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  1. You can team up with someone. Then you also take that competition away.
  2. Maybe mainmenu_loadsave.gui ? At least you could decrease the fontsize. Btw. the Damage dealth and received part will write over the Times loaded part when the numbers are higher.
  3. I think Blackjack is an attraction point for online gambling spam.
  4. You get that with the extra premium subscription. Only $20 more. It's a steal.
  5. Btw. why is there a button called Mission Statistics under the Mission Statistics screen. Is that for the details screen? I don't remember, but it seems unnecessary. Edit: I just tested and you first get a mission succes screen, where you can click on the Mission Statistic screen. But if you click on it, the button stays there, but it could be easilly removed from the statistics screen. By adding code: set "statistics::visible" "0"; set "statisticsH::visible" "0"; to windowDef statistics_select under onAction
  6. Are you saying the performance in your mission with a high end system is still not fantastic? Why would you notice an increase in brightness?
  7. I reported about this a lot during beta testing and some of these got fixed I think. I think the reason is that the mission has a lot of noshadows lights, for better performance. Source Possibly with the performance improvements in 2.11 (stencil shadows + Ai processing) it's not needed to have so many noshadows lights in there. Fixing whould also make the mission look better. I'm sorry to hear, hope you recover soon.
  8. datiswous

    Free games

    This is frobably the wrong topic, but then it's off-topic, so it's ok then: Sort of a free Diablo 2 clone build with an open source engine. I just stumbled onto it. https://flarerpg.org/mods/flare-empyrean/
  9. There are alternatives to Gpt-4. For example: https://lmsys.org/blog/2023-03-30-vicuna/
  10. Just a wild guess: If they see the skeleton, change health_critical spawnarg to higher than health. Or: Change spawnarg is_civilian to 1. (then they probably would also flee from each other though)
  11. I thought tdm already uses some features ported from Doom3 bfg.
  12. Last time I had something like this the file I loaded in DR was different from the one I loaded in tdm, but the name was the same.
  13. I'm still waiting for someone to implement the NOLF2 banana
  14. I have to say, this is a problem I have with missions. Wondering what could help.. Btw. I think it's better if you would use a spoiler for the more detailed aspect of your post.
  15. I think you should make a status update instead. Edit: Sorry, maybe it doesn't matter..
  16. Just wanted to note that I use Whisper from openai (recently found out it's the same company behind ChatGPT), for speech recognition. I use it to generate subtitles from speech files. It does that usually around 95% correct, including punctuation. Most of the work for me in creating subtitles is outlining them correctly (tweaking), not the actual writing. Sometimes even the outlining is completelly correct. https://openai.com/research/whisper It also transcribes from other languages, so you could translate in speech yourself and create the translated text this way. Or Whisper can translate the text automatically to English. Not sure if this is usefull. I was thinking, one could make a mission with non-english speaking actors in it (why not?), then supply the generated English subtitles.
  17. Thanks for giving detailed insight. I don't understand what the navigation of readme files has to do with translation. Or can readme files also be translated? I didn't look much into translation, because of the complexity and I personally don't have a need for it for my language.
  18. I guess not. If I ever get the knowledge to program tdm patches, I might give this a try. Currently readme file display is essentially broken if more than a certain amount of text is used.
  19. Did anyone test the Deus Ex: Invisible War ESRGAN Pack? Appart from enhanced textures: Same guy also created a similar upgrade for Thief 3.
  20. I think one type of versioning should be used. So maybe the "version" should be parsed, but instead use internal version in that place. The current versioning creates a lot of confusion. I think you just see it listed again in the mission dowloader as an update, but you don't get a notification. Often the updated version still has the same old version specified in the darkmod.txt file. Which adds confusion. Players don't know if they've installed the update or not.
  21. Why is it not a parsed keyword? I guess because tdm has it's own versioning? But still I think it's useful if "Version" is always displayed, for consistency.
  22. Maybe try renaming the config file (so it's recreated to default values)? I had some weird issues that were solved by recreating that file. Did you know there's a Flatpack version now? You could try that. https://flathub.org/apps/net.darkradiant.DarkRadiant
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