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  1. I would like to add my problems report too! - The new shadows simply dont work at all, they just create fields of black spots. I have an onboard card, so it might just be a compability thingy, old shit n stuff. - The rope arrow is suddenly broken... As soon as i climb on it, it freaks out and lashes itself into the first wall it can find. Unclimbable. Thats all i care for :3 The update brought alot of new performance! And the SFX update really made a huge entrance <3 thx
  2. Thanks for replying. I was running darkmod.x86 on a 32bit OS (as I mentioned). Have tried the 64bit version on a 64bit OS and it is no different. I do need to set the screen resolution when running full-screen else it locks up. The Darkmod.cfg must be an older one I reverted to after playing with settings. With the correct resolution the main menu displays (on linux, but not XP), but I cannot install a mission. It doesn't crash, it just won't let me start a mission.
  3. OK. To start, why are you using darkmod.x86 on Linux when we now offer darkmod.x64 ? To use the 32-bit build you would still need 32-bit libraries. After the above, I believe that S3TC libraries are still "non-free" so you'd need to augment your free drivers with S3TC support. Finally, set your resolution to match your screen: seta r_customHeight "800" seta r_customWidth "1280" seta r_fullscreen "1" seta r_mode "-1" seta r_aspectRatio "2"
  4. Hello All, I'm not getting a lot of joy out of 2.0.6... Here are my system specs: Dell XPS M1330 Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 @ 2.0 ghz NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS 2 gig of RAM I was using XP mainly for 2.0.5, and it ran without problem, as did the first testing releases of 2.0.6. This was on a XPS M1530, whch has since died, but the specs were the same apart from a larger screen. I have now tried 2.0.6 on XP Pro (32bit): just get a black screen but hear the main menu music. Tried it on linux (32 bit Void) and it does get to the menu. The included missions show but will not install. The game will not
  5. My screen seems to divide itself when I go underwater. The bottom left quarter updates, but the rest is static. System: https://pastebin.com/5MQf2Gz0
  6. We use scissor tests to prevent off-screen rendering and reduce fillrate consumed by stencil shadows. If you wish to compare, disable them via cvar: r_useEntityScissors 0 r_useInteractionScissors 0 r_useLightScissors 0 r_useScissor 0 r_useShadowSurfaceScissor 0 r_useClippedLightScissors 0
  7. Ok, I can reproduce it on my machine on 2.06 x64 build. I simply set "Fullscreen" to "No", then "Screen Size" to something like "1280x720" and click "Restart Game". It restarts and shows a properly sized window initially (for half a second), but then it quickly switches back to fullscreen with original resolution. If I stop the game and then start it freshly, it also does the same: switches to fullscreen. Indeed, the game is alt-tabbable. But it covers full screen and it is not possible to see it alongside other stuff, e.g. DR. This happens for me only when r_useFBO and antialiasing are
  8. My system is Windows 7 64bit on a i5 2500 with a Geforce 1050 and I didn't notice increased stuttering both using 32bit or 64bit executables, at least with soft shadows off. But I noticed something else that wasn't there in 2.05: Quickloading has a small delay, like about a second or more showing the game continuing before it triggers! In 2.05 the loading screen appears immediately in comparison. Also at least in 2.05 the mouse changes for a small time to the default windows version which doesn't really look cool and should be fixed if it hasn't been already!
  9. Installed with no problems. Renabling sound and loading FM still brings me back to main screen. cannotlaunch.txt file in attachment. cannotlaunch.txt
  10. Unchecked read only (it was on only for some files). No change. By installing and loading "A New Job" I get a revert back to new menu and not to briefing screen. But same effect as before. Darkmod.cfg - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvGDCLNzgVKKguwVyONR9E4wk3-MzQ
  11. Downloaded the new 2.06 update on laptop. 2.05 worked decently. When starting any FM, the load screen goes for about 5 seconds into progress. When the bar goes a little after the start, the game reverts back to the briefing screen and all sound disappears. If pressing start mission again, it does the same thing, sound still gone. Doesn't matter which FM to try, even training mission. No error message or crashing. No freezing. Tried different settings including performance tweaks in the wiki. What could be wrong? DxDiag_laptop.txt
  12. Restarting the laptop doesn't solve it?! That is strange. But you can try alt+ tab to select the game window then alt+enter to return to full screen, i do think the last one requires the game to be set for fullscreen. If that doesn't work, you can also bring the game console down by clicking control+alt+the key above tab, for English keyboards is the key with (~), and then write quit or exit.
  13. Please help!! My cat stepped on the keyboard while I was playing and reduced the size of my game screen to a small window. Now the mouse is not working on it and it can only be minimized/maximized or closed if I press the windows key.Restarting my laptop do not resolve it and the cat refuses to make TDM work again.
  14. Is there anything at all non-typical about how the game is installed or playing, e.g., are you playing it off a USB drive or an external hard drive? Have you ever played with any of the files or is it in the same state as when you first installed it? For that matter, did you do a fresh re-install in case some files got deleted or changed? Have you always had this problem from the first time you played the game, or is it something new that occurred after a certain date (and if the latter, what kinds of things might have happened around that time)? I was going to ask about file permissions (that
  15. A couple of questions, have you tried overclocking your CPU or checked to see if Windows is parking the cores? Have you tried using GPU-z to see your GPU RAM usage during gameplay? TDM is still largely single core performance driven, try monitoring your CPU usage and frequency. I used HWINfo and Riva tuner statistics server to show usage on screen.
  16. I was having this problem too - the crazy intense OOO! from lights in too many missions was making me abandon them as the sound makes me feel physically ill. Pretty sure this could result in actual hearing damage if you were exposed to that sound for too long. But thanks very much to HMart - I followed his editSounds procedure on the console (required exiting from full screen mode) and set the sound of the yellow lights in Full Moon Fever (one of the worst offenders) to -50, saved it, and now they're completely silent. Should work whenever you encounter overly intense noises from lights or o
  17. Heya, I've been playing this great mission by Goldwell and while it was really enjoyable, I've encountered a few minor bugs(at least I hope they're minor O_O), and a major one. 1.) There is a safe in the office of the third floor(one with lion head ornament), which contains some loot. I was able to pick up all of it except a single purse with some spilled coins. No matter which angle I tried, couldn't pick it up for some reason, even after restarting TDM few times. 2.) There is an optional objective of putting a certain orb into a cauldron. Apparently, it should start some sort of cutscene
  18. Hello, everyone! I've done some searches in the forums, and looked in the troubleshooting on the wiki, but there's a problem that's been in Dark Mod for the past version or two that's now prevalent enough for me to log in and report. Not sure if it's an issue with the Dark Mod itself or just one model of light that someone developed and is using in more and more missions, but it's driving me nuts. In several missions, electric lights are used and the tone the game has them emanate...well, I'm supposing it's supposed to be a soft hum, but instead it's a piercingly loud sine wave kind of t
  19. I've been having a few issues with a dual monitor setup. I first tried playing in full screen mode. This was pretty bad. I couldn't control which monitor the game was shown on and the other monitor was disabled completely. When I closed the game, all of my other open windows were all on the same monitor and I had to put each one back the way I'd had it before. Then I played in windowed mode and made it fullscreen in the windowed menu. This is better: I can choose which monitor to play on and my other windows stay where I put them. However, the video settings are changed for the other monit
  20. And some other sollutions: steamcommunity forum - "Having issues like grey screen start up? Here's your fixes!"
  21. Thanks. Put the tdm launcher in your tdm folder, if you didnt. And we dont need the output of the tdm launcher. How about this arguments: +gfxinfo +condump apostrophelog.txt +quit And copy the content from apostrophelog.txt in this topic in a spoiler-tag. These arguments starts tdm, create a text file and exit automaticly. And what happens on your screen, using: +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 0
  22. With your launcher, put the +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 1 gray screen this log appears: Log created by TDM LauncherINFO - currentfm.txt not foundDate - 20180129-21:46:52 RUN - .\TheDarkMod.exe +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 1Date - 20180129-21:46:52Done.
  23. If so, then run the tdm-updater (and click "continue"), apostrophe. (because the updater checks the data for maingamedata-corruption. And if there corruption is detected, the updater downloads the original file) I thought that gray screens are opengl loadingscreens, so an opengl video-issue-thingy. -edit- But as a test I renamed tdm_gui01.pk4 to something else (simulating incomplete download). As result i got a black screen and a "invalid gui" error on top. and if i remove some binary codelines of the zip (simulating data corruption), i get a black screen. So i think still, its a video issue.
  24. grey screen on launch usually means the guis components out of the file tdm_gui01.pk4 haven't loaded as that's where the main menu gui files are.
  25. First, please update your video drivers to the latest version. (to, at this moment version 390.65) Then check if the problem still exists. If so, could you post an application log for us? First check if there is a darkmod-log-file in your tdm folder. if so, open the file with notepad and copy its content to this topic in a spoiler-tag. If not, please create one and please post its content in a spoiler-tag. (See wiki article: Debuggin _TDM systemerrors) Tip: use my tdm launcher to load TDM executable with the arguments) And how about running tdm temporary, windowed and/or low sreen
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