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  1. Not entirely true. Sure, Grayman did a ton of work on AI, but we had working AI even before Grayman took up the Job, you know. And how would you even go about identifying all the features of our AI? Would you go study the code? Is that within your capabilities? I generally think our wiki offers all the needed basic information to start working for TDM, 'though. More detailed questions can be asked in the forums. If you feel your question is a rather simple question related to Dark Radiant, we have a thread for that, otherwise, create a new topic for it and ask away. Some things may be impossible to answer right of the bat and might need some exploring. Regarding your other questions: 1: Not really sure about the maximum number of weapons, but I do wonder why you even have that question. Do you intend to create a mod of TDM with tons of weapons? 2: There is no limit, as Orbweaver already pointed out. 3: It is possible. You'd have to setup a custom readable GUI for that. 4 and 5: I can't check myself right now, as I am at work, but you can always try to find cvars in the console via autocomplete or even the listcvars command. 6: No clue. I am stilling trying to make sense of what you want to achieve with this topic. Are you just curious, or do you plan on creating somehing with TDM?
  2. STiFU

    Doom 3 Sequel?

    Doom 3 was OK, I even replayed it with some nice graphics mods a few months ago, but I eventually lost interest. However, it doesn't come close to how much I loved Doom 2016 and especially Doom Eternal! DE on nightmare (highest difficulty, but no perma-death) taught me so many skills and took my shooter gameplay on a whole new level. Incredible game!!
  3. Is there any use porting it to TDM, though? I assume you will need a modern graphics card to even run this new feature and modern graphics cards can very well run TDM in maxed out settings in any resolution you want, sooooo.... ^^
  4. STiFU

    Free games

    Also, next up is Overcooked 2 on Epic. Overcooked 1 was awesome in couch coop and there will eventually be a time, where we can actually enjoy couch coop with friends again, so I am definitely gonna get that game!
  5. STiFU

    Free games

    Control free on Epic right now. If you own an RTX-graphics card, this is one of the most beautiful implementations of raytracing to date. Sound is also incredible and I genuinely loved the game, although I know not everyone around the forums is such a huge fan, but considering it's - you know - free....
  6. Please move this to a private discussion directly with @peter_spy, if you two intend to follow up on this. It really IS off-topic.
  7. Players frequently critisized that they could not properly distinguish loot from junk, which is partly due to inconsistent design of models. Pretty much everybody in the team is against a general loot glint (as in TDS), but another proposed option was to change the frob highlight for loot to something more gold-like. Of course, this should remain an optional feature, but I personally like it a lot. It is like, the thief visually inspects the object when close enough and the game tells you whether the object has any value or not.
  8. I would recommend a briefing video with a short disclaimer at the end: "This mission is best enjoyed with bloom and 64-bit color". Something like that is very common in video games "best played with controller", "best played with headphones", etc.
  9. We had a lengthy discussion about it in the internal forums. You cannot expect us to hold back on any decisions until even those members that log in like twice a year commented on it. If we did that, this project would not have progressed as it did over its 15 years of existance.
  10. Yes, you can. Players will hate you for it, 'though, myself included! :-D The settings are not going to be restored afterwards and I even think at some point we planned to add an automatic suppression of an autoexec.cfg shipped with an FM. (I think Bikerdude had one of those) Some people get dizzy from motion blur, some people get headaches from bloom and bright colors, some people are color blind, some people simply have a bad monitory or bad lighting conditions in their room so that they have to significantly increase brightness/gamma. For the sake of accessibility, basic UI and graphical features have to be player configurable and not be decided by a mapper. And who is to say that we are not going to offer a proper configuration menu for the frob highlight? In my initial proposal, I suggested to implement the GLSL-frobhighlight in such a way, that the actual GLSL-shaders can be swapped. This is not (yet?) the case, as that much flexibility is usually costly, but this would actually allow mappers to ship their own implementation with their map while the player could still chose to disable that and use one of the base implementations.
  11. Thankfully, the ouline ARGB is fully configurable, so you can simply pick something else as the white color. I am also suprised that you even consider it to be full-white, as all screenshots @kingsal posted in the private forums showed off a nice and subtle candle-like glow. I guess those cvar values didn't make it into the dev-build stgatilov uploaded. Anyway, you should really play around with the cvars a little and see if you can come up with something you're happy with. That being said, there are still a couple of issues with the frob highlight shader suite that @cabalistic is still working on. And regarding the TDS tribute: That is something the team specifically did not want to have. While I personally don't mind a subtle brownish normal based highlight (as in New Horizon's TDS tweak package), the general consensus was to stay far away from something like that. Still, I'd very much like to see your proposed frob highlight shader.
  12. You can still customize the frob highlight to your desire via the new cvars, but you cannot dictate how it will look for other players. You could merely suggest how they should configure it, sorry. That being said, could you please link your frob highlight approach and a description how you achieved it? Nothing is set in stone, yet, so we might adopt other concepts. However, we're all pretty happy with the current outline implementation.
  13. We had an internal discussion about this issue and we find that grayman very clearly stated that he did not wish for his pending FMs to be released, see quotes posted by stgatilov above. It would have been very easy for him to ask any other teammember to finish up his mission in case the cancer (which he was always talking openly about) took over. But he didn't ask anyone!! His words and actions leave no room for interpretation: He did not want his FMs to be release when he is gone! So, the team decided to honor his will. We will not be releasing his unfinished work in any way. Of course, Grayson, being his legitimate heir, may do with the missions as he deems right.
  14. Farewell, Grayman! You were a man of honor and reason. You saw this day coming long ago, but reading this sad news, it still feels kind of sudden to me. My sincere condolences to his loved ones. RIP
  15. Of course, I also played some games I wasn't old enough for, when I was younger, but just like in @Destined's case, that was more due to the fact that my parents didn't really know the medium, while they actually payed close attention to ratings of movies and such. I was around 10 and not 5, 'though, and I was only allowed to play an hour a day, which I think is a healthy limit even today. I remember that my step dad let me play the first episode of Doom one sunday afternoon, and when my mum saw that game and learned about its age restriction, she was furious with my step dad. I also lied to my cousin that I was allowed to play Duke3D, so he would let me play it on his PC. Anyway, even though we personally might not have had negative experiences with violent media, that doesn't necessarily mean that other children aren't affected by it. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that consumption of violent media in the childhood is harmful to the psychological development of children. The same probably goes for too much screen time. That's a pretty intersting theory. I wonder if any research has been done on it.
  16. On social media, I often find myself surprised how many people let their kids consume content not really appropriate for their age. A very recent example was news of a five year old having beaten Bloodborne, which is rated 16 years and older. While that is admittedly an impressive feat, I can't help but wonder what kind of parents let their five year old spend hours upon hours in front of a console playing a horror game? Or might this just be a cultural thing? Socio-economic? I think the users of our forum are very adult and intelligent, so I would like to know your opinion on this topic.
  17. The regular highlighting method might change a little, 'though. We want to get rid of that "material definition hack" to implement frob highlight. Implementing that in GLSL might change the look of it.
  18. The problem with the regular frob highlight is that it cannot be seen well in bright areas. The outline is supposed to counter that issue. That being said, there is a cvar to disable the outline. I believe it is r_newFrob or something like that.
  19. STiFU

    Doombringer demo

    Well, there have been sooo many really good boomer shooters lately that this one doesn't really stand out much, to be honest. Prodeus (gorgeos and and bloody), Amid Evil (gorgeos and super good / abstract leveldesign), BPM: Bullets Per Minute (innovative game concept), Wrath - Aeon of Ruin, Ion fury, just to name a few...
  20. Not an issue to me. In fact, I would argue that its mechanics would wear out before reaching its finale, so better keep it short and sweet.
  21. I've just finished my second playthrough of Superliminal, this time with developer commentary (which is really good, but not recommended for the 1st playthrough, as it contains major spoilers). Superliminal is a first person puzzle game featuring non-euclidian geometry with a really relaxing sound track and some absolutely incredible level-design ideas!! There are tons of moments in this game, that have you laughing about how ingenious the presented ideas are. The puzzles themselves are mostly rather simple, but this game is more about surprising the player, anyway. If this sounds interesting at all to you, I recommend just getting it without looking at any trailers beforehand. I am certain, it will be that much more enjoyable because of it! The game is really short with its playtime of 2-3 hours, so maybe get it when it's on sale. It's definitely worth its money, 'though. Furthermore, I actually think it might have some therapeutic value. EDIT: I just watched the official trailers of Superliminimal and I really find they spoil too many moments, so I cannot stress enough to play the game without looking at trailers first. I discovered the game by randomly clicking through some twitch streams and after 3 minutes of watching regular gameplay, I had already decided to buy the game.
  22. Hm, I wonder whether you can actually do fire arrow jumps...
  23. You usually specify the horizontal FOV and derive the vertical FOV based on the aspect ratio of the resolution.
  24. My bet would be "lack of expertise" in Nacon's Management, rather than "believing they are on the right side". What they did in this instance is definitely illegal, because the version uploaded to Games Planet never belonged to them.
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