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Off to play Metro last light:

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I just installed Splintercell: Blacklist, gonna check it out during the next couple weeks.

Hey. Would be nice to hear what you think of it, i really enjoyed the series, until they messed it up with Double Agent and Conviction. Unfortunately i won't be able to play it until i get myself a new PC, so it would be nice to hear some feedback, especially with your Thief background. :)

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@chk772, I've only finished the first story line mission because I had to watch F1 Monza this morning but so far it is an interesting twist. In my mind Chaos Theory has been the best of the franchise thus far and its gone down hill since. After playing Conviction which actually was an interesting twist, I skipped Double Agent after playing through the first mission and thinking... blah.


There is a lot of context sensitive stuff in Blacklist as in the last two games, however there are some interesting new additions. Mainly the addition of Co-op single player missions (which I usually play with my brother). Also if you haven't seen the

(pretty funny these guys), there are also side missions for these as well.


I'm sure the new Thief will be basically along these lines as well. Contextual driven stuff (meh) and achievements, points, etc... I guess we have to either adapt or stop gaming all together and just look out for titles like Miasmata and other indy content that pushes boundries and strays from the norms.



@Bikerdude and back on topic, The atmosphere in 2033 was absolutely masterful, I thought, so its good to hear your comments. I appreciate that. 2033 was also linear but I honestly don't mind that when the story and atmosphere takes you out of your gaming chair and in to a world the likes of which are beautifully realized before your eyes.


I loved the use of shadows and real time lighting in 2033. The gritty story and learning about that world of subterranean future Moscow. The money system where you're trading commodities instead of meaningless cash. I also enjoyed both of the Stalker games (never played Clear Skies because it was reportedly buggy as hell). What 2033 and the Stalker games taught us was that in order for a game to be truly, "make your skin crawl", creepy...all you need is real-time lighting, excellent sound design, and abandon, vacant, run-down, areas. Your mind will do the rest! ...oh and when the enemies come... you will truly be apprehensive because of the long build up to it.

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BD, most of the DLCs are crap, but the game itself is actually good. However, in the spirit of true PC-ness, I'd suggest you play the game in Ranger Mode medium, as it will switch off those annoying popups like the throwing knife kill thing. I do NOT recommend to use Ranger Mode Hardcore, as that will switch off all on-screen displays, like ammo count and whatnot.


The game itself allows the player to use a lot of non-lethal stealth (think: k.o.), although in some places you have n other choice but to kill. Still, this is a big improvement to Metro 2033, where stealth was more of an afterthought. Oh, and you cannot drag bodies, which is a crying shame.

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I'll probably either play it on the hardest setting or one under what ever that is. Games are way to easy any more on anything less. :)


Hardcore is fine because I am adept at cover reloading and getting multiple kills/per clip. Many of the fun guns in Metro you could see your ammo visually anyway so more immersion ftw.


You don't need to drag bodies with careful surveillance. Just watch the order in which they'd be discovered and pick them off accordingly. That's obviously not always possible but in a game like Metro, stealth isn't always your friend.


Should be interesting to dive in to this evening and thanks for the input. I'll go with Ranger Medium and see how that plays.

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I was excited for the game but it won't let me play. It crashes about 10 minutes into the game every time I play and I haven't been able to find a solution. At least Stalker gives me a hint to what's wrong when it crashes, but they decided not to include that in the 4A engine for some reason when looking at Xray for inspiration.

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Meh, I thought it paled in comparison to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Priyat.

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