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  1. "I used only a few water arrows" A new mission is coming? Great!
  2. It's a very complex location, I like it. Maybe there are a bit too much ingame hints on master level, otherwise it's an excellent mission. Thanks. Edit: I mean too much hints about unimportant loot. For example that long list near the start.
  3. Very long mission with about medium difficulty if someone interested. Ghosting is possible on highest level. We get huge amount of arrows and other tools but I used only a few water arrows and 2 fire arrows - the latters only for fun. And a single rope arrow but I recovered it. The story and the outer terrain of the isle aren't convincing, but the missions are enjoyable, and the mission locations are fine. I saw some people complained about the size of the mansion. I think there is at least a mission with a proper castle. I had a bug, the door of the mansion didn't open. I wasted a lot of time
  4. It was the first mission where I had problems with the amount of loot (highest level). I found 3 secrets IIRC. The archive part was exciting. All in all, it was fun, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the mission. It was easy, I expected more from a bank.
  6. It's a very good mission. Thanks! I didn't pay much attention to the ingame notes thus I spent more time on the mission than neccessary. That many lights are formidable. But no big deal after all. It was strange noone reacts to the thefts and wide open secret places, that's my only note.
  7. Thanks, it worked. The download link in the first post leads to a wrong version in this case.
  8. Thanks. The key never gets highlighted, I'm not able to pick it up. I could climb the tree. The mission looked promising and I liked the different approach. I might try later the bugfixed version if there will be one.
  9. Error with 2.07 after reading the intro message, mission doesn't run. I tried both v 1 and v 1.1. Script object 'numberwheel' not found on entity 'idMover_atdm:numberwheel_3811' No idea if this is a mission issue or game issue. I played another mission without problem with tdm 2.07.
  10. The forum ate my longer post so quickly: Thanks for the mission, it was fun. I didn't find how to use the magic key. But Kerry000 helped. (Search his post if you have the same problem.) Got stuck twice.
  11. It wasn't. After installing the result is the same. I installed the x64 version because my sytem is 64 bit and restarted as I was asked. I tried to install the x86,too, but I think nothing really happened. so I suppose the x64 was enough. When I started the game the header of the error box wrote 2.06 /32. I suppose it means the game is before the 64 bit upgrade. Anyway I didn't find anything in the descriptiong I should install vc++ 2017.
  12. The title tells everything this is the error code I got. I suppose there should be something about it in the blue field but it's empty. I used the copy from moddb. Tryed also the new tdm_base01.pk4, same effect. Win 10, 64 bit. 2.05 run well.
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