'll let this video speak for itself:


    1. Nort


      I also opened up the west wing of the ground floor today. I still need to create the furniture, but now the complex part is done. Felt I had to expand the whole building a bit, which was a little scary. I made the whole house pretty cramped.

  19. Beams, beams, beams...

    Support beams, and cross beams, and then beams to fixate the support beams to the cross beams. The more beams you have in a map, the better. There's walls, floors and ceilings, but the rest of the map is pretty much just beams. Beams makes a thief happy.

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