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  1. Well, when playing full screen it is a black screen with a TDM mouse. When playing windowed screen it is a black screen inside a window with a TDM mouse. Here are the screenshots.
  2. Hmm... http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Resolutions r_fovRatio is supposed to override your aspect ratio setting to allow custom ratios for wide-screen (etc).
  3. Black screen or black window? Perhaps a screenshot of the files in your tdm folder (detailed view with file sizes, etc)
  4. Full screen. Just tried running in windowed by changing the Darkmod.cfg setting. Still showing black screen with TDM mouse. I've got this version originally by updating from 2.06 to 2.07. The result was the same as now. Then I deleted all files except fms folder and downloaded the updater again from www.thedarkmod.com There are no subdirectories except fms and screenshots (which I deleted when I reinstalled TDM so now I only have missionshots folder inside fms and no screenshots folder anymore). I'll try reinstalling again and report back. qqq.txt
  5. Are you running TDM in a window or in full screen?
  6. Okay, I changed #version 120 to #version 130. Yes, correct I only get the TDM mouse but no main menu and no music. Just black screen. Unfortunately still did not help.
  7. So I recently updated to 2.07, one thing I noticed is that when i'm ingame now the 3d window is only a small window. I thought this was quite strange and maybe somehow a problem with the mission I was working on so I booted up an already released working on 2.06 mission and had the same problem. Then I thought well maybe the issue is that I updated from 2.06 to 2.07, maybe a fresh install will solve this problem. I downloaded a brand new fresh version of 2.07 and i'm having the exact same problem as before. The only settings I changed in the menu is that the screen size was reduced from 19
  8. Downloaded 2.07 update, neither the x64 launcher nor the normal x32 launcher work. The x64 launcher only gives me a black screen and then goes back to desktop. The usual x32 launcher gets me a black screen with the TDM mouse in the center and nothing more, if I click around the game goes into not responding mode and crashes as well. Tried deleting and redownloading the game but still doesn't work. Is the forum working correctly? Can't upload any files from my game directory, but I can upload the DxDiag file (it says "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of a file"). DxDiag_laptop
  9. Yes, but the third way completely disables bumpmapping in the shader, you won't be able to enable it back even if you restore r_skipbump 0. So this is not a complete solution yet. Anyway, this gives some idea of what is going on. It seems that fetching bumpmap texture yields trash. Given that the objects look completely flat, I assume that it returns constant value (same for all fragments). And given that it looks wrong, I suspect that it may be black color (which corresponds to weird (-1, -1, -1) normal). And if this is true, then it means that bumpmap texture is not loaded properly into th
  10. Did that, the lighting is totally wrong on my side. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QTqZkJjlLBZWK6rqAly1-Jig1XwjlhfD ps. Doing vid_restart made the screen become gray and add to forcefully kill TDM as even the console didn't show after it.
  11. It's before it gets to the main menu. You never even see it. It crashes during the grey screen.
  12. All right, I guess I didn't wait long enough ... I'm used to missions having a loading screen.
  13. I found a bit of a weird work-around for this, that's a bit of a pain to set up but appears to do something. Run TDM from one machine through Steam, stream it to the machine you want to play it on that has a weird aspect - Steam resizes everything to fit the screen of the machine to which TDM is being streamed. I've plugged in an old 4:3 monitor to an old machine and then Steam-streamed it to another machine that is running a monitor at 16:9 and there's no letterboxing as, eg, watching an old TV show from the 80's on a widescreen. There's a little clipping where it's stretched, compared to
  14. Still not quite cured... Same Closemouthed Shadows replication except the compass renders correctly until you enter the room with the fireplace where the compass turns black.
  15. Another issue: Single pass shadow maps sometimes make the compass render black. r_shadows 2 r_shadowMapSinglepass 1 Quickest replication: 1) Install mission Closemouthed Shadows 2) After the mission starts open the console and type: spawn atdm:playertools_compass 3) Cycle Inventory until the Compass appears With the default r_shadowMapSinglepass enabled, the compass will be black but moving around will sometimes illuminate it. Disabling r_shadowMapSinglepass causes it to remain visible with no artifacts including the issue reported above.
  16. Looks like scaling ought to be able to fixed using the monitor's setup menu: https://www.kitguru.net/peripherals/james-morris/samsung-cf791-34in-quantum-dot-curved-monitor/3/ Looked at a lot of software config stuff, but said nothing about the hardware setup - and it looks pretty irritating interface for that monitor. 110-degree FOV will mean you get the same view as any 16:9 res, scaled to 21:9, but might stretch prevent the GUIs stretch. Another option is to run the game in a window, clip the border off with borderstripper (http://winborderstrip.sourceforge.net/) and alt+enter it, same as
  17. If you set the resolution you do not have to set the screen ratio, the code will compute it on its own. Dunno if this is the root of your issues, though.
  18. windows 7 updated driver is 391.35 here is my dump TDM 2.06/32 #7400 (7400M) win-x86 May 16 2018 15:57:20 2294 MHz Intel CPU with MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 Winsock Initialized Found interface: {5540C832-B701-4AEC-B0AC-9786CCD069B1} Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter #3 - NULL netmask - skipped Found interface: {6B342E17-4B02-47E0-B959-38EC80F830C8} Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30) - NULL netmask - skipped Found interface: {1BAA30DE-276A-4A26-A908-B8A900BC43D4} Qualcomm Atheros AR9002 WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter - 1
  19. I unpacked the contents of the zip file to my darkod directory. The main screen works both ways, r_fullscreen 0 or 1. I have successfullystarted the training mission and it looks like this https://we.tl/t-ME5PVgzRWg Abayo.
  20. TDM x64 starts with blank screen. Music is playing. I get these warnings: WARNING:shaderCompileFromFile(glprogs/shadowMap.vs) validation 0:1(10): error: GLSL 1.30 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, and 1.00 ES WARNING:shaderCompileFromFile(glprogs/stencilShadow.fs) validation 0:1(10): error: GLSL 1.30 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, and 1.00 ES The same happens even if I use the settings described in the http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=What%27s_new_in_TDM_2.06#Old_TDM_Look . I also used the patch provided on the https://www.moddb.com
  21. The OpenGL programmer in me thinks that looks like the underwater effect is supposed to be rendered to an FBO for some post-processing to be applied, but the FBO is not being bound correctly and the render is happening to the screen instead.
  22. I don't know if this has already been said, I could not find anything about it anywhere, and I hope this is the right place to point this out. I found this weird bug in the training mission, where the screen goes crazy if I go underwater when the health is not full. The majority of the screen freezes, and I can only see a smaller screen in the bottom left corner in which I can continue to play. If I return on surface, everything turn back ok, same thing if I cure full health (even underwater). I noticed this in the training mission only, in "Tears of St Lucia", for example, everything goes per
  23. So I fiddled with this last night and found that I'm not able to properly validate vsync. It seems that my monitor must automatically do some sort of buffering of it's own. I was not able to get screen tearing no matter how much I punished my FPS and turned off all vsync. It's a crappy little LCD TV that also can be used as a monitor and it has a resolution of 1366 x 768 but it's defacto input resolution is 1080p which it auto-downscales so I'm guessing there's all sorts of funky DSP manipulation to the HDMI input I'm sending it. Going by FPS alone, both r_swapInterval 1 and -1 cap FPS a
  24. Yeah, looks like it. The only things that can be done are: r_finish 1 (super slow but forces correct buffer management) Adaptive Sync: Recent GL drivers implement a new WGL/GLX extension called EXT_swap_control_tear. This extension brings "adaptive vsync" as featured in modern gaming consoles to the PC. Adaptive vsync enables v-blank synchronisation when the frame rate is higher than the sync rate, but disables synchronisation when the frame rate drops below the sync rate. Disabling the synchronisation on low frame rates prevents the common problem where the frame rate syncs to a inte
  25. I can confirm the 2.06 black screen (with sound) on playonmac (playonmac 42.2.0, Wine 3.18, default wine video settings, vcrun2013) And in that container, 2.05 works fine. Given sollutions in this topic, gives my the same bad results. Do we need install something else beside vcrun2013?
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