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  1. Same problem (black screen on v2.09), same solution (setting r_glCoreProfile "0"). System specs:
  2. Hi guys, First of all (it's my 1st message), I would say thank you so much for TDM (all your work is amazing)! I love you (big fan of Thief series from first one, just discovered & playing now TDM since weeks). I want to help. I'm Arch Linux user & IT cybersecurity engineer. I would like to submit something I did try to troubleshoot. As said I use multi screens (3 screens). When running TDM (<=2.09), only main monitor display run TDM, others turns black I did try several things, using CLI, windows manager, TDM CVARS, etc... nothing worked. Then I did use nvidia-set
  3. Hmm... the shape of this black thing might be explained by how bloom blurs light. Does disabling bloom really help to remove it once it appears? Does enabling it back restore the artifact?
  4. @id3839315 says the fourth script shows black screen, just like the first two. So the final decision is that "r_glCoreProfile 0" works fine, but "r_glCoreProfile 2" gives black screen. This may be some driver problem, e.g. some of the GL features previously hidden behind extension is not enabled by the problematic AMD driver under GL 3.3, while it should according to the specs. It is not just some function, because calling missing function would give immediate crash. Most likely some constant of mode. I think I have already ruled out: ARB_fence_sync ARB_buffer_storage
  5. Just tried loading that, and it's looking promising for me. One odd thing: when I started the map I briefly had the following message (or something like it) at the top of my screen: WARNING: AAS_RAT OUT OF DATE No idea what this means! Edit: Maybe I misremembered the string: ran it again and got WARNING: AAS32 IS OUT OF DATE
  6. _apitrace_record3.cmd works, but 1 and 2 result in the black screen.
  7. TDM 2.09 locks resolution to Desktop resolution in Windows. Try lowering the Render Scale to 0.75 or lower and set Sharpening to 0.7 That should give you better performance with better image quality than up-scaling via your LCD screen.
  8. Wow How many fps in Painters Wife? What screen resolution? I remember having <10fps on a Core M5 Lenovo Yoga 11 in 2016 with small maps like Thomas Porter 1: Knighton Manor
  9. Ok, I'll try to get some more information, but that would need more complicated steps from you. 1) Run tdm_installer without any custom checks, and make sure it installs release209 properly. Do not use test/dev versions for this! 2) Delete "currentfm.txt" file in TDM installation directory (if it exists). 3) Download apitrace from this link. It is a 7z archive with a folder inside. Unpack the contents of the folder into "C:\apitrace". Make sure that path "C:\apitrace\bin\apitrace.exe" indeed points to the executable! 4) Download attached zip file. Unpack its cont
  10. I have the same problem too, and I also have a Radeon card. On Linux, however, instead of a black screen, it produces a bunch of colored artifacts obstructing view on the menu. I'll try both test versions and see the results1000
  11. test15973-8793 and test15973-8795 both result in the black screen no matter if it's seta r_useNewBackend "1" or seta r_useNewBackend "0".
  12. @stgatilov Yes the crash dump was taken as TheDarkModx64.exe was hung up. I did it as the tutorial suggested and did not close it before exporting the dump. I had tried to open the executable a few times before however if that matters. "r_useFenceSync 0" - No change "com_smp 0" - No Change To confirm, 2.09 TheDarkModx64.exe does not work, TheDarkMod.exe that you linked to does work. EDIT: While the executable runs and I can get to the main menu, trying to download a mission causes the program to crash to desktop. Also tying to play a mission leaves me hanging at the loading scr
  13. I have a Radeon HD 6450 graphics card. test15973-8778 works but test15973-8797 starts with the black screen.
  14. @Jedi_Wannabe, "dev15976-8815" is the very first dev build. Are you sure 'dev15976-8815' gives you black screen but release208 works properly? I hope you do not restore config file when switching versions?
  15. Decided to start dedicated thread about this problem. Right now at least @Jedi_Wannabe and @id3839315 have it. Let's continue the discussion here.
  16. Try "r_skipGuiShaders 1" and check if the black quad is gone. Since it overlaps console, I think it is some GUI element, which is for some reason. Also, various backend switches don't help. Also it is worth trying to set "com_smp 0" and "r_useParallelAddModels 0" (this one is "Frontend Acceleration") before the quad appears and see if it will show up again. I have a feeling that when the quad appears, toggling options is already too late.
  17. Have you updated the AMD GPU drivers recently? If you didn't and they worked before in TDM than imo it can't be the GPU drivers. Not really connected to TDM but after some recent windows 10 updates, I started having serious problems in visual studio 2015, so is no surprise to me that recent windows updates could be f things up on TDM, because of messing with OpenGL. edit: Tested Requiem and did everything you said, lean forward, frob and no clip and saw no black box. TDM 2.09/64 (not final version) my GPU AMD RX 570X, so if it ends being the GPU, perhaps this only happens on moder
  18. This seems to happen while leaning forward and frobbing, possibly in noclip? Will edit if I can replicate/get it to occur. Solved by restarting the game. Happened on Requiem and Perilous Refuge. Update: I have recorded the bug in action. My settings. My specs. Processor Information: CPU Vendor: AuthenticAMD CPU Brand: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor CPU Family: 0x17 CPU Model: 0x71 CPU Stepping: 0x0 CPU Type: 0x0 Speed: 3593 Mhz 16 logical pro
  19. Hello, In "now and then" mission, the game crashes shortly after the video sequence where it shows the city watch has located my hiding place with: Changed location from 'location_city1' to 'location_aboveCarla'. The ambient 'snd_aboveCarla' (city_tranquil_01) for location 'location_aboveCarla' is now playing. WARNING:Couldn't add entity book1 to inventory of player1 Sauvegarde_rapide_1 Switching to EFX 'location_city1' (#3) Changed location from 'location_aboveCarla' to 'location_city1'. The ambient 'snd_city1' (city_silentnight) for location 'location_city1' is now playing. Sauvega
  20. I've updated to version 2.08 and on every mission I now get what I can only describe as a blinding light in the middle of the screen. Turning away from the light in the mission does make it disappear but as soon as you turn back round it's there again. Bear in mind I'm not great with computers so if anyone mentions going into the files you're going to have to walk me through it. I'm not using a gaming PC either. Game is running on a HP Pavilion laptop with what ever graphics and sound card comes as standard on windows 10
  21. Bumping this thread. Similar circumstances; I set key bindings in the game, play for a bit, then quit. When I come back, they're all mixed up in some layout that I've never seen. Here's the diff of the keybinds, before and after starting the game again: # diff DarkmodKeybinds.cfg DarkmodKeybinds\ \(copy\).cfg 5,7d4 < bind "APOSTROPHE" "_impulse44" < bind "w" "_impulse45" < bind "v" "_forward" 18,19c15,16 < bind "SEMICOLON" "_impulse0" < bind "]" "_impulse47" --- > bind "SEMICOLON" "inventory_use '#str_02396'" > bind "]" "_impulse49" 21,30c18,28 < bind "=" "_impulse4
  22. Yes, the problem happens no matter the Window manager or DPI settings. Strangely, you can temporarily get it working with a fresh start of a small mission like Closemouthed Shadows but after about a minute of roaming the mission the viewport will occupy the bottom left corner of the screen at a percentage matching the resolution scale percent...
  23. Woo! I just reduced my internal resolution to 65% and applied 4x MSAA and there are almost no crawling artifacts now! Edit: Hmm... Trouble in paradise. Restarting TDM causes any fbo resolution change to shrink the percentage of rendered screen area if MSAA is enabled. I will try other window managers to see if this problem persists.
  24. There are two ways of using multisampling in OpenGL. The "older" one is to ask OS for multisampled default framebuffer. It must be done during OpenGL initialization, and can surely depend on OS and window manager, and uses OS-specific functions and settings. The "newer" one is to ask OpenGL for multisampled off-screen framebuffer. This framebuffer is newer visible directly. It is completely unrelated to OS: a pure OpenGL call. And it has nothing to do with windows. That's what TDM uses since 2.07 at least. It is strange if multisampling in TDM depends on windows manager. It shou
  25. As the refactoring in 5323, there would be option to skip success screen completely. Although it probably won't work for campaigns. Also there would be option to replace music/background for success screen. The music along can already be overriden, although the approach cited by @Dragofer is not the best one. Better find this text in mainmenu_custom_defs.gui, uncomment it and set the sound shader you want: // Uncomment this to override the default mission success sound //#undef MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD //#define MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD "music mission_complete;"
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