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  1. Fantastic information boys, I dont think we had this amount of detail and insight into the technical aspects of texture-making before. Great contributions. Will definitely be coming back for more. One aspect of TDM that always made me a bit sad was that vast surface areas tend to be in "total darkness" at all times and are not subjected to lights at all, apart from the ambient one (unless you bring a light source with you). This way, a player that keeps to the dark is going to be spending a lot of time looking at textures in their worst state - bascily a washed out, darkened and contrast free
  2. Definitely would be better to have separate entities. You can be doing a panoramic and the microphone is firmly centered on the action/conversation. To allow for the "echo chamber" effect mentioned, maybe we could have the microphone capture sounds and send it to a speaker as well, not only the player. This way you can be walking close to that vent or "phone tube" end and you can overhear, the closer you get, whatever is being echoed there in real time (as well as keep your normal hearing in your surroundings - you wouldnt need to "use" the vent or pipe in order to listen to it or not, just a
  3. Its not that that easy, actually. You import it to blender and from there you can resize it and, most importantly, duplicate it so you can decimate to a reasonable tris count. That will be the model you will be exporting in game. By keeping the high poly copy in blender, you can use that to "bake" a detailed normal map. I havent had much luck with this process, as 3d scans and decimating in general do not really create very good meshes, and the normal maps and vertex smoothing that result from it are not perfect. Seen anything you liked? I might be able to take a look for you.
  4. Hey man, sorry to hear that. Sure, do upload it (the forum only accepts images or txts) but its easy to put it on a file hosting site and post the link here (something like Sendspace should do it). I'll take a look at it and will try to finish this guy up.
  5. Would be fantastic to have your color grading program absorbed into the game somehow, and be something the player can choose in the settings to add flavour to their game (and mappers would be able to choose different ones as defaults for their missions). In case someone didnt get to see the thread: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18972-color-grading-shader/?do=findComment&comment=408635
  6. Theres a very useful article on this, all your questions are answered there: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Limits,_Max,_Min,_Stats,_etc Ps: I keep forgetting to check your tutorials Obs, they full of interesting stuff!
  7. Well, thats a shame, that article got my hopes high there for a second... Thanks a lot for all this info, Springheel. Im making a few of those low poly bush models wth transparent images, to help with grassy areas.
  8. Im working on some bush and grass models and was intrigued by this: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Alpha-fading It says "So there is no way to make models to appear fading-in, or fading-out, except by varying the alpha threshold. Together with a good alpha map with ramps, this can make things appear to burn-away (an effect used by D3 f.i. for the imps "burning" away after you killed them), or to "grow thinner" with distance." This part seems very ambiguous to me. Can you have gradual transparency (fading) for a texture image with an alpha channel? PS: Anyone remember the shader
  9. I do agree with most of your points, but I disagree about the low benefit. In fact, I believe its the opposite. Its pretty hard work to put new assets into TDM. Sure, you can learn it the hard way, we all did it. But you can say that about every other feature in the game, including the ones that did get support inside the editor, like objectives, stim and response, readables, etc. When we get a bit of experience using this game, its easy to forget just how hard it is to first get your bearings and the amount of energy that goes into researching all the little details and steps needed to achiev
  10. Ok, I know this might be a lot more complicated than Im aware, but Ive been thinking about a way of making it easier for most mappers to include new assets in their missions, from inside DR and with its guidance. Im thinking of a system just like the conversation gui, where you set the parameters and it writes the scripts for you, but in this case, something that will help you get assets in the game without having to deal with the laborious and error prone task of doing it manually: 1- I have an .ase file, and a bunch of maps for it; 2- I click on Import Asset, search for the model, and
  11. Not to be that a-hole, because I do appreciate the labour of love thing, but looking at your project and the fact you said you are mostly on your own now, I would probably suggest you reconsider your path, instead of going foward regardless. Look at TDM, its a team effort and with lots of brilliant people slaving on it for years, and its still not complete. Making a map alone, without worrying about art or code, just focusing on that, building a place, adjusting the scenes, getting it right, for a single person that can take months or even years to finish. So, going alone is sure to end up in
  12. Ok so we are having a lot of talk surrounding TDM's engine, and its amazing that we are having so much done in the way of improvements to it, lately. I thought it could be fun to have a (yet another) place where we as fans could post things we would like to see added to the game, more specifically to its mechanics. Just suggestions for things that we feel would reinforce the game's strengths and design choices. Obviously, its up to the team and coders to know where to best place the resources and what needs to be prioritised. But a man can dream... Having said that, lets start with somet
  13. Springheel - Thats great to hear, but Im afraid I didnt make any lower poly versions to be used as LOD stages... I only created the shadowmesh, which is a decimated copy of it. I could try looking into that if you feel its worth it. The license is CC Atribution, I hope thats fine. Judith - The model is the same as the original. I guess its gonna do fine in most situations.
  14. The dolmen model is on hold because Im having a lot of problems with smoothing... But in my pasttime of bringing in open models to TDM, I got this good looking wine barrel in the game. Its by a guy called niver_mk, from sketchfab. Its about 2K, and I put a shadowmesh in there that has around 700 tris. The pk4 has both an .ase and a .lwo version, the latter is much smaller, but the ase has slightly better smoothing. I also made the textures darker, to fit in better with TDM's feel. I can post the original files, in higher resolution, if anyone wants them. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al4XNpzYMsV
  15. Indeed. Like kano pointed out, you can do so much with an open source egine, and idtech4 still has mileage. We are fortunate to have a lot of work being done under the hood right now, and thats pretty cool, keeps the engine fresh, hungry and evolving. I like the focus on brush work for map making. Sure, it will never look as amazing as those 100% modeled maps done in 3d studio, but it allows for anyone, a regular guy, a hobbyist, to be able to get in there and to actually build something, be creative without having to become a pro 3d modeler beforehand. I think we would benefit far more
  16. Ok so I dont wanna add to some of the extreme content that has been made present in this thread, and I only read the reasonable posts. I kinda like Sotha's conclusion, it was uber pragmatic, just as you would expect coming from a science guy. I mean it in a good way. I just wanna talk a bit about how we perceive science, its something that keeps coming up in conversations like these. You see people using advanced technology, computers, radios, mobile phones, global networks, etc. to express their distrust and disbelief about science, and to feed on information that reinforces it. You see p
  17. Yeah, I came late to the party but these videos are incredible - perfect pacing, clear, detailed explanations, on top of the visual guide. Couldnt ask for more. Thanks a a lot for this.
  18. This sounds pretty good, man. BTW, we definitely dont thank our coders enough, all you guys are real cool...
  19. Apart from the gimp techniques, the crucial part for me was the how-to explaining the process of making it work in game and in DR, thats always the hardest part for beginners, thanks for that.
  20. I think it is a tendency of ours to get distracted by "pragmatic" thinking, like the stuff you pointed out (im sure, in jest) - should we train to live in a post apocaliptic era, buy lots of guns, should we stash food somewhere, it all reminds me of The Road. Sure, we could do that, but you wanna survive to do what? You wanna live in a bunker untill when? To then go where? If its all destroyed, what is the point? To keep on living, I guess one would argue. Hope for a new sort of evolution. But even the universe itself is going to cease eventualy, taking everything with it. So surely, its not a
  21. The simple plot line, the foggy and cold environment, the sheer scale and intricate design of the boat, this is all so cool... Pretty amazing. Will be playing for sure.
  22. Simple and works great.
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