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  1. I just finished the Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored, which has the second half of Daud's campaign. Something interesting I noticed is that it seems to continue with the crazy patrol patterns from The Knife of Dunwall DLC. It makes me wish they'd go back and re-do the patrols and guard placement in the main campaign in that style.

  2. I kind of like the "Burglar" challenge in the Dishonored DLC, especially the "Expert" version. No blinking, no x-ray vision, no fancy stuff in general ("Back in my day..."). By the way, I got 26th on the leaderboard on my first run. XD

    1. Professor Paul1290

      Professor Paul1290

      What's funny is I did that run while I was rather tipsy.

      I wonder what my 100% sober run will be like. XD

    2. demagogue


      Worth noting that this is Digital Nightfall's map (of TTLG & Gathering at the Inn & Mission X fame).

    3. stumpy


      depends whether people will cheat to get on the leaderboards like they have in assassins creed 3

  3. Trailer is done, enjoy!

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    2. Obsttorte


      funny how you always mention this brightness topic, although true in general, I've never seen this problem in any of the by you mentioned cases, so it's maybe a problem with your screen [insert smiley here]

    3. Professor Paul1290

      Professor Paul1290

      I actually stopped turning up the gamma so much in my videos after I got several comments from random viewers (not on youtube) that they were too bright and they couldn't tell I was hidden by shadows because the shadows were so washed out. I turned the gamma back down for this trailer and my latest Let's Play and so far I haven't had anyone else mention that either video was too bright or dark so far.

    4. Professor Paul1290

      Professor Paul1290

      I guess to explain further, I kept getting "the AI in this game sucks, he couldn't see you even though you were right there" comments until I put notes on all the previous videos that I had the gamma higher than normal.

  4. I'm starting to think that, just for kicks, I should make a collection of every recipe I find in a TDM FM. What is it with you authors and putting cookbooks in your FMs? It's like you're deliberately exploiting the fact I probably haven't had dinner yet! XD

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    2. STiFU
    3. grayman


      The recipe for eeles (eels) in my mission is an actual old-timey recipe. That's how it was spelled.

    4. SeriousToni


      ah okay cool thx!

  5. My roommate's cat keeps stalking me from the shadows. I guess this is what guards feel like. Thankfully cats prefer ghosting and don't use blackjacks or blades. XD

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    2. Bikerdude
    3. RPGista


      Cats are awesome...

    4. Sir Taffsalot

      Sir Taffsalot

      My cats called Bathory cause when I let her out I can hear animals screaming and when she comes back in her paws are covered in blood

  6. I agree to some extent. Flash really is rather buggy, slow, and finicky. However, I will say I'm dissappointed that there doesn't seem to be complete alternative to it yet, or at least not one that has gained enough popularity and acceptance. Maybe it's just me, but I'm starting to feel like a some of the online content that and creativity delivered through flash that used to make the Internet fun is dying with flash rather than moving to newer tech. I guess in a way I want fl...

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    2. SeriousToni


      youtube stops loading after some progress which is really enerving to me since my connection is so slow and I tend to preload...

    3. demagogue


      I don't see Flash going anywhere soon since it has cornered the market so much. Wasn't Java supposed to become the online standard?

    4. Mortem Desino

      Mortem Desino

      I was under the impression that HTML5 was the next step, but I think their plan is to release a stable version in 2014. Yuk.

  7. I've just gotten a shiny new PC, and should be badass enough to record some good TDM gameplay. I'll have to set aside some time between work, school, and other stuff, but we'll see. :D

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    2. demagogue


      Are there console commands for turnign the PC invisible & flying around?

    3. Sotha


      notarget and noclip.

      With those you do not get very smooth flybys, though. I'd use nurbs curves, covered by grayman's excellent wiki article: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Cutscenes

    4. Springheel


      There's a way to slow down the player movement in noclip if you want a slower flyby. Turning is still clunky though.

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