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  1. More precision? Really? I never missed a single knockout for a long time, and I played about 12 missions in a row recently. Whatever. I know alerted guards are harder to KO.
  2. I think the damage versus undeads should be consistent in the entire game, because it's part of the lore. Even the damage versus people should be the same. It was cool that when I started playing TDM, I couldn't knock out the guards in helmets. I believed this was an universal rule and didn't even try to KO them in other missions. It added some difficulty to an otherwise easy game. I liked that approach because it was consistent and games need consistency in the technical part, i.e. how things work. Unfortunately, such rules can no longer be introduced, because it would break existing missions.
  3. Poor people slept on ropes, in coffins or sitting while leaning on a rope. Some would require new animation. If you would use this in a mission, you should add some explanation to the player like a signboard or whatever. https://www.familytree.com/blog/sleeping-over-strung-out-rope/
  4. This was a nice mission. There is a very sharp difference in difficulty between the map in general and the Burke mansion. I don't remember any graphic glitches. The locations are very good. The wording of the first objective should be more precise. At the start I didn't know if I missed something in the briefing or not. I don't pay much attention to briefings in general, I care more about the options I have in a mission. So I checked the forum and I didn't find any relevant info. It would be better to literally mention to 'find and KO the abductor'. Lights in closed businesses, sewers, attics, flats, and other places aren't good for immersion. They don't even increase the difficulty. It seems you are from a country where couriers can leave valuables before doors. I'm from a country where it would lead to catastrophic results, so I can assure you, this cannot be a practice in the world of TDM either if we consider the penniless people all around. Leaving goods in open stands for nights seems similarly bad idea, but it's for the gameplay, I know. I think optional challenges are better to start with. Especially the no KO requirement (Ghost?), because the mission is too easy without this. No big deal anyway.
  5. Good job, thanks. I liked the no knockout requirement, but honestly it didn't add to the difficulty. The spacious areas and the arrangement of light sources made it easy to avoid everybody. If you plan to change anything, you could increase the brightness of the lamps, and you might add a few more.
  6. The story and the map was good, but it's too hard to find certain things. I didn't find the second puzzle book and the key to the door from the kitchen, so I needed to check the forum. But I found a black box in a room instead.
  7. This was a very long mission. The glasses and the number codes were cool. I found out the one on the other area before getting the solution. I'm not a big fan of city labyrinths, because I have no idea where I am, so the notes about my location were useful.
  8. I liked this mission. I found only 716 gold, that's few for the hardest difficulty, but I don't care searching more.
  9. But they killed the spider already. It makes sense if they continue the search for 20-30 sec for more animals but not further. It's a rare issue, I admit, maybe the level designers can change this anyway. If this option exists it would be possible for designers to use random monsters more easily without changing the difficulty of the level. I especially thought it because of the steampunk setting. But anyway it's your leisure time and your choice.
  10. If you still improving the game, please consider these: -Turning off music during the menu. There is an option to turn it off but it only works on the main menu. When I press escape, that menu still has music. When I hit escape, I want to do something, an IRL thing for example, and I need to mute the speakers separately. Such a little QoL thing would make the game experience better. The music is loud, thus disturbing. When I just open my browser to see a video of my current campaign I don't hear its sounds. So I need to mute the game, see the video, unmute the game. It's annoying. -When guards or locals meet spiders and they kill them they start searching me. Maybe it even adds to my stealth score, I don't know. It would be long and boring to test it. So I think even if they are alerted, they should revert to their normal behavior after a while, sheathing their weapons. And this definitely shouldn't raise the stealth score. You might even record separate voice lines regarding to the animal attack. -Working pistols. 18th or 19th century ones. They would fit many stories better than bows. Maybe only for NPCs, maybe for the player, too. -The starting page of the site doesn't tell anything what is this game about. The quote from PC Gamer doesn't help new players who never heard about the Thief series. Thank you for this cool game.
  11. Ah, thx. I didn't think that door can be opened for some reason. My bad.
  12. The story is well written. I liked the thing the story doesn't explain everything and there are some unsolved mysteries for the sequel. I found loot worth about 4600 and 4 secrets. What I didn't find it's the exit door. It would be too tedious to search everything again so it's okay.
  13. It's a really hard mission, I like it. Unlike in many other missions, the dark parts are really dark, and that's cool. Thanks.
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