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  1. It's a really hard mission, I like it. Unlike in many other missions, the dark parts are really dark, and that's cool. Thanks.
  2. Very good story, thanks. I liked the fact the mission wasn't a breeze, I really needed to investigate things and read everything thoroughly. Some sounds are extremely loud compared to the rest. For example the starting dialog, the woman, Clayton's whistling. The cemetery is too bright in general.
  3. Good mission with abundant creepy details. It has the right amount of challenges. Thanks. A hint for those who search a secret opener for a certain door after getting a message you need to find another way: that's not a door.
  4. Short and too easy mission. The house is well designed. The storytelling is confused and unfinished at the end. The central book contains pages like '(here comes a plot twist)'.
  5. Short and not hard mission with spooky theme, it was 70 mins for me. Rating: average.
  6. This was quite good with original ideas. The tree and "bush" models around the stables were terrible even for Dark Mod.
  7. A 10 cm object on a rope prevents me to reach the deck of the another ship. Not good.
  8. It was a cool mission, thanks. Surprizingly I found all 5 secrets.
  9. It should have a warning this is not a game but visual storytelling to not waste my time on it.
  10. It was really huge. I constantly felt lost. I needed to search the forum to find a few places. The ways in the hights were cool. The city felt very good and I really had a feeling it's a real city. Guards weren't too densely placed. Thanks guys.
  11. No, the lights weren't too hard, I felt they were even those places where they didn't increase the difficulty AND were illogical. Like in the loo, sleeping persons with lights, empty rooms with burning candles. Uncontrolled fires are unsafe, you know. Slow match is very rarely used in missions that's all.
  12. It's a good, traditional mission. I love good, traditional missions. It's very long and it has a lot of details. I think it's better if the readables with clues can be taken and the fluff materials cannot. I needed to check how to start fire in your very detailed and sorted clues in the first post. I think there are excessive amount of lights but it seems as a general thing with the missions. I never required to use my lantern, not even in the sewers. I know lights aren't about logic but the difficulty, but there are places where no guard can see. I liked the light s
  13. Hi, It was a cool mission with many good ideas, thanks. I found only 3 secrets but it's fine. I did 3 optional tasks. I also found a way to get out of the map. I couldn't take the valuables from a safe. They were there but only as standard scene items, not as treasures.
  14. I wanted to ask how to do it but I just discovered quite randomly pressing enter does this. It should be mentioned in controls/actions.
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