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  1. I've been optimizing my map to boost fps from in a lot of cases 25-30 to 45-65, doing this systematically. I have a newbie perspective, this being my first FM - so .... be kind. First off, when building the .map I began by dropping in shadow/no_shadow lights with zero care - just looking to light the areas being worked on. Same for entities, dropping them in with little care except for aesthetics and creating shadows for the player to hide in. That procedure made for a very unoptimized map. So, what's been the optimizing plan? First, clean up the geometry. Second, go thru' the map section by section, setting shadow/no_shadow on entities. There's a tradeoff: complexity of geometry multiplied by shadows gets out of hand, so a lot of care needed here. With a first pass on that done, redo the lighting. I eliminated all the small ambients I'd put in, whether shadowcasting or not, leaving just those lights attached to fixtures of some kind, which I wanted to be in general shadowcasting. I reset these shadowcasters to not overlap so far as viable. I was amazed to find that this made for a much much better looking map coupled with much more acceptable frame rates. I use hide_distance on entities sparingly as I don't like the pop-outs. Not at all! My map has a lot of transparent windows/doors. I use func_portals with hide_distance set on every one of these. Controlling pop-outs caused by func_portals is fairly simple. The func_portal pop-outs tend to be marked by abrupt lighting changes. These are very ugly and getting rid of them or making them unobtrusive is a priority. I cant see using any kind of light pop-out/pop-in spawnarg. Rather, I could see using a shadow/no_shadow hide_distance setting, which could be used more universally and quite unobtrusively. If that's possible now, please tell me how! Also, I could see using a fade-to-black hide_distance on lights, so there'd be no lights a popping.
  2. Also we should probably discuss light clipping and lighting techniques in a different thread as that's own can of worms. @duzenkoSo for the hide_distance stuff it looks like these things would be helpful to add to the list: Func_rotating and other movers? SEED (more so investigate why they aren't working properly) Lights, specifically entities that spawn lights and FX. If we can get a gentle fade out / in on all those things that would be incredible. Basically we'd have an industry standard system. I can see lots of cases where gradually dropping out lights and objects at distance will significantly help performance on larger maps or outdoor areas. Also being able to fade out FX when you get close to them is valuable for stuff like fog. This helps prevent "washing out" the screen when you get close to an emitter.
  3. @geegee The first thing to check is which GPU the last 'good' build is using (e.g. via the Task Manager) What are the screen resolutions on teh desktop and the laptop?
  4. Asus i5 zenbook with MX150. Opened my WIP in the laptop to check and compare framerates against my i5 desktop with geforce 1060. Since I'm using the dev build 16269-9407 on the desktop, used the same build on the laptop and got "Unable to initialize OpenGL" screen. Backtracked thru' the dev builds and found the last working version was dev16225-9284, which loads the game fine. Problem starts with dev16238-9330 and the two newer versions. No similar problem on the desktop. (and.... WIP framerates on the laptop will give some people heart attacks. Tho' I find it still playable - TDM isn't deathmatch - and it looks very good on that little machine.)
  5. Hello, I remember i tried playing latest but was not running open gl 3.3. So i installed 2.07. which was working okay and i did some tweaks because of lighting being like in minecraft (just lamps and torches), and snow on screen when moving. That was fixed i heard 2.05 could be more forgiving so i tried that and get blocky texture on welcome screen, i dont see anything, and can only use cfg not console, since oddly console is affected as well. I have intel gma 4500, so i have to use modded drivers to get open gl support, but it worked before. After trying and deleting 2.05 i installed 2.00, 2.05 and 2.07 several times with identical screen. I tried image downscaling, and everything recommended before it was fixed in 2.05, and it is not working. Can you advise me what to paste in config cli, because i can't see what im typing? Thank you.
  6. Alright: When I load my FM in DarkRadiant I see just a handful of relevant messages highlighted in orange or red in its console. Stage keyword not recognised: portalrendermap Stage keyword not recognised: screen ShaderLibrary: definition not found: black ShaderLibrary: definition not found: Default ShaderLibrary: definition not found: textures/darkmod/wood/floor/boa Error parsing mirrorRenderMap. Expected two integers: stoi Stage keyword not recognised: _scratch2 [shaders] Unable to load texture: textures/decals/stain01bwet.tga ShaderLibrary: definition not found: tudor01_doorwin_mix ShaderLibrary: definition not found: models/md5/chars/nobles/noblewoman/noblelegs The last two lines seem to address exactly what I'm seeing: Missing leg texture for the female mage, plus a missing window texture for one of the Tudor buildings.
  7. Last issue I'm personally aware of, please report any others here if you've seen them. In the bushes category there's one entity called atdm:nature_bush_large_3 which has an invalid model and appears as a black box. All other bushes are fine on my end and it's just this one that has a problem.
  8. Using the latest dev build, I'm noticing some of the default assets have issues with missing shaders or skins even certain meshes. Some entities appear as black boxes in-game whereas certain skins for good models come out as transparent white surfaces instead of a proper texture. I figured I should make a thread for reporting these seeing the issue is rather widespread to quite a few of the default models and entities. Here's one to start off with: Create an atdm:ai_mage01 then give it the skin plain_robes. The outer coat looks fine but the inner clothing causes ghosting.
  9. I don't think there's any bug here. DXT is a cheap and cheerful texture compression algorithm that works OK for most images if you don't look too closely, but it doesn't handle smooth gradients very well. If you want a large and smooth background image filling the whole screen, you need to disable DXT compression. Setting image_useCompression to 0 will work for you (although it will disable compression for all images, so might increase GPU memory usage), but it won't help other users if you are using this image as part of a released mission. If you are planning to release this image and you want it to look good for everybody, you probably need the forceHighQuality material keyword.
  10. With a currently .tga background and default darkmod.cfg cvars from updating to the main menu beta: Can't see an image_compression cvar in my darkmod.cfg, and the console doesn't seem to know it. My other seemingly compression-related cvars are: seta s_decompressionLimit "6" > seems to be something for audio files (max uncompressed sample length), so I didn't experiment with it seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" > setting this to 0 has no effect on the background and turns pretty much everything else into black rectangles/screens seta image_useNormalCompression "1" > setting this to 0 has no effect seta image_useAllFormats "1" > setting this to 0 has no effect seta image_useCompression "1" > setting this to 0 cures the problem. As sharp as ingame. Yes, I tried it in .tga, .dds and .jpg and made sure I didn't have both a .tga and a .dds in valid locations simultaneously.
  11. Wow, this is impressive I think crash on shader compilation is like getting internal compiler error from ordinary C++ compiler. Except that GLSL compiler is embedded, so consequences for crashing are much worse. Luckily, the problem can be worked around by simply removing the manylight shader. I think the black screen issue will return back to you after that By the way, do you want to go into the quest of reporting the issue to AMD? I recall I did it with the bug that texture fetches in global variable initializers didn't work, and got response like "upgrade GLSL version". At least that was response from someone from AMD, as far as I understood. Maybe a crash will get more attention. Also, it is very easy to debug if you attach a full crash dump...
  12. So I tried the newest beta driver for 6850 (I only tested with the WHQL the first time) Honestly I expected the same black GUI but AMD managed to get over their assheads with that one It just... crashes on qglGetProgramiv(... GL_LINK_STATUS ...) with the manylight shader Thank you, AMD, for setting the eternal gold standard in shit baths driver quality reputation
  13. I want to cover my whole mission in a light fog but as the topic states, I've got problems with particles, especially flames from torches and chimney smoke when these appear in front of skyportals (caulked face with a portal_sky texture in the same leaf). The particle doesn't render in these places. (Left picture below) I'm using a foglight that covers the whole mission and it have the following properties/spawnargs _color 0.06 0.06 0.06 shaderParm3 2000 textures fogs/delta1_fog Everything is nice and it has got the effect that I'm after, but I cannot see the flames/other particles as I want. It's like the fog gets so thick outside the map that it nulls out the skyportal and messes up the particles in front of it... I have tried to start the shaderParm3 on extremely high numbers and then slowly lowered it, but as I go so far that the fog is visible in the mission, the sky parts are greyed out and the flames disappear when the torch moves in front of the sky...The skybox is outside the fog light btw. As a sidenote, if I use the spawnarg "start_off 1" on the light, the skyportal doesn't work (the sky parts are just plain black). I have to remove the light entity altogether to be able to see the skybox, and a clear sky...but I want fog, dammit!
  14. Equipped this item, used it and found I couldn't get it off the screen. Remains after a quicksave and load.
  15. I (and we) have not read your darkmod logs yet, studentmaniac. And i still want to read them, because capability check written in them and can show other things. (and if there is a driver issue, we can also see that in the log. Than we have proof) "I'll not go fiddling with codes and notebook as I am naïve and technologically illiterate when it comes to these things." Please hold on! Then I write some easy instructions for you, which i did also for other people. instruction: open the file explorer and go to your darkmod folder. open file darkmod.cfg (right click > open with > notepad), look for value for setting "seta logFile", change the value "0" to "2", and the save the file. open file "currentfm", change its content to "training_mission", and the save the file. open a command prompt/powershell window in the tdm folder: In file explorer > click on menu "file" > open in powershell. Or in file explorer, hold your shift-key on keyboard and right-click in a empty space (shift+right click), > in the quickmenu select "open powershell / command prompt" here Or hit windowskey+r to open the execute window. input "cmd" and run.This wil open the black command prompt window If the game is located at c:\games\darkmod, enter the following line and hit the enter-key: cd games\darkmod Then run the following command by entering the following line and hit the enter-key: .\TheDarkModx64.exe +condump tdmwontstartlog.txt +map training_mission +quit this automatically start tdm, create logfile tdmwontstart and quit. This create a file "tdmwontstartlog" and we want to see its content. Open the file and post its content in the topic, or attach the file to the topic. (You can also look if there is a qconsole file in your fms\trainingsmission folder, but i doubt it.) end.
  16. @Jedi_Wannabe, could you please check something about this issue? As written above, the problem depends on r_glCoreProfile cvar, which must be set in darkmod.cfg before starting TDM. We know that "r_glCoreProfile 2" does not work for you, but "r_glCoreProfile 0" does work. Does "r_glCoreProfile 1" work for you? Or you get black screen?
  17. I want to know what is written in the qconsole.log, when you load the mission "A House of Locked Secrets" directly. This by generating a new darkmod.cfg, change the log setting in darkmod.cfg, change the name of current mission in currentmission.txt start the mission from commandline, automaticly quit and look for qconsole.log inside fms folder "ahouseoflockedsecrets". Generate a new darkmod.cfg, by renaming darkmod.cfg (to something else) and start and quit darkmod. open darkmod.cfg, look for value for setting "seta logFile", change the value "0" to "2" Change the content of currentfm.txt to "ahouseoflockedsecrets" hit windowskey+r to open the execute window. input "cmd" and run. This wil open the black command prompt window If the game is located at c:\games\darkmod, enter the following line and hit the enter-key: cd games\darkmod Then run the following command by entering the following line and hit the enter-key: .\TheDarkModx64.exe +map monastery.map +quit This will automatically start TDM, load the mission and quits. See if there is a qconsole.log inside folder fms\ahouseoflockedsecrets end.
  18. I don't know if it's the same issue or an unrelated one, but I just got this weird artifact after entering the basement sewer area of Blackgrove Manor. It's red rather than black, but does appear a similar shape. It started on the left and sort of spread across the screen towards the right. UPDATE: Further experimentation revealed that Bloom is the cause of this particular artifact. If I disable bloom, the red boxes disappear. I then noticed some much smaller patches of the same red colour which were not affected by the bloom settings; these disappeared when I switched color depth to 16 bits rather than 64 bits.
  19. I believe this is the closest to a crash log I can manage. The screen goes grey as though the game will start up before going back to desktop. Darkmod.logDarkMod.temp.log
  20. i dont use triple buffering. I don't use the video driver settings I can't turn off VSync. since there will be Screen Tearing
  21. Open the console "CTRL + ALT + TILDE" Then invoke con_noPrint 0 so that the console data will render at the top of the screen Then invoke getviewpos 1 Then leave the console and capture a screen-shot and revert these settings.
  22. I understand. Thank you for the explanation. I agree about the third person model. I do not know how the stealth calculations work behind the scenes, but if they do use that model then there will be some discrepancies, particularly when compared to the view the player has in first person. The crouch model seems at least a full head taller than the first person perspective portrays. I can only imagine that it is rather difficult to animate a model like that, especially considering all of the dynamic movements the player can make. The rigid shoulders do look kind of silly when you see yourself but I can certainly look past all of that considering how rarely the player actually does see themselves. The important thing, I imagine, is that the stealth detection matches what the player sees on-screen.
  23. Drivers are updated, hardware is the same, still using the fresnel repack and this happened. Settings shown in video, nothing changed, but hopefully something that can isolate, simplify and complete this issue. If the black box in the upper right isn't obvious enough at 9 seconds let me know, I can adjust brightness/contrast in post. I wouldn't actually know how to go about doing that, I'm savvy with software to some degree but would need help. Edit: Got another one right after. I can't cover this mission, this bug is too common and too unpredictable to route around.
  24. Did you try monitoring hardware during playback to see if something strange is happening at the moment the black block appears? Here's a thread from someone with a similar problem with the same GPU: https://www.reddit.com/r/AMDHelp/comments/hci56z/rx_5600_xt_black_squares/
  25. I recently switched from a 27" FHD screen to a 34" 1440p 21:9, and now I see this : https://i.postimg.cc/t4Xb2gV0/ws5-2021-04-07-20-37-05.jpg
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