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  1. Hello, In "now and then" mission, the game crashes shortly after the video sequence where it shows the city watch has located my hiding place with: Changed location from 'location_city1' to 'location_aboveCarla'. The ambient 'snd_aboveCarla' (city_tranquil_01) for location 'location_aboveCarla' is now playing. WARNING:Couldn't add entity book1 to inventory of player1 Sauvegarde_rapide_1 Switching to EFX 'location_city1' (#3) Changed location from 'location_aboveCarla' to 'location_city1'. The ambient 'snd_city1' (city_silentnight) for location 'location_city1' is now playing. Sauvega
  2. I've updated to version 2.08 and on every mission I now get what I can only describe as a blinding light in the middle of the screen. Turning away from the light in the mission does make it disappear but as soon as you turn back round it's there again. Bear in mind I'm not great with computers so if anyone mentions going into the files you're going to have to walk me through it. I'm not using a gaming PC either. Game is running on a HP Pavilion laptop with what ever graphics and sound card comes as standard on windows 10
  3. Bumping this thread. Similar circumstances; I set key bindings in the game, play for a bit, then quit. When I come back, they're all mixed up in some layout that I've never seen. Here's the diff of the keybinds, before and after starting the game again: # diff DarkmodKeybinds.cfg DarkmodKeybinds\ \(copy\).cfg 5,7d4 < bind "APOSTROPHE" "_impulse44" < bind "w" "_impulse45" < bind "v" "_forward" 18,19c15,16 < bind "SEMICOLON" "_impulse0" < bind "]" "_impulse47" --- > bind "SEMICOLON" "inventory_use '#str_02396'" > bind "]" "_impulse49" 21,30c18,28 < bind "=" "_impulse4
  4. Yes, the problem happens no matter the Window manager or DPI settings. Strangely, you can temporarily get it working with a fresh start of a small mission like Closemouthed Shadows but after about a minute of roaming the mission the viewport will occupy the bottom left corner of the screen at a percentage matching the resolution scale percent...
  5. Woo! I just reduced my internal resolution to 65% and applied 4x MSAA and there are almost no crawling artifacts now! Edit: Hmm... Trouble in paradise. Restarting TDM causes any fbo resolution change to shrink the percentage of rendered screen area if MSAA is enabled. I will try other window managers to see if this problem persists.
  6. There are two ways of using multisampling in OpenGL. The "older" one is to ask OS for multisampled default framebuffer. It must be done during OpenGL initialization, and can surely depend on OS and window manager, and uses OS-specific functions and settings. The "newer" one is to ask OpenGL for multisampled off-screen framebuffer. This framebuffer is newer visible directly. It is completely unrelated to OS: a pure OpenGL call. And it has nothing to do with windows. That's what TDM uses since 2.07 at least. It is strange if multisampling in TDM depends on windows manager. It shou
  7. As the refactoring in 5323, there would be option to skip success screen completely. Although it probably won't work for campaigns. Also there would be option to replace music/background for success screen. The music along can already be overriden, although the approach cited by @Dragofer is not the best one. Better find this text in mainmenu_custom_defs.gui, uncomment it and set the sound shader you want: // Uncomment this to override the default mission success sound //#undef MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD //#define MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD "music mission_complete;"
  8. Well well well. I don't know which of those settings made the difference (r_glCoreProfile is set to 2, by the way), but it seems to work properly now. Do you want me to try recreating the problem to determine which setting was important, or shall I just take this as a win? I've attached the console log file, there are quite a lot of warnings on loading, but maybe this is normal? Otherwise looks ok to me. For this log I just started the map, let the conversation finish, saved the game, checked the menu screen was working, climbed up towards the generator and onto the open window ... an
  9. Update, I have no idea what I did, but I restarted my machine (again) and it seems to be working... @MODS - Lock and/or Delete thread Hello Everyone, Was really enjoying this game yesterday when I downloaded it, ran into no problems at all and was quite happy playing though the training mission and getting used it, however gone to load it up today and I'm getting an immediate grey screen which just stays there until I click a few times to which a windows error message saying TheDarkMod is not responding is shown. I'm running 64bit windows 10 and both TheDarkMod and TheDarkM
  10. Arch Linux, stable build, amdgpu drivers (rx480), GNOME-SHELL DE, primary display 1440p144hz, secondary display 4k 50hz. Upon launching the game, display settings are altered from join-displays to mirrored. Also, fullscreen is impossible when attempting to run the game with the 4k screen as the primary display.
  11. I just installed tdm, and I clicked on the exe, when it loaded, the screen is all black, and what I assume is the main menu music is playing, with no video or graphics in the slightest. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  12. How about setting this screen resolution in darkmod.cfg? I dont have a big screen to test it.
  13. Presumably this part is the problem? If the lighting interaction shader cannot be compiled, a black screen is likely to result.
  14. I've deleted tdm_base01.pk4 and run the update again. the problem still appers, only difference is, that the blackscreen is coming a later. for the first 2 or 3 seconds you can see a grey screen now. the driver version is 8.970.100.9001 (see screenshot) I tried to update it but it always says it's the newest one. I really think the only way to solve that problem is to buy a better grapic card.
  15. Also, for some reason it often helps to delete darkmod.cfg after an update, so that you get a new one when you next start TDM. Worth keeping a backup of it in case that doesn't fix the black screen.
  16. Yes, try to update your video drivers. And if there is a darkmod.log in your darkmod folder, we would like to see it. Open the file with notepad and copy its content in this topic. in the following topics, you can find some other pointers: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/search/&q=black screen&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=58
  17. The engine always supplies the "system textures" in absence of diffuse/normal/specular textures, so should get a black texture, which multiplied by model's vertex color should give black, I guess.
  18. Nevermind, it's always the easiest solution that occurs to one last. I set the windows resolution to 1920x1080, which centers the screen on the 32:9 Samsung and TDM then is also centered with black bars.
  19. Hello, I'm trying to run TDM in 16:9 (1920x1080) on a Samsung C49RG94 32:9 monitor. What I want to achieve is not widescreen play (which is working), but I want to play TDM in 16:9 centered with black bars on each side. The PBP (picture by picture) of the monitor doesn't seem to support this (left or right side only, but not centered) and the monitor software "Easy Setting Box" also does not seem able to achive this. So I'm looking for way to either run TDM in fullscreen or in window mode with black bars on each side. In window-mode the two best programs I have found s
  20. Nice! I never paid much attention to the render scale option, I assumed it was just something for DPI scaling. We'll still have to grab the screen resolution at startup but everything else should be simplified after that. I'll look at the Windows code for comparison of the logical results. Taking care of this should lead to a better first impression and overall experience on Linux.
  21. Feel free to remove screen resolution change code COMPLETELY and just maximize the window. That's what happens on Windows since a few years ago. The engine now renders 3D in offscreen framebuffer and its dimension is controlled via render scale GUI option. I'm sure the less legacy burden we need to carry on Linux, the better for everyone.
  22. It was easy enough to find the relevant code so I took a first look at this. Here's what I found: On Windows, there's a function to get the current desktop screen resolution and use it on first run. On other platforms that function is a no-op and you end up with an 800x600 resolution by default. Without going into details, this function is called too early in the startup process for it to work on Linux. I've got 2 possible ways to work around this that I'm trying out. The current mode-setting code for choosing a resolution uses the original, old-school X API calls. The
  23. I've actually got the same situation with dual-monitors on my Linux desktop. I was recently reminded that this happens out-of-the-box by wiping settings for the 2.08 beta (where it does still happen). The workaround I've always used is to run it windowed at the full resolution of my monitor. Then (in KDE at least, I'm sure others have similar settings), apply window- or application-specific properties to select a monitor, remove the window border, and disable compositing. This also has the benefit of letting you access your other monitor whenever you open the in-game console. I be
  24. Thanks so much for getting back to me regarding this! I was able to grant full permission for the application, however it's still not allowing the installation of maps (both the maps that came downloaded with the game, and the ones that are downloadable via the mission archive). Should I just re-download TDM entirely, following the steps listed on the wiki, or was there another possible solution to try (I checked both my internet access and mirror for the missions, both of which seem fine)? Thanks again for your help with this, freyk! I greatly appreciate it! *Also, here'
  25. Thanks for that. Yeah I figured it was coming from the monitor, as if it can't display the output from the PC then it wouldn't be able to display any message from it too, but for those who just get a black screen & music this might help. And apologies for putting this thread in the wrong forum, thanks for shifting it, whoever it was
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