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  1. FYI, the flu deaths that occur happen despite the existence of vaccines (which are often less than 50% effective). It's funny, because you appear to acknowledge the truth behind both statements in the post you quoted: "hundreds of thousands of people die of the regular flu every year." "The media really likes to blow things out of proportion nowadays." Which of those statements is "extreme"?
  2. The message, "Relax, things are better than you think" doesn't tend to drive people to consume (and therefore fund) news.
  3. I used to be able to do that, but either something has changed or I can no longer find the option to create new accounts since the wiki was moved.
  4. I did make some urban pagans a few years back. But making new characters is a mammoth task that I don't see myself having time for in the future. I still have at least one more zombie variant to upload, but that's probably it from me.
  5. On the subject of new content, here is a clothed zombie I created using Kingsal's Volta corpse textures and an old corpse head I'd used for my first mission. These guys can be used for zombies who were never buried, or some type of infected commoner, or any other situation where the zombie would be likely to still have clothes on. The ragdoll also makes a convenient dead body that has been exposed to the elements for a while.
  6. I don't mind, but I don't have time to do it myself. I'm still trying to upload more content, and my TDM builds are regularly crashing within the first minute of play. It really slows down testing.
  7. At the moment only people with SVN access can download them. They'll be included in 2.08.
  8. Do you want to share what the new feature is?
  9. I assume the door doesn't have a loss_open value (or whatever the spawnarg is that allows open doors to occlude sound)?
  10. Mappers could replace the run animation with the old animation if they want the slow run.
  11. I've also created a few alternate zombies, to add a little variety to your local necromancer lair. The first is a fairly straightforward variation that uses the hunched over animation set Kingsal created for his beastmen. Unlike typical zombies, these are fast runners.
  12. It doesn't seem to correlate to date joined. Greebo and Stifu both have the icon, and they were 2006 and 2009 respectively. Meanwhile, stgatilov, also from 2009, doesn't have it.
  13. Is anyone else having this problem? I don't see anything obvious that would explain it.
  14. I can't wrap my head around constructing a trilogy without having any idea of where the plot was going or what the overall story beats were going to be. It's like writing a story where each author writes a page and then passes it to the next person and expecting it to come out with a coherent narrative.
  15. TDM was released in 2009, so 2010 was the year of the most buzz around the project. IIRC we had two different mapping contests that year as well. The 2013/2014 bump came when we went standalone, won PC Gamer's Mod of the Year award, and T4 was released. Good times.
  16. Steambots aren't supposed to be immune to swords. It's one of the few ways players have of disabling them, and it comes with the penalty of being rather loud. I didn't realize that, without damage zones, the ko_zone spawnarg wouldn't work. Now that that issue is fixed, they're working as intended.
  17. I wouldn't think a bag of lead would do more damage than a sword, even against metal. It should be noticeably quieter than a sword though.
  18. I don't think it was ever part of the plan that bots could be knocked out with the blackjack. I think the bj does a small amount of damage though, so you could beat one to death with enough time.
  19. It was said, but it wasn't especially accurate even at that time. It's definitely not the case now.
  20. This is a new wrapped corpse model, kindly created for the campaign mission by epifire. There are multiple versions, including a sitting version, and a couple piles of bodies. The City is now ready for the plague!
  21. I've created a walking flame-bearer skeleton as a security device for crypts or mage towers. The held brazier is part of the md5mesh, and the mapper binds a flame to it. The skeleton is a functioning AI, but he can't attack or let go of the brazier, so if alerted, he will search for and track the player, but won't be able to do damage. He works best when combined with other AI for that reason. You can set them to a neutral team to the player if you don't want them to react, and I've included a static model as well if you don't want any AI functions. The only thing about the current implementation I don't like is that the flame stays burning if you kill them...it would be nice to have it go out like a dropped torch. Probably just requires a script, so if anyone feels inclined to add that, feel free.
  22. It has been over a year since I did any work on the map for the final campaign mission, and I think the chances of me ever building back up the energy and commitment to finish such a massive project by myself are slim to none. I'll probably be putting the map (actually 3 separate maps at this point) up for adoption at some point, but in the meantime there are dozens of custom assets I was holding back for that mission, including new AI and some necromancer assets, that have been sitting on my HD unused. I want to release them so that other mappers can benefit from them. I'll post them here gradually, a few at a time as I get them uploaded to SVN. All these should be available to mappers when TDM 2.08 is released. First of all, a new standing sphere light (modified from the existing wall one) and a new magnifying glass & stand. There are 4 new "anatomy" skins for book and paper models, suitable for the desks of doctors or necromancers. A few new "clutter" models, including 2 collections of scattered rocks and 2 batches of scattered papers, to easily add some visual interest to scenes. And a new tile texture with a few colour variations. Each colour has a set with red squares as well so you can create various geometric patterns. (While I'm at it, Kingsal gave his permission to use his amazing beastmen AI in the core mod, so I've finished converting and uploading them--they'll be in 2.08 as well).
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