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  1. I never understood a knife is not used for this. I mean with a knife you don't get that ragged pattern, so it looks ripped out by hand.
  2. I don't know how I can see if the textures are attached. I tried viewing in Blender and an online viewer.
  3. Sorry for necroposting. And also sorry if this is total nonsense.. The envshot command is still used for creating ambientCubicLights? I wondered If it's possible, via automation, to load a map, jump to the center of every room in the map and do the envshot command there and then exit. (then automatically create some mtr files..)
  4. @SpooksHey, is this tutorial also posted on the wiki? If not (I couldn't find it), do you mind adding it there as a tutorial under category Lighting Tutorials ? https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Category:Lighting_Tutorials I will upload all the images posted here as well so the article is complete.
  5. I can reproduce this on DR 3.7 (non-dev) portable on a Windows 10 system, using the testfiles suplied by @MirceaKitsune. I previously tested this under 3.6 Linux, but couldn't reproduce (might have to retest). Edit: You get even more bizar results if you choose to enable and disable all filters.. Edit2: If you do any kind of reloading inside the create entity/model/particle , it is normal again. It also doesn't get saved, so saving and reloading fixes it as well. Edit3: If I deactivate and activate the layer, it goes back to normal as well. Edit4: Disabling the func_static filter also affects the other entities. Enabling any other filter fixes the view. Edit5: Only the entities that are in the 3D view when triggering the filters are affected. I couldn't reproduce this in other maps though.
  6. I can't figure out how to open this (and I think therefore ending the mission): Edit: I found the solution in this thread.
  7. Oh sorry, then I didn't understand how it worked. I thought it was only ai generated.
  8. If you open the inventory screen you can see the loot. So it just depends how you use inventory. I always use this inventory screen (+ specific keys, like K for keys, I for docs, p for lockpics, etc.) and never the cycle through inventory with keys method.
  9. It's pretty good actually, but it was not clear to me. Should be made more clear in the mod file and in the first post. You have to click on the row under the tittle to activate. Then the "use"-key to switch between the two modes.
  10. I found that afaics the only thing jgsme does is copy the pk4 files in the subfolders to the root directory. I guess this is relativelly easy to reproduce.. Btw. Wouldn't it be more useful if ALL the mods are each a seperate pk4, so that they can be installed seperatly?
  11. I wonder why you use the inferior inventory based version, instead of the one from here: Edit: I added this modpack to the wiki in place of the Decrease volume of open/close door sounds triggered by player addon, like you suggested.
  12. https://www.artbreeder.com/ terms.pdf website: You have to make an account for it though.
  13. It was too hard to put in TDM? I remember I could download the files somewhere..
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